Being a fitness instructor is one of the most rewarding and satisfying occupations out there through helping clients achieve the greatest version of themselves.

However, the industry is anything but sedentary which means your job comes with some inherent risk. People are pushing themselves to their limits, working with what can be dangerous equipment, and no matter how closely you’re supervising their workouts, accidents can happen, especially when you’re training virtually and can’t be there in person if something were to happen.

According to, 47% of Americans choose virtual workouts at least once a week and that trend isn't expected to decline in 2021, With online training moving from a taboo practice to an everyday norm, it’s vital that you have liability insurance that would cover you if something were to happen.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are about 460,000 reported fitness injuries per year. The last thing you want is to risk your career through a client injuring themselves and you weren’t even there, leading to accusations, allegations, litigation, and claims that deal with injuries, negligence, and more.

In comes Insure Fitness Group — we're a top-rated liability insurance company that provides elite coverage you need for both in-person and online training. The best part is we make it easy with no extra fees or steps to get coverage for online training, it’s all wrapped up in one package already.

Who is insure fitness group?

At its core, Insure Fitness Group (IFG) helps fitness professionals train with full confidence by providing dependable and affordable liability insurance coverage that is constantly evolving to keep up with the unique needs of the industry. When fit pros sign up with IFG, they not only receive insurance coverage that is backed by the fourth-largest insurance company in the world, Arthur J. Gallagher, but they receive long-term career support with free educational resources, discounted CECs and other industry discounts through the member benefits program.

The top reasons to choose insure fitness group

Coverage That Goes Where You Go

Our policies are sure to protect you wherever you teach, which is vital is these days. With so many gyms closed due to COVID-19, instructors have had to be creative about where they teach. Whether you’re training online, or have taken a class to the park, or go to your client’s home, our coverage is sure to protect you.

Insurance That Protects YOU—No One Else

If you work for a gym, studio, or another type of exercise space, then it’s possible you’re already covered under your employer’s insurance umbrella. But here’s the deal. If an accident were to happen on your watch, you’re the one that’s at risk. When you have your own protection, you don’t have to worry about a middleman or the limits that their policies have.

Your own professional liability insurance is going to put you first—no matter what.

Professional Liability Insurance is Key Evidence That You’re a Professional Choice

You’ve already done everything else to prove you’re a professional—the classes, the certifications, the constant training, the business savvy. Personal trainer professional liability insurance is just another thing any pro should add to their list.

Having professional liability insurance shows clients that you’re prepared and take your career, yourself, and your clients’ safety seriously.

Our insurance can help you safeguard your career and protect you so that you can become the instructor you’ve always wanted to—without the worry or concern that something could go wrong at any moment and leave you fighting for your reputation.


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