Compare Fitness Instructor Insurance Rates

Your liability plan from Insure Fitness Group stands out from the competition. Get more for less.

One of the best features is that the policy offers Occurrence Form Coverage instead of Claims-Made Coverage*.


K&K Insurance



Sports Fitness

Professional & General Liability Insurance
$2 Mill. Per Occurrence / $5 Mill. Aggregate
$1 Mill. Per Occurrence / $3 Mill. Aggregate
$2 Mill. Per Occurrence / $4 Mill. Aggregate
$1 Mill. Per Occurrence / $3 Mill. Aggregate
$1 Mill. Per Occurrence/ $3 Mill. Aggregate
Occurrence-Form CoverageYesNoNoNoYes
Product Liability
$2 Million
$1 Million
$4 Million
$1 Million
Rental Damage Coverage
$1 Million$100,000NoNo$100,000
Stolen EquipmentNoNoNoNo$1,000  *$250 deductible
Immediate Coverage
Online OnlyNoNoYesYes
Identity Protection Plan
Student Rate
NoNo$18+ Admin Fee$25+ Processing Fee$25/year
Professional Rate
$269/year$160/year + $129 Membership Fee$174-$417/year + Admin Fee$200/year +Processing Fee$169/year
NOTE: The information in this comparison has been gathered from the websites of each organization and other third party sources. No guarantee or assurance is made by Insure Fitness Group as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Date information confirmed 6/27/18. GET NOW >