As 2018 comes to a close, you’re probably noticing that the trends of this year are slowly fizzling and fading away, making room for some new, bigger, trendier fitness fads to burst onto the scene as 2019 rings itself in.

As a fitness-enthusiast, personal trainer, gym owner, or contributing member of the fitness world, being up-to-snuff on the latest and greatest fitness trends can make or break your fitness biz, so it’s important to not only know what’s what in the fitness trend world, but also to be fitness savvy enough to discern whether it’s a good addition you should take note of.

But staying in-the-know is tough, especially when so many fitness trends are buzzing and bustling in the workout world. Luckily, the team at Insure Fitness Group has taken care of the tough stuff for you and crafted this magical list of the top 10 fitness trends you need to know before 2019 hits you with full force.

Check out what we think you should know about before the ball drops on a whole new year of fitness fads!

Strength Training Makes a Comeback --- For Everyone!

Gone are the days of the cries of “I don’t want to be too bulky!” or “I can’t lift weights”--- women and men of all sizes, shapes, and ages are back at it with a full-force-focus on strength training! Lifting heavy and strength training are gradually overtaking other workouts like yoga and Pilates for the title of top exercise of the upcoming year, meaning that people will likely put aside (not entirely) their super-stretch classes and sweaty mats and trade in for barbells, weights, and squat racks.  

HIIT Remains a Winner

Though HIIT was a 2018 phenomenon, it’s set to remain a top fitness trend for 2019. So, how can you capitalize on this trend? Take a good look at your HIIT programs and resources. Are you able to accommodate everyone’s HIIT needs? Modify your programs, add in HIIT if you don’t have it already, and become an expert in this in-demand and very trendy high-intensity interval training workout style.

Focus on Foam Rollers

The myofascial and mobility awareness of the past few months – and leading into the new year – is truly astounding! People are beginning to understand the importance of things like foam rolling, healthy healing, and approachable recovery methods for their muscles! If you can increasingly offer your clients and fitness customers tools and resources to encourage their myofascial awareness, you’re going to be incredibly appreciated in 2019.

Group Classes for All

The whole “group classes are just for spin-happy-cyclists” mentality is all wrong guys, and 2019 wants you to know it! People are beginning to view group classes and group training as a total revamp to how they exercise. More folks are understanding how they’re motivated, and for many, the answer for motivation issues is to add in a group to encourage and drive them. Group training typically counts as classes with five or more people and can range from yoga to weight training to Zumba to HIIT to more! There’s no limit to what sort of group training you can offer, so if you believe it has a place in your fitness business, don’t hesitate – the popularity (which first appeared a few years ago) continues to grow and expand at an exciting rate! 

Technology on Your Wrist Rules the Day

You know that as the years go by technology will only become a more integrated, necessary part of your fitness industry, so it’s incredibly valuable to get on board early. Fitness folks are becoming obsessed with wearable technology that helps them boost their workouts and improve their overall health. Things like heart monitors, smart watches, fitness trackers, etc. are becoming a way of life for the fit-folk, so it’ll pay off for you to be familiar with the latest technology. Know what you like, what you don’t, what’s helpful, and what you’d recommend for specific functions so that your clients know you take fit technology seriously, too.

Outdoor Fitness is So In

The “get outside” trend is only becoming more and more popular, and with America taking great strides toward getting healthy, many people are turning to natural resources and outdoor activities to get fit! Everywhere you look – depending on the state you live in – people are getting outside. Whether it’s mountain climbing in the Rockies, swimming the Atlantic Ocean on the Coast, horseback riding on the ranges, or skiing snowy powder up north, people are loving their outdoor fitness. Try getting certified in some great outdoor activities so you can offer classes that get people outside, running around, and investing in their fitness. Outdoor fitness is a huge benefit for mental wellness, too, which (as you’ll see soon) is another huge fitness focus for 2019. 

Certified Professionals are Getting Their Day in the Sun

This is great news for you because it means people are finally investing time, effort, and money into certified professionals like yourselves to improve their health. With 2019 comes a total fitness focus for a lot of folks, and they’ll be looking for personal trainers, fitness coaches, wellness guides and more! Make sure potential clients know that you’re qualified and ready to help – have several sample plans for the new year up and running before 2019 hits so that fitness-focused people know that you’re a serious, certified pro.

Functional Fitness

One of the fads set to hit the fitness world is an increase in the desire for functional strength, this means people will be looking to improve their physical fitness for more than just aesthetic terms – that means they’ll be looking for specific, functional exercises to improve things like coordination, balance, endurance, and more.

Mobile Streams

As popular as the fitness trends are, the reality is that not everyone has the time to pop into the gym for a one-on-one session with you, their trainer. Translation? Mobile streams are bigger than ever. If you haven’t already, consider offering mobile streams of your programs for your clients to invest in. That way, they can work with you on their own time, still benefit from your guidance, and even leave you with extra room to help more clients.

Overall Health, Not Just Physical Fitness

People aren’t just concerned with physical health as a lone goal, anymore. Instead, physical fitness is lending itself to an overall healthier, better well-being. With that, people are focusing on mental wellness through apps that promote mindfulness. Things like meditation and mindfulness aren’t new ideas, but they’re resurfacing in 2019 – a solid reason for you to understand how it can benefit physical health. Get in the know about mindfulness, learn about meditation, and come up with useful, logical ways that you can aid your clients in improving their overall wellness, not just their physical health.

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