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Your Go-To Guide for Online Training

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One of the greatest things about being a fitness instructor is that you’re able to create a career that you’re passionate about while making a huge, impactful difference in someone’s life.

The other awesome thing about it? If you do it right, you can create a fitness career that’s flexible—and the best possible example we can think of is becoming a virtual fitness instructor.

In the era of everything being offered online, more and more people are frequently turning toward enrolling in online training programs. From online strength classes to virtual training sessions tailored toward specific skills, the options for training are endless and the demand is higher than ever.

But how exactly do you get started? And, more importantly, what exactly do you need to know in order to become the best online personal trainer you possibly can be?

We’ve got all the answers you’re looking for—right here.

Consider this handy little blog your go-to guide for becoming an online fitness trainer—in it, we’re talking marketing, technology, how to build your services, and so much more!


Because you’re relying on technology, you need to make sure you’re using the right kind of technology to your advantage. Consider upgrading your filming equipment (cameras, phones, etc.), your laptop or desktop, and most important, consider upgrading your software or online services to help you run your online business end-to-end.

Think about technology that can help you automate some of your efforts (like email campaign marketing services) and think about technology that enables you to provide your clients with the visuals they need—tablets, cameras, laptops, etc.

While this initial investment can seem pricey, at the end of the day, you’ll need quality equipment to get your career going—so, don’t wait on this.


The space where you’re filming your exercises and workouts for your clients doesn’t need to be perfect for them—they’re not the ones who are using it. It does, however, need to be perfect for you. Make sure you’re thinking about these types of things when creating the right space:

  • Do I have plenty of room to demonstrate exercises?
  • Does this space look professional and clean enough?
  • Does this space fit in with my brand identity?
  • Does this space have good light and lots of room for my filming equipment?
  • Will this space be quiet and away from the goings-on of the rest of my house?


Spoiler alert, insurance matters even when you’re not working in-person with your clients. That’s right! It’s just as important—if not more!—to have quality, reliable virtual personal trainer insurance coverage when you’re an online instructor. Because you’re not working in-person with your clients, you’re not able to always ensure they’re doing everything properly. And guess what? Accidents happen and clients could blame you for those accidents—even though they’re watching you through a screen.

Having quality coverage is a must!


Just like an in-person trainer, you want to establish your business toward a specific niche. We’re not saying that you can only offer a single type of service, but we do think that niching down and determining your unique offerings can help you attract your ideal client base faster than just offering a handful of services that some “do-it-all” trainers offer.

Try to balance your niche and your expertise with the types of classes you want to offer, too. Don’t just rely on pre-written or pre-recorded plans, try to switch it up and offer live, virtual classes that people can actively participate in with you.

In other words, shoot for balance—don’t try to do or offer it all, just offer what you know and what you love with a few intermittent options in there to try to appeal to your target audience.


Remember, when you’re an online trainer, you’re more than just the fitness instructor—you’re the CEO, the camera guru, and the marketing department, too! Don’t forget to market your services if you truly want to see some success! Learn how to bulk up your social media platforms, create a kickass website, garner an understanding for referrals and partnerships.

The more you learn about marketing, the better off your online instructor business will be!


Starting something new can be exceptionally scary—there’s no shame in that. But it’s important that you don’t let your fear of failure stand in the way of what could be an incredibly successful, rewarding career. No, it might not all click at once and it might not be easy as can be, but if you love doing it and you’re not afraid of hard work, it’s more than likely going to be so worth it!

Ready to make the move and become an online fitness instructor? We thought you might be—and we’re glad to hear it! Are you already an online fitness instructor and have words of advice, encouragement, and more for other hopefuls out there? Leave a comment in our comment section below offering all the good stuff we might have missed!

For more information about insurance, online training, or even personal training in general, check out our regularly updated blog right here for all the advice, inspo, tips, and tricks you need to kickstart your fitness instructor career!

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