Health and Liability Insurance For Fitness Professionals

When you purchase liability insurance through Insure Fitness Group, we offer access to our exclusive insurance marketplace. This platform allows you to schedule individual consultations with a skilled health insurance navigator who can assist you in discovering the ideal health insurance plan tailored to your needs, all while maximizing cost savings.

It’s important to note that health plans available through the marketplace are not affiliated with or under the ownership of Insure Fitness Group.

Health Insurance Highlights

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Open enrollment for a January 1, 2024 start date ends December 15, 2023.

For a February 1, 2024 start date, open enrollment ends January 15, 2024.

Insurance Policies

While our coverage doesn’t include health insurance automatically, it gives you access to an exclusive healthcare marketplace and concierge guidance to find the perfect plan for you.

Explore the benefits of an Insure Fitness Group plan below.

Student Fitness Professional

$ 59
  • The all-in-one fitness professional liability insurance designed for students.

Fitness Professional

$ 189
  • Full and part-time fitness liability insurance for the modern professional.

What Comes With An IFG Policy

Professional Liability Insurance

Secure your peace of mind with comprehensive protection that covers you in case of potential claims and lawsuits.

300+ Modalities Covered Instantly

You’ll have peace of mind with immediate coverage for over 300 fitness activities, including online teaching, available in all 50 states, and instant access to Certificates of Insurance (COI).

Access To Affordable Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

Unlock the power to access affordable healthcare options, ensuring your well-being is a top priority.

Rental Damage and Stolen Equipment Coverage

This policy goes the extra mile by offering coverage for any damage to rental spaces and the theft of fitness equipment.

Free Virtual Visits and Online Therapy

You’ll enjoy the benefit of free virtual healthcare services, like a free month of BetterHelp.

Powerful Online Identity Protection

Rest easy knowing that this policy safeguards your identity from potential theft and related litigation costs up to $25,000.

Girl Personal Trainer

Insurance Policy Liability Limits

Get protected in less than 5 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

As a fitness instructor, you’ll want to consider general and professional liability insurance, like what we offer at IFG. This type of insurance, can provide coverage in case a client claims injury or damage as a result of your services. It’s a smart choice to protect yourself and your career.

Yes, group fitness instructors should strongly consider having insurance. Whether you’re teaching classes in a gym, studio, or independently, accidents and injuries can happen. Liability insurance can offer financial protection if a participant is injured during your class and files a claim against you.

Personal trainers should have liability insurance. This insurance, sometimes called personal trainer insurance, is designed to cover you if a client alleges injury or property damage as a result of your training services. It’s a crucial safeguard to protect your livelihood and reputation as a personal trainer.

The cost of fitness insurance can vary depending on the provider and the coverage you choose. At IFG, we offer award-winning coverage for just $189 annually or $16.41 per month. Our pricing is designed to provide affordable and comprehensive protection for fitness professionals, ensuring that you get the coverage you need without breaking the bank.

Many fitness professionals work as independent contractors, especially if they’re not directly employed by a fitness facility. Being an independent contractor means you’re typically responsible for your own liability insurance.

As an independent contractor, you’ll need to secure your own liability insurance policy to ensure you’re protected against potential claims or lawsuits. This is because you won’t have the coverage provided by an employer.

At IFG, we offer specialized insurance tailored to the needs of independent fitness professionals, helping you protect your career and finances. It’s essential to have the right coverage in place, whether you’re an independent contractor or working in another capacity in the fitness industry.

Once you have obtained your coverage, accessing the IFG insurance marketplace is a straightforward process. Simply log in to our exclusive member portal, where you’ll find a range of resources and benefits. From there, you can use the scheduling links provided within the insurance benefits part of your account.

These links allow you to either explore our ACA quoting software for personalized health insurance options or schedule a meeting with one of our dedicated benefits counselors. It’s a convenient and easy way to make the most of your insurance coverage with IFG.

What People Are Saying About IFG

Eric Nopanen
Eric NopanenGoogle My Business
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First and foremost, the level of customer service provided by Insure Fitness Group is unparalleled. From the moment I reached out to them with my inquiries, their knowledgeable and friendly staff went above and beyond to address all my concerns. They guided me through the entire process, ensuring that I understood every aspect of the coverage I was getting. Their dedication and prompt responses truly made me feel valued as a customer.
Alexa Mitsuda
Alexa MitsudaGoogle My Business
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I was delightfully surprised how easy the sign up process with Insure Fitness Group was. It took me only 3 minutes to sign up and was immediately sent my insurance certificate after!
April Snow
April SnowGoogle My Business
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Have been insured with this company for many years! They make everything so easy and very affordable! I tell all my interns who become certified make sure you carry insurance.
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As a pilates trainer for 25 years, now at age 73, I was struggling to locate my proof of insurance on line. First I spoke to a very kind woman who assured me I would be taken care of. She immediately sent two completed forms, and I also received further options for help through email. This is a rare company, and I will encourage other trainers to trust this insurance group.
Anthony Vacca
Anthony VaccaTrustPilot
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The customer service with Insure Fitness Group has been terrific for the two years that I have been with them. They have been willing to work with my clients building managers directly to resolve issues and provide specific coverage the building requires. Further, they always respond quickly if I have any questions or concerns.
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Finding a policy was a nightmare ( inadequate websites, phone calls with no response, etc.) until I contacted Insure. The representative, Tracy, answered all my questions, assisted me in finding the appropriate policy and was a delight to interact with. The whole process was fast and I am pleased with the coverage I purchased.

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