Combating the Cold Weather Workout Slump

How to Break Through Slacking on workouts, with Winter Month Motivation- for you & your clients


Maybe you’re usually the most motivated trainer in the game. Maybe there’s almost nothing that can come between you, your fitness, and your progress. Maybe no one can stop you from getting in your daily work out.

Tons of rain?  No problem.

Heatwave?  Who cares.

You’re literally unstoppable --- until the cold creeps in.

Winter months are a fitness instructor’s worst nightmare. They’re cold, they’re dark, and they’re hugely uninspiring. Not only are your clients likely looking to hibernate, you’re probably also not too opposed to the idea of bundling up and waving goodbye to your summer body.

In other words, it can be tough to go up against cold, snow, sleet, and ice and try to keep your workout motivation up. But because of your career, you have to!

Especially when you have a handful of clients you need to motivate, too.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Check out a few of our tried-and-true cold weather combating tricks and let that icy, workout-killing weather take a backseat to your finessed fitness strategy.

Invest in Some Solid Winter Workout Gear

We’re big on the treat-yo’self-mantra at IGF, so it makes sense that some of our workout motivation advice would come from, well, treating yourself. Our bias aside, in order to ensure that you’re working out properly and safely in the cold, you will need to make sure you’ve got the right kind of gear doing the right kind of job.

Take a chance if you want but think about it – you barely want to work out now. You think you’re going to want to work out after frostbite? Yeah right.

Before you can even work on your motivation, you need to make sure you’re prepared, so get the right gear and bundle up!

Take on More Clients (Hello, Accountability)

That’s right, we said – add to the craziness.

While clients might be a little harder to come by during the colder months, if you can tack on a promo to get more people in your classes and in your regimen, then we suggest you do it.

Why?  Because accountability is a beautiful thing.

How are you planning to let your exercises slack if you’ve got clients to push?

Motivation is sometimes a two-way street – if you can add on a little chaos to your client list, go for it!

Take the Workout Indoors

Even if you have the best winter gear in the world, the truth is, sometimes working out outside in the cold is unbearable. Try to move your workouts indoors (if you can) or adopt a winter workout routine for clients that won’t put them aside.

That being said, if you have a client who absolutely loves working out in the cold, try to get out there for them – that last thing you want to do is kill someone else’s motivation just because you don’t want to shiver!

(Make sure you only do this when it’s safe too, though!)

count down to spring

Try Out a New, Exciting Way to Exercise

If you find yourself – and your clients – struggling to get excited about working out because of the winter slump, try shaking it up with a spicy new exercise routine. 

Maybe now is the time to get that Zumba certification you’ve been thinking of, maybe it’s time to bust out some yoga, or perhaps you should even implement a little HIIT to heat things up. 

Whatever you choose, make sure you’re properly certified and equipped before you offer a new service to your clients.

Encourage Buddying Up

Sometimes, people need motivation beyond their trainers, Sometimes, they need a friend to help get them going, up and moving, and exercising.

If you can, try to offer some buddy classes or promos-for-two during the winter months. Not only will this bring in twice the business, but it also shows that you care about the unique factors that motivate people!

Keep Calm and Remember Spring Will Come Again

Above all, it’s vital to remember this – winter will not last forever.

Sure, it might seem like that at times, but listen to us very carefully:

The snow will melt. The flowers will bloom. You will see the sun again.

Next time you find yourself feeling a little downtrodden because of the gloom, wet, cold, or darkness, try to picture how beautiful spring will be!

Get to planning, too! Hype yourself up for the warmer months by strategizing new outdoor workouts, new classes you can offer, and new spring workout gear you might need!

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