Top 10 Reasons to Carry Personal Trainer Insurance

Establishing a successful career in the highly competitive health and fitness industry takes tremendous patience, drive, persistence, creativity, and passion. And because most individuals in this field must not only take on a leadership role, but also actively mentor, inspire, counsel, and motivate their clients, a highly diversified and specialized skill set is required. These skills take years of education, learning, experience and practice to acquire. In addition, you must also be able to effectively navigate the waters of social media, which provides one the very best resources for marketing your fitness business. This presents an entirely unique challenge, as you must figure out (and successfully execute) the best possible strategies for drawing customers to you, and convincing them to work with you.


But let’s say you have already done all of the above – put in the hard work, mastered your craft, and built a loyal following of fans, followers, and clients that allow you to make a comfortable living while doing what you love. Is anything missing? No? Are you sure?

My question to you is this: “Do you currently carry (truly comprehensive) personal liability insurance?” If the answer is “yes,” well then I stand and applaud you. If the answer is “no,” then picture me screaming from a rooftop, “Why the heck not?”.

Why would you work so hard and be so dedicated and diligent in creating a PT business that pays your bills (and perhaps those of your family) while not taking steps to protect it? You have car insurance don’t you? Homeowner’s insurance? Renter’s insurance?

10 Reasons to Carry Personal Trainer Insurance

Not convinced that fitness professionals need liability insurance? Here is why they most certainly do:

  1. Most health clubs and many states require that you carry liability insurance.
  2. We live in a litigious world, where many people will sue even in situations where it is not warranted.
  3. Regardless of how careful, diligent and skilled you are, certain unfortunate occurrences are outside the scope of your control.
  4. Many potential clients seek out trainers who carry fitness instructor insurance.
  5. Just as education and certification lends credibility, so does having a top-notch insurance company standing behind you.
  6. There are over 460,000 reported fitness related injuries every year. Insurance will protect you from claims outside of your direct professional skills.
  7. The average claim in the fitness industry is $5,500. You can be held 100% responsible if you do not have insurance.
  8. In some situations a single claim can ruin years of hard work, and perhaps even destroy your entire business.
  9. The peace of mind that insurance provides will allow you to be that much more effective and confident in your work.
  10. The minimal cost of insurance leaves serious health and fitness professionals with no excuse not to carry it.

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