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If you’re a fitness fanatic or a professional in the industry, you're probably already aware of who Lee Haney is. A true definition of a herculean legend in the fitness world - the 8-time Mr. Olympia has recently partnered with Insure Fitness Group and we couldn't be more excited about it.

Mr. Haney’s success and achievements doesn't stop at bodybuilding champion legend. After 40+ years in the fitness industry, Lee has morphed from a legendary bodybuilder to an in-demand trainer to the stars, guiding professional athletes and celebrities alike.

Haney also serves as a consultant for some of the top nutritional supplement companies in the world, has been appointed Chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and runs a wildly successful personal training certification program known as the International Association of Fitness Sciences

Haney hasn’t just reveled in his own success - he’s shared it, creating attainable strategies for those interested in a fitness career to achieve their dreams of becoming professionals through strict training, lots of studying, and no lack of hard work. 

Insure Fitness Group sat down for a one-on-one chat with Haney to pick his brain about his own fitness successes, the industry and its future, and his take on how people can achieve their dream of becoming a fitness professional. 

Q & A with Lee Haney: Fitness, Success, and the Industry as a Whole 

What Piqued Your Interest About the Fitness Industry? How Did You First Gain Interest? 

I became fascinated with fitness as a youngster while watching Hercules and hearing the story of Sampson. I was intrigued by their strength and humanity, so, at the age of 9, I asked my parents for a set of weights. So it began. 

How Has Fitness Shaped Who You Are as a Person—Not Just a Fitness Professional? 

Fitness has given me the opportunity to grow as a person staying connected to the health of myself and the zeal to influence the people around me.

Would You Say That Fitness Has Helped Define Who You Are, Your Purpose, and Your Goals? Or Rather, Do You Feel Like You’ve Helped Define Fitness Because of Who You Are? 

Fitness has definitely shaped my world, especially as I became a fitness adviser and trainer to people from every walk of life, including athletes like Evander Holyfield, Shannon Sharp, Gary Sheffield, Steve Harvey, Business CEO’s, and the general population.

I’ve authored several books that are sold nationally as well as around the world. And being appointed as the Chairman to the President’s Council on Fitness (Clinton Administration) was just icing on the cake. 

Fitness has allowed me to achieve the mission of making the world a healthier place.

What’s the Most Influential Experience or Opportunity the Fitness Industry Has Afforded You?

I feel that my most influential presence has to do with my world-wide personal training certification organization: International Association of Fitness Sciences. It consists of years of fitness knowledge that can be used to impact people on any level of fitness.

Who is Your Biggest Role Model in the Fitness Industry—Has This Changed Over Time? 

My biggest hero in the Bodybuilding world was—and still is today—Robby Robinson, nicknamed “The Black Prince.” He possesses one of the most beautiful physiques in the world, in my opinion. 

Is There Anything You Strive to Change or Influence That’s a Key Part of the Current Fitness World? 

One of my main goals as a fitness influencer is to keep the tools of fitness simple and attainable for anyone wanting to make fitness a lifestyle. You know, keeping it simple and letting people know that getting fit doesn’t have to hurt or be overly complicated.

Do You Use Supplements to Enhance Your Health and Physical Fitness? 

I have my own personal line of supplements—Lee Haney Nutrition. My #1 go-to is the multivitamin, I believe it is the foundation of good health.

My second go-to is my 7 Day Detox, it’s perfect for keeping the internal organs and the colon healthy, keeping the body free of toxins. 

And recently, I introduced Immune Support as a way of giving people a form of protection during the current state of COVID-19. Truly, keeping our immune system strong can make all the difference.

Let’s Say Someone Is Trying to Get Into the Fitness Industry and Make it Their Career—What’s the Best Advice You Could Give Them to Help Them Excel?

I feel so fortunate to have fitness as my career, so I’d be quick to give advice, like be sure that fitness is your passion and that caring for people is equal to that. 

Patience is needed—so is common sense and expertise. It’s crucial to remain open to learning new things while balancing the need to keep fitness simple and approachable, too. Be willing to minister to your clients as a whole person, not just their fitness sides—there will be times when they desire a listening ear and not just a good sweat session. 

A heartfelt connection between you and your clients is what makes the impact—those are appreciated and never forgotten. That’s what connects you to people—I’ve been invited into my clients’ lives, attending their kids’ recital or being there with them during medical treatment. 

You Run a Successful Personal Training Certification Program, the International Association of Fitness Sciences—What Makes This Program Different From the Other Ones Out There? 

After 40+ years of experience in the fitness industry, I decided to create the first and only certification program designed by an 8-time Mr. Olympia and Chairman to the President’s Council on Fitness.

The International Association of Fitness Sciences consists of tools to teach people how to apply the principles of exercise and basic nutrition in a way that is simplified through experience, hard work, and my own “been there, done that” knowledge. 

We offer certifications in the area of Functional Training and bodybuilding Science. Those interested can find information at

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