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The one-on-one nature of training combined with physical activity can lead to individual dance instructors being sued, even if their employer has insurance.

With thousands of fitness-related emergency room visits each year and even more doctor’s visits, injuries happen more often than we’re aware of.

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Dance Instructor Liability Insurance

Dance Instructor Insurance Program Highlights

Professional & General Liability Insurance

$1 Million Per Occurrence
$3 Million Per Year

Identity Protection Insurance

$25,000 Per Year

Career Resources

E-books, guides, business forms, industry news and more

Personal/Advertising Injury

$1 Million Per Year

Product Liability Insurance

$1 Million Per Year

Dance Instructor Liability Insurance

Why do you need dance instructor insurance?

featured image: Dance instructor insurance. Image of a teacher teaching dance to kids

As with all exercise programs, dance comes with some risk depending on the health of the participant. Those new to the fast-paced dance moves may injure their feet or ankles which can put an instructor’s career at risk.

According to the U.S. Consume Product Safety Commission, there were almost 460,000 reported fitness injuries in 2012. 

Approximately 50,000 reported injuries were caused by low weight and equipment.

Dance instructor insurance can help protect the future of your career from fitness related injuries.

Dance instructor insurance covers claims related to the day-to-day operations of your dance business. For example, if a student sustains an injury in your dance class or you damage a studio during a teaching session, dance instructor insurance could help you avoid a lawsuit and the financial burden from a claim.

Dance teacher insurance from Insure Fitness Group also provides professional, general, and product liability coverage, personal injury/advertising injury coverage, and additional member benefits.

All of these coverages are available for $189/year, with no hidden fees.

There are inherent risks, with all exercise classes. Dance liability insurance protects you, the dance instructor, from claims and potential lawsuits for a multitude of accidents that could happen during class. Dance general liability insurance protects you from accidents that may arise, through no fault of your own, as the dance instructor. 

For example, if a student slips and falls on some split water during class and breaks their arm, you may be liable. If a student pushes themselves too far, into a move they cannot do, and injures them self, you may be liable.

While you may work hard to stay current with the health needs of each client, sometimes they are not as forthright with their conditions as you need them to be. For example, you may have a female client who has recently become pregnant, but has chosen not to share that information with you. You might also have a male client who has a heart condition, or other serious health condition that could put him at risk during some of the moves he will perform in class. Dance instructor general liability insurance would protect you from claims arising due to conditions like these. You can see why it is critical for the health and longevity of your business that you make sure to have dance instructor insurance coverage.

Insure Fitness Group offers the best dance instructor insurance available. Unlike other insurance companies, we cover claims that happen within the policy period even if the claim is filed up to two years later. With this type of support, we know that you will be able to rest easy and focus your full attention on your dance classes. Teach confidently with dance instructor  insurance coverage from Insure Fitness Group.

Despite the fact that you worked hard to earn your dance instructor certification, teach clearly, and check any equipment used on a regular basis, accidents can still happen. The fact is that there are inherent risks with exercise itself, and this risk only increases when various pieces of equipment are added to the mix. Product liability insurance can provide the peace of mind you need so that you can focus on teaching dance to your clients instead of worrying about potential lawsuits. 

Product liability insurance is the type of insurance that offers a warranty or guarantee on a product. It is specifically created to cover you in the event that a product malfunctions and causes injury or damage to third parties. Depending on how the product was manufactured, designed, and assembled, you could be at risk of a lawsuit. Even if your client uses the equipment incorrectly, you could still be held liable for any damage that was caused or bodily harm.

While dance classes are usually taught without equipment, if you are working in a studio, then you are probably weights or equipment somewhere. Dancers are athletes, too, and frequently use weights and other workout equipment to supplement their training regimens.  The use of this type of equipment means that your risks of client injury and lawsuits increase. All it takes is a loose spring, a moment of unfocused attention, or an improperly secured safety chain for an injury to occur. Dance product liability insurance helps to protect you in this type of situation, so that you do not bear the brunt of the financial expenses associated with a lawsuit.

We know you want flexibility in your budget so we’ve partnered with PayPal Credit to offer a finance option that lets you pay for your policy monthly.  When you choose to pay monthly, PayPal Credit takes the total cost of your policy plus a small service fee and breaks it up over your selected duration.  

Using PayPal Credit is subject to a credit check and there is no interest if you pay off your policy within the first 6 months.  After 6 months interest fees may apply. 


Receive instant coverage and proof of insurance certificate via email immediately upon checkout, which takes less than 5 minutes.


Professional + General Liability: $1 million per occurrence, $3 million per year. Product Liability: $1 million


We've teamed up with PayPal credit to make it easy for you to pay for your policy the way you need.


You get identity protection and tons of fitness-related product discounts.

What Else Is Covered?

Our dance instructor insurance program covers a multitude of exercise programs, along with hundreds of other healing practices.

Check out our chart to the right for a sample of some of the fitness programs your policy automatically includes coverage for.

And if you don’t find your style or technique listed here, call us at 866-858-5950 and we’ll let you know if we can cover you!

What Our Customers Say About Us

Insure Fitness Provides A+ Rated Dance Instructor Insurance

Dance Instructor Liability Insurance

dance instructor insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Dance fitness instruction can be one-on-one or in a group environment but it entails putting students through the proper steps, movements, lifts, and spins to complete a given routine. Students put their health and well-being while in your class in your hands. When a misstep results in an injury occurring, the lack of solid dance instructor insurance could spell the end of a career and leave a lasting impact on personal finances. Imagine paying for the costs of a claim that can run in the thousands completely out of your own savings. Dance instructor insurance provides an opportunity for instructors to protect themselves and their careers from a future event that brings about a claim.

Absolutely. Our dance instructor insurance program affords protection for many of the most popular dance routines and other fitness regimens. No matter how you Jazzercise, Dancercise, or Zumba, rest assured you have the full backing of a stout insurance program made just for dance instructors.


As far as your coverage with us goes, nothing. We offer what’s known as portable coverage with our dance insurance policy so that no matter where you decide to provide instruction you will still enjoy full coverage through Insure Fitness within all 50 United States. We can only provide coverage, however, for the services that you are properly licensed for in the locale in which you operate. Always be sure to be well abreast of the regulations for dance instruction wherever you plan to teach.

Liability insurance covers you in the event a claim is filed against you while your insurance policy is in effect. Let’s break down coverage by our insurance sections:

General Liability: protects personal trainers from claims for injuries or property damage. With Insure Fitness, you have a $2 million per occurrence and $3 million annual aggregate for general liability claims.

Professional Liability: provides coverage for claims asserting you were negligent in your services and an injury or form of damage occurred as a result. Professional liability claims also come with a $2 million per occurrence and $3 million annual aggregate.

Product Liability: provides protection from injuries caused by malfunctioning equipment or allergic reactions from the use of cleaning products in performing your services. You’ll be covered up to $2 million for product liability claims.

Personal Injury and Advertising Injury: This coverage protects you from liability for non-physical injuries or damages resulting from actions including defamation, false arrest, invasion of privacy, and copyright/trademark infringement in advertising and marketing.

Identity Theft Protection: We’ll cover up to $25,000 in identity restoration services for all IFG policyholders.

All of these coverages are available for $189/year, with no hidden fees.

Most definitely. We know dance instruction is just as often one-on-one working with a gifted ballet student as it is working with a whole group of senior citizens when you are putting on a mobile workshop at an adult care facility. Wherever and however you choose to provide dance instruction is completely up to you – you will still enjoy full dance insurance coverage through us.

Once you fill out an easy online application, pay your bill, hover your mouse over “submit” and click your finger, poof! You’ll receive instant access to proof of insurance through our state of the art membership portal. Immediate coverage means not having to wait for approvals and proof of insurance to be snail-mailed to your residence.

Most definitely. Independent instructors, sole proprietors, and other small business owners all benefit greatly from having the protection of liability insurance for dance instructors. As an independent contractor, chances are good that you will not have much coverage provided from wherever you are providing your service. This leaves you financially responsible for anything that happens during a class that might cause damage or injury. Dance insurance helps to shift the burden of having to pay for events like these from the instructor to their insurance provider. 

With our occurrence form coverage, you will be covered for a claim that occurs while your policy is still active even if the claim is filed years after your policy expires. Claims-made is just the opposite. After your policy expires, any claims filed are not usually covered. It doesn’t matter that when the event happened, you definitely had insurance. Because your policy has since expired, sorry, no coverage with a claims-made policy. 

Almost any dance style you can think of teaching is covered with IFG’s all-inclusive dance instructor insurance policy. Zumba®, Jazzercize®, Barre, Biodanza—however you want to provide high-quality dance instruction to your students and still be covered is up to you. When comparing dance instructor insurance plans, be sure to pay attention to what activities are covered under the policy.

Some dance insurance plans out there cover a limited number of core modalities and then charge a fee or just don’t cover anything outside of that. At IFG, we know variety is the spice of life and your business. Many of our covered professionals teach multiple modalities in order to provide the best experience possible for their students.

Absolutely. When a student receives an injury or has their property damaged while in a class with you, they may seek legal action in order to get compensated. Our dance insurance plan was made for the modern dance teacher who faces many different forms of liability. With a stout protection plan in place, professionals can have peace of mind knowing that both the costs of the claim, as well as any legal defense fees are covered in the event of an unfortunate event such as a liability lawsuit. 

Are there any additional fees with dance instructor insurance?

Definitely not. Our dance instructor insurance plan was designed to be as transparent as possible so we never tack on hidden fees. When you explore your options for insurance, there’s a lot of plans out there that use a base rate then want to add extra fees for things like annual membership dues and for adding on additional covered modalities. Our plan does things a little differently by putting the full price you’ll pay with everything that’s covered right upfront so you know exactly what you’re getting and for how much.

You can buy our full-year dance instructor insurance for $189. As a convenience to our members, we also offer our full-year policy at a monthly rate for as low as $17 per month for 12 months of coverage. When you need to add additional businesses to your policy, you can do so for $10 per business or $30 for an unlimited number of businesses. We also offer all of the same coverage benefits of our insurance plus professional program to students in the art of dance instruction for only $65 for a year of coverage.

Definitely. Some insurance for dance instructor programs will put limits on the number of hours that can be worked, only adding confusion to the process. We simplify the whole process by offering one, low rate with no membership fee or other hidden costs incurred, ever. $189 per year is all you will pay for great insurance coverage no matter how often or how little you decide to offer instruction – whether that’s as an independent dance instructor, as an employee at a dance academy, or a sole proprietor running their own studio.

Liability insurance is only any good if it actually provides coverage for the liabilities you face every day as a dance instructor. Liabilities come in several prominent forms. The pillars of your dance instructor liability coverage should include stout limits for general liability, professional liability, and product liability. Other considerations that add layers of protection – like identity protection, stolen equipment coverage, and rental damage coverage – should be included in more comprehensive insurance coverage programs. 

By joining our community, you get access to awesome benefits like being connected with more than 10,000 health and fitness instructors across the country, receive free access to business resources and e-guides, get access to our weekly member newsletter, and regularly receive our professionally-curated content.  

At InsureFitness, we’re not shy about letting you see all of our plan options and coverages right alongside our competitor’s offerings. We want members to see the value we bring to the table and select us based on our program’s merits, not how flashy we can make ourselves appear.

We know you want flexibility in your budget so we’ve partnered with PayPal Credit to offer a finance option that lets you pay for your policy monthly.  When you choose to pay monthly, PayPal Credit takes the total cost of your policy plus a small service fee and breaks it up over your selected duration.  

Using PayPal Credit is subject to a credit check and there is no interest if you pay off your policy within the first 6 months.  After 6 months interest fees may apply. 

By far, one of the best review platforms on the market today is the neutral third party service that is TrustPilot. TrustPilot helps to get real customers’ real experiences after they have purchased a product or service. We use TrustPilot so that potential members can get a true look at how our services merry up to what we say we’ll provide. We are proud to display our TrustPilot review score of “Excellent”based on the reviews of many fitness professionals using our service.

Yes and yes. Many instructors choose to provide their dance instruction to children. Teaching a child a new skill and watching them master it can be incredibly rewarding. But working with children presents its own challenges. Different levels of physicality and maturity require instructors to be able to instruct children at their own pace. Children can’t always express if something in particular is bothering them so instructors bear an added layer of responsibility for the safety and well being of children performing physical activities under their supervision. For tips on keeping student safety a priority, see our recent blog post – “5 Simple Strategies for Client Safety”. Knowing full and well these risks for dance instructors, we created a program perfectly suited to the industry. We provide up to $1 million for each occurrence that might result in a claim and $3 million in total per year for each individual member. 

A lot of dance instructors think if they work for a dance studio then that policy alone is enough to cover them in the event of an accident or mishap. However, there’s a couple of problems with this approach if a calamity were to occur. First, the coverage that applies to you may not be adequate to cover the entirety of a claim. Since the studio controls what insurance they purchase, it may just be the bare minimum. Second, many group insurance plans use a shared aggregate over aggregates.

Shared aggregates mean there are multiple people on the policy that share the same coverage limits. If others in the group file claims and use up the limits before you do, you may be left with limited coverage should you require it. At just $189 per year, an IFG dance insurance policy gives dance teachers peace of mind knowing the entirety of the coverage is theirs alone.

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