How to Choose the Best Personal Trainer Insurance

As a dedicated personal trainer, it’s likely that your career—and of course, the clients you help—mean the world to you. It probably goes without saying that you’d do whatever it takes to protect and safeguard that career to ensure that no matter what happens, at the end of the day, you’re able to continue helping your clients meet their goals while you build a name for yourself in the fitness industry.

If all of that is true for you, that leads us to an important (and obvious) question—as a personal trainer with a promising career, are you sure that you’re protected?

If your goal is to be a successful personal trainer that makes a substantial impact in the lives of their clients, finds success, and has a fulfilling career, then you need to make sure you’re protecting yourself, your job, and your future with personal trainer liability insurance.

Seems like an easy solution, right?

For the most part, it is. But there’s just one, tiny problem.

Not all insurance plans for personal trainers are created equal—and finding and comparing the right plan for you can be tough. That’s where we come in. Check out this handy little guide written specifically for personal trainers to help you pick out the right type of liability insurance that’s going to have your back no matter what!

First Things First—What Exactly is Personal Trainer Insurance?

We can’t help you differentiate between good and bad personal trainer liability insurance unless you’ve got a solid idea of what personal trainer liability insurance is in the first place. So, really quickly, let’s build a foundational knowledge (or review if you’re already familiar with this type of insurance) before we dive in.

So, what exactly is personal trainer insurance?

Personal trainer insurance is risk-management coverage that ensures that the insured party (that’s you!) is protected and relieved of financial responsibility and potential loss in the event of a claim or allegation. There are a few types of liability insurance for personal trainers, but the two most common include professional liability insurance and general liability insurance, which protect you from claims or allegations that happen when you’re providing a service to a client and coverage that protects you if a claim or allegation arises indirectly of your services but still in relation to you, respectively.

If you’re looking to learn more, we’ve got good news—there’s an entire guide right here that can fill you in on the basics of personal trainer liability insurance.

Do You Need Personal Trainer Insurance?

Not sure if you need personal trainer liability insurance or not? We’ll put this really bluntly—you do.

If you’re working with people in any type of personal training capacity, it’s a safe bet that you need personal trainer insurance. Why? Because no matter how professional you are, no matter how much training you have, no matter how skilled you might be, the unlikely, improbable, and accidental can happen—shouldn’t you be prepared for that?

Personal training liability insurance is important for a lot of reasons, but we like to talk about the top five reasons we believe the right kind of liability insurance for personal trainers is necessary for a successful career.

Liability insurance is going to help personal trainers by:

  • Protecting the trainer (that’s you!) above all else—no matter if you work for an employer or you’re running your own operation. Your liability insurance is all about you.
  • Safeguarding your career, your finances, and your future
  • Solving issues, claims, allegations, and cases quickly and efficiently
  • Giving you peace of mind that no matter what happens, you’ve got a partner on your side
  • Showing your clients (and future clients) that you’re a prepared professional through and through

Of course, there are infinite reasons you should invest in personal trainer insurance. If you’re not totally sold on the need for personal trainer liability insurance just yet, we encourage you to read that post ASAP—we’ll be here waiting for you when you get back.

How Do I Pick the Right Kind of Personal Trainer Liability Insurance?

You’ve determined you need personal trainer liability insurance. You’ve determined it’s a necessary safeguard to ensure your career, your future, and your finances are kept in check no matter what happens. But, how exactly do you pick the right type of personal trainer liability insurance?

Listen, we’re not going to sugar coat it—picking insurance can be tricky. That’s why we’ve created this handy little guide to help you choose the best personal trainer insurance for you! Follow along with some of these guidelines and you’ll find the perfect plan for yourself in no time!

Make Sure Your Coverage Options Actually Have You Covered

The first sign that you’re picking the right personal trainer liability insurance should be that the coverage is comprehensive. Check for things like coverage limits (are they stout and substantial?). Check for coverage limits for both professional and general liability (does the insurance plan have both?). See if the policy includes other types of coverage (does product liability insurance come with the plan?)

Be sure that the type of policy you’re looking at will actually benefit you—this is where it helps to know the difference between policies like occurrence-form coverage, claims-made coverage, shared aggregate coverage, and individual aggregate coverage.

Further, make sure your coverage options actually make sense to you, too. Sometimes, insurance language can be tricky. If you’re having a hard time understanding what’s covered, what’s not, and what something means, you need to be able to talk to your insurance partner about that directly and transparently. Do you know what terms like claims-made or occurrence-form mean? If not, that’s OK!

Any quality insurance partner is going to be happy to sit down with you (in person, over the phone, via email, etc.) and explain everything that’s covered, what’s not, and differentiate between types of coverage with you. So, definitely make sure you’re covered in the way you need to be covered, but make sure you understand all of the language, too.

It’s also vital to ensure that the coverage you’re looking at protects all of the services you offer. Do you offer weight-lifting training as well as Pilates training? Make sure both are covered. Do you run a HIIT cardio class on the weekends and one-on-one yoga during the week? It should all be covered. Do you work part-time in the gym with clients and part-time at home as an online personal trainer? If all the services you offer aren’t covered by the policy of your choice, you’re leaving substantial gaps in your coverage.

Your personal trainer liability insurance should cover all of your programs, services, offerings, and more! That’s why we offer a broad personal trainer insurance policy that covers popular programs (like Zumba, SilverSneakers, P90X, and everything in between) to ensure that you’re taken care of!

Check for Additional Perks, Benefits, and Protections

If the policy you’re looking at offers you stout coverage that’s comprehensive and will have your back in the ways that make sense for a personal trainer like you, then you’re taking a step in the right direction. But don’t just stop there and purchase your insurance—check for other factors, too!

Ensure that the policy you’re looking at offers you additional perks, member benefits, and bonus protections, too.

Any insurance that’s worth your time is going to provide coverage that protects you in the real world, too—not just in the gym. Essentially, this means that the right type of personal trainer insurance is going to cover you beyond the normal professional, general, and product liability and will take it a step further, covering options like identity protection, stolen equipment, rental damage coverage, and more. This type of all-inclusive, comprehensive coverage should be built into any quality policy.

Further, a quality insurance partner is going to offer you, their member, with perks, benefits, and offerings that show you how valuable you are—to the industry and to their business. Our policy includes access to MetLife Vision and Dental coverage, exclusive discounts with tech companies like Lenovo, partnerships and promos with companies like Office Max, Hertz, UPS, and beyond. And that list will only continue to grow as we establish new ways to show the personal trainers who partner with us just how valuable they truly are.

Balance the Cost of Insurance with the Service

Sometimes, it’s thought that the higher the price of the insurance automatically means the better the coverage will be. Spoiler alert—that’s not always the case. It’s important to realize that just because a policy has a high price tag doesn’t mean it’s going to cover you.

Alternatively, it’s vital to realize that the cheapest option out there isn’t always going to be the best choice, either. Sure, the price of your insurance should affect your purchasing decisions (we all have budgets, right?). It’s totally understandable for price to drive the purchasing decision of personal trainers (and every other type of professional, too). But it’s vital to balance your budget against the services that will cover you.

We’ve designed a program that offers comprehensive coverage to personal trainers like you without breaking the bank. Through our policy, members will receive stout coverage for a low annual rate that ranks among the most affordable.

Be Sure Your Insurance Partner is Just That—A Partner

The insurance company you choose shouldn’t just be a company—they should be an established, caring partner that has your back, knows you, and values your career and your future as much (if not more) than you do.

You should choose an insurance company and a policy that offers comprehensive coverage, one that puts you first, one that has excess benefits and membership perks, one that has stout coverage options or services and more. But honestly, if you find an insurance company with all of these characteristics and they don’t treat you like a partner, you might want to keep looking.

Your insurance company should be more than a company—they should be a partner. They should be willing to answer your questions (no matter how many there are), they should understand your career (because that’s what they focus on), they should have a strong foundation on what risks you’re dealing with day in and day out, and they should be there for you with a strong customer service program, too.

It’s important to find an insurance company that fits your needs, but one of those needs should be an insurance company that treats you like a partner, not just a customer or a policy number.

How to Get a Policy with the Best Personal Trainer Insurance Partner

At Insure Fitness Group, we’re so proud to tick every last one of those boxes we mentioned (and then some) for our valued, unique members. Because we have a personal training background, we know how unique and specific a personal trainer’s insurance policy should be—that’s why we tailor-made our personal training policy to fit the needs of professionals just like you while addressing the specific, distinct risks you deal with every single day.

When you partner with us, you never risk a one-size-fits-all-career policy—our coverage is created for personal trainers only, meaning it’s entirely dedicated to protecting you where (and how) you need it most.

Ready to learn more about the best liability insurance for personal trainers? Want to see how we stack up against the competition? Check out our personal trainer insurance policy or reach out to us directly to kickstart your comprehensive policy today!

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