Become a Stand Out Personal Trainer

Here are some proven strategies that instructors have used to help their brands have a unique association with success, so their classes are remembered and visited by students and fellow instructors.

These days it almost feels like there are dozens of classes, locations and instructors- how can a potential client narrow down where to go? In one city, hundreds if not thousands of instructors may teach the same format, thus making a name for yourself has become a formidable task.

Fitness Props and Themes

To keep students engaged, it’s very common to see teachers setting up special and regularly occurring themed workouts. This is a great place to go back to some of those favorite songs that have long fallen off a playlist. While there are hundreds of classes going on in a week in a broad area, what does make word travel about your class is when there is a special or unique reason to attend it.

There’s no greater draw than decade classes where class communities not only choose a special day and time to get together, but your wardrobe is also planned ahead of time to match a particular genre of music or a special event.

Try implementing a 70s, 80s, 90s, or holiday celebration themed workout to you repertoire. 

Extend your reach by inviting teachers in the area to participate, too. They are the best motivators in class to boost your theme and provide additional choreography! Not only that, but choosing a variety of teachers who all have their special flavor and/or technique is the best way to give variety to a class that you could not achieve all on your own. As a new instructor, it’s a great way to share your spirit with a new community or extend it further to community of which you are already a part.

A few props to consider: a photo back drop with applicable props, a table of mementos, a refreshment table with healthy snacks and h20, and costume items that make sense to incorporate into a work out. And don’t forget to include a simple party favor for everyone to take home to remember the class, and a unique token or gift for your participating teachers, as well. 

Stand out party hosts have gone as far as having gift bags for guest teachers, event t-shirts, and participating students have had the opportunity to win prizes via raffle, donated by the host facility or local vendors and businesses.

If you are overwhelmed by recurring themes or events, even a once a year event that has a recurring date is one that fitness enthusiasts will look forward to, and save the date to attend. Parties that honor non-profit organizations or fundraise for local charities are great draws that leave all participants feeling like they made a difference with their contribution.

Pro tip: don’t forget the power of  social media to share photos from the event or the facility bulletin boards, so the event can live long after the day it was held.

Teamwork & Group Fitness

“No man is an island.”

It’s true for group fitness instructors as well. The energy of the “team” trumps the energy of one instructor. Never underestimate the power of your students to help you extend your reach to others both in and outside of a class.

If you have many students in your classes, it’s easy for one to feel invisible and makes it even easier for that student to stay home if they think no one would notice. Take those high-flying students of yours and put them on a "Board of Fun Committee." Carefully select a “greeter” (someone who keeps you informed of new students who sneak in, birthdays, and special considerations), a “class clown”, and a "class historian" (someone who takes pictures and scatters them on social media outlets).

Slowly, you will see a community build organically with the special investment of choosing trusted and consistent students to help you out.

The recruiting of new energy will always be easy,  when the classes are held up and supported by a team- instead of just one individual. Not only will new members feel the pull of motivation to return to see classmates with whom they’ve bonded with, but they will bring other new participants with them.

Don’t be surprised that the word gets out about your unique training classes and style, when you invest this much of yourself in them. You'll be creating classes that are booked up for weeks to come!

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