Liability Insurance for Athletic Trainers

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Liability Insurance For Athletic Trainers
Liability Insurance For Athletic Trainers

Get A-Rated Coverage Built for Athletic Trainers Instantly

Athletic trainers are entrusted by athletes to provide the treatments needed to prevent and rehabilitate injuries. This trust requires keen understanding and expertise in the field. But even with years of experience as an athletic trainer, accidents can and do happen every day.

We’ve created an liability insurance for athletic trainers program called Athletic Trainer Insurance Plus that covers you whether you’re an employee at a school’s athletic department, a contract athletic trainer working with multiple facilities, a business owner, or even an athletic training student still in school. Full-time or part-time, no matter where your career as an athletic trainer takes you, within all 50 states you’re covered for the entire term of your policy.

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$1 Million Per Occurrence

$3 Million Per Year

$1 Million Per Occurrence

$3 Million Per Year


$2 Million Per Occurrence & Year


$100,000 Per Year


$25,000 Per Year


$1,000 Per Year ($250 deductible)

What Makes Our Coverage Stand Out?

athletic trainer insurance

Online Insurance Coverage in Minutes: Total application time and check out typically runs 5 minutes or less. As soon as you’re done, you’re fully covered and can access all of your plan documents online.

Smart Coverage Built to Combat the Risks Today’s Athletic Trainers Face: Our general liability policy comes with $3 million in annual coverage ($1 million per occurrence), so professionals are adequately covered from risks faced every day as an athletic trainer.  In addition to general liability coverage, our insurance includes additional protection like: 

  • Product Liability Coverage: $1 million 
  • Rental Damage Coverage: $100,000
  • First Aid Coverage: $10,000
  • Good Samaritan Coverage: $25,000
  • Deposition Expense Coverage: $10,000
  • Loss of Earnings Coverage: $10,000
  • Assault on You Coverage: $25,000
  • License Protection Coverage: $25,000


Insurance Coverage that Follows You Coast-to-Coast


You'll receive instant coverage and a proof of insurance certificate via email immediately upon checkout.


Professional + General Liability: $1 million per occurrence, $3 million per year Product Liability: $1 million per occurrence.

Flexible Payments 

We've teamed up with PayPal credit to make it easy for you to pay for your policy the way you need.  


You get access to our Insurance Plus Marketplace and tons of fitness-related product discounts.

Even Unfounded Claims Can Be Incredibly Costly

We live in a litigious society, where lawyer's ads run constantly pushing people to file lawsuits whenever an accident occurs. Well, this conditioned behavior has unfortunately paved the way for many unfounded suits to appear. However frivolous action against you may seem, you may still face mountains of legal battles, and legal defense carries quite a hefty price. 

Our liability insurance for athletic trainers includes coverage that will pay up to $10,000 on behalf of any insured for any reasonable fees, costs, and expenses necessary to prepare you for a deposition provided that you are not a party to the lawsuit; the lawsuit is related to those professional services contemplated under this policy and for which coverage is granted.

What Do Athletic Trainers Do?

Most prevalently found in the area of athletic practices and events, athletic trainers help athletes prevent injuries and provide the first line of treatment when an injury occurs. This means as an athletic trainer, you’ll need to be well versed in things like:

  • Applying preventative measures like tape and braces
  • Examining and diagnosing injuries
  • Acute injury or illness care
  • Rehabilitative and/or therapeutic practices

Losing focus for a millisecond can be all it takes for an accident to occur while an athlete is under your care. With the costs of a claim against you potentially running in the thousands of dollars, Athletic Trainer liability insurance is a far more economical option.

Why Do Athletic Trainers Need Insurance?

Athletic trainers are on the front lines of athletic events as a means to prevent and treat injuries as they occur. With this high degree of trust emplaced upon them, athletic trainers must be constantly diligent and exact in their treatment. But however careful and consummate you are as a professional, sometimes there are events that are simply beyond your control. 

Here’s an example of an easy-to-imagine scenario that might crop up at some point in an athletic trainer’s career:

  • While checking a football player for a possible injury, you miss diagnose and clear them to keep playing where they then exacerbate their injuries. They hold you responsible for their ensuing medical costs and rehab treatments. Without professional liability insurance, the costs of this accident could be left up to you to cover.

Athletic trainers face many unique liabilities with their roles as both treaters and preventers. This dual role means there are simply more opportunities for a risk to create a financial burden you have to take on. Insurance is your safety net, providing the financial assurance to cover the costs of the claim so that you can focus instead of continuing to provide great client care.

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