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Here we’re focusing on highlighting and supporting the black-owned business, CultureFit Clothing—a badass company that creates timeless pieces that are totally fitness friendly.   

CultureFit Clothing is a one-of-a-kind brand that creates powerful, feminine, and adorable fitness gear that focuses on functionality as well as West African culture. Established in 2017, CultureFit focuses on fundamental building blocks like inclusivity, empowerment, and wellness.

The founders of CultureFit are a group of entrepreneurs and friends who chose to start this business with a specific purpose in mind—pay homage to their West African and Black descent while also honoring their similar interests, travel, wellness, and taking care of their bodies. CFC is committed to conveying a message that surrounds acceptance, self-care, and self-love.

When CultureFit’s founders examined the fitness wear market, something jumped out at them—they didn’t see many options out there that reflected a human connection while, at the same time, celebrating human beings’ specific uniqueness and individuality.

Historically, CFC founders noticed the fitness and wellness space has not been as inclusive as it could be—whether it be racially inclusive or socioeconomically inclusive. Further, they noticed there weren’t many fitness wear options that represented a range of body types while celebrating cultural individuality.

From this concept—and this gap in the market—CultureFit Clothing, and doing things #theculturefitway, was born.

But CFC founders want the #culturefitway to be more than a moment—it’s a movement. Something they firmly believe can transcend and impact people everywhere in a positive way, inclusively offering encouragement for women everywhere to feel safe, seen, and empowered. 

One of the pillars CultureFit is built upon is body positivity blended with beautiful complexities. Ultimately, that’s what CultureFit’s aesthetic and brand message is all about. They create amazing activewear that’s bright, feminine, and modern while representing everything the founders hold dear—their culture, the world, wellness, and beyond.

What should buyers expect when choosing to purchase from CultureFit? High-performance athletic wear and yoga mats that appeal to the culturally conscious woman.

Their collections are globally inspired, supportive of your every move, and cute as can be, to boot. With their moisture-wicking materials, high-waisted, curve-cuddling leggings, bras and tops that feel as comfortable as a second skin (with feminine details), and mats that are just as pleasing to your eyes as they are to the earth, there’s a little something for everyone in CultureFit’s collection.

Want to learn more about CultureFit? Ready to start browsing for your own apparel #theculturefitway?

Start browsing their collection right here and get more acquainted with the brand, their message, and their purpose.

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