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Think about it—14,000 fitness professionals all in one place. Everywhere you turn, there’s expos, products, classes, certification opportunities, and more.

Products you’ve never even heard for are for sale (with discounts!). People in the industry you’ve admired forever are leading classes and speaking to you about their success. Opportunities to finally (finally!) get a certification in the services you’ve dreamed of are right there in front of you.

No, we’re not about to pinch you to wake you up from a dream—you’re not dreaming. Everything we just described? It’s real. It exists. And even better, it can all be yours.

It’s the Idea World expo, the most powerful industry event of the year, and it’s coming your way.

What is Idea World?

If you’re intrigued about Idea World but a little unsure of what exactly it is, we’ve got you covered.

Idea World is essentially the mecca of all things fitness expo. Technically, it’s a tradeshow-expo hybrid for fitness specialists. that provides education, presentations, certification opportunities, professional advice, networking, and an expo-style tradeshow all in one place at one time.

More than that, it’s pretty much for anyone who has a niche in the fitness industry. In other words, this isn’t just for personal trainers. It’s for group fitness instructors, owners of fitness studios, managers, mindfulness professionals, nutrition experts, and more. In other words, if you’ve got a professional place in the fitness world, then Idea World is for you.

This annual event typically attracts over 14,000 pros from all around the world. That’s right, we said all over the world. This isn’t a USA-specific event—professionals from every corner of the globe are gathering together to embark on a 4-day journey that’s all about opportunity, inspiration, education, and transformation!

Though there’s a ton of stuff constantly going down at the Idea World expo, the general goal is the same. Idea World exists to reignite your passion for your career. Not only will you uncover the latest trends (and learn how to integrate them into your niche), you’ll also learn how to diversify your offerings to set you apart, transform your services, inspire yourself, and of course, make great friends in the industry along the way.

What Can You Expect at Idea world 2019?

As much as we want to say everything (because that’s pretty much the case), we know that’s not really a comprehensive answer. And, if you’re trying to really nail down exactly what you can expect (especially if you’re going to pay money to be a part of it) it’s only fair we really dive into what’s going to happen at IdeaFit.

From tons of education opportunities to certification to amazing speakers and influential professionals, IdeaFit pretty much has it all! Read up for more info!

Life-Changing Education

From cycling to nutrition to metabolic demand to Zumba, there’s a fitness class at IdeaFit that you’re going to absolutely love. For as broad as that might sound, don’t let it fool you—there are over 35- different session topics available to help you satisfy ever interest, niche, goal, or need. Want to learn all about HIIT for optimal results? There’s a class for that. Looking to better understand spine-focused myofascial release? There’s a class for that. Want to bio-hack your body with anti-aging secrets? There’s a class for that, too. And SO much more. Check out the full list here for classes that span the entire expo! 

Speakers & Influencers

You might be thinking, “of course there are going to be keynote speakers—every fitness conference has speakers.” Sure. But do they have over 225 world-renowned presenters? Probably not. IdeaFit 2019 is bringing in 225 presenters, speakers, and influencers to teach classes, give talks, do 1-on-1 sessions, and provide some serious guidance.

Networking Opportunities

Because of the sheer size of this expo—and because it attracts people from all fitness niches—there are endless networking opportunities available to you! People from every corner of the industry will be there—you can make connections, collaborate, and of course, make new friends! The possibilities are infinite.

Expos (Discounts, Previews, Products, and More!)

We’re not going to try to sell you too hard on this one, because let’s face it, who needs to sell the idea of a fitness expo? With over 600 booths full of products you love from companies you admire, we probably don’t have to convince you it’s awesome.

Certification Opportunities

The best part, as always, we saved for last. Sure, you can meet a ton of people, learn great things, find amazing discounts, and hear from some of the best in the industry, but all of that pales in comparison to this serious opportunity—continuing education credits. Listen closely—IdeaFit 2019 offers you up to 24 CECs during your event, plus an additional 4-9 CECs that are available during pre and post-conference workshops. You’ll find CEC from reputable accreditation organizations like: AASFP, ACE, ACSM, FAI, NAFC, NESTA, PTA, and so much more!

The Must-Have Deets for Idea world convention 2019

So, it’s settled. You’re in, right? Trust us, we don’t blame you (we want to go too, okay). Now that that’s settled, here’s everything you need to know in order to attend this year’s IdeaFit conference!

When: Thursday, June 27, 2019—Sunday, June 30

Where: Anaheim Convention Center, Hall D. (Anaheim, California, 92802)

Hotel Booking Info: Check out the hotel booking page here for more info on group rates, discounts, and awesome places to stay!

Registration and Tuition Info:  There are tons of pricing options available—from four full days to 1-day packages.

Want more details? Check out the IdeaFit page here for the answers to all your convention questions!

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