How to Up Your Social Media Gains: Testimonials and Pictures

Like it or not, if you’re a fitness instructor, personal trainer, or gym enthusiast who people pay in order to help them get fit and healthy, you can’t just worry about the gains you get in the gym – you need to start paying attention to your social media gains, too.

Insure Fitness Group on InstagramSocial media has become a necessary ingredient for a recipe of success – especially in the fitness world. If you’re running your own fitness empire, then you’re going to need to ensure that your social media reflects that.

Oftentimes, that’s going to mean it needs to show up in the number of followers you have, what kind of influence you have, and how much engagement your account sees.

In fact, the social media and fitness industry is so intertwined, they seem to have taken over social platforms like Instagram – this makes fitness hard to ignore, but also doesn’t usually speak well for you or your business if you don’t have a positive presence

Don’t misinterpret us. Not everyone needs to be a social media kingpin to have success in the fitness world, and you, of course, need to always ensure that you’re flaunting the healthy, safe ways for people to get fit (and an attitude that reflects this).

But a little social media help never hurt anybody – in fact, with a few tips and tricks, you could be boosting your social media gains in time, bringing on new clients, and figuring out how to best represent yourself on social media.


Add in Your Client’s Success Stories (With Their Permission)

You know how popular brands will post pictures of their products, so people can see how they craft their product, what it looks like, and overall, get a better idea of what the brand is about?

You can do that, too! Even though your product is people’s health and fitness, you can still post about your services and products by sharing information about your clients.

By that, we mean you can share how you do things and how your program works by sharing pictures, testimonials, videos, and more of your clients to your Instagram or other social media feeds.

First and foremost, you need to ensure your clients are okay with you sharing this to your account. We suggest having your clients sign a waiver allowing you to use their image on your feed.

Next, include before and after photos, video testimonials, or written messages from your clients that tout your skills, your programs, and your awesome fitness tips – this is one of the best ways to show people that what you’re saying and doing actually work and that they can trust their fitness and health with you!


Be Consistent and Be Niche

With social media, a consistent profile that speaks to a niche is going to be the key to success.

If your passion and profession is Zumba fitness, ensure you’re sharing photos, videos, and content that fits your niche! Share your passionate niche with the world and stick to it – this will help show your followers and prospective followers what you’re about, what audience you’re trying to reach, and how well you work as a physical fitness trainer.

Epic Content is a Must

We don’t mean to suggest that Instagram or social media should take over your life – you have more important things to do, after all (like run your fitness business and help people get healthy, for example).

But we do think that it’s important to ensure you’re consistently posting great, intriguing content. Whether you already have a large following or you’re hoping to grow a large following, you need to ensure that you’re posting high-quality, high-resolution content that’s being posted constantly.

That means, depending on however many followers you have, you should be posting from once to up to three times daily.

Captivate and Motivate

Your content, captions, and messages that you’re giving to your followers should reflect how you feel about fitness – meaning, it should captivate and motivate people to do their best, get fit, and be as healthy as you can be.

For example, use your captions as an opportunity to reach out to your fans and followers and give them advice, motivate them to do their best, and give them tips and tricks for bettering themselves.

This is a guaranteed way to not only get people off their phones and into the gym with you, but a wonderful way to gain clients and followers. A positive, motivating message can make all the difference!


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