September 24, 2020

Meet BurnAlong - a leading online health and wellness platform used by independent fitness professionals and gym owners alike that has 5x the engagement compared to traditional wellness programs.

The best part? It's completely free for fitness professionals and trainers get paid to stream classes.

BurnAlong provides fitness pros with the platform to stream classes on, allowing you to reach thousands of new clients while building stronger relationships with existing ones. Your members will receive the benefit of great instruction, coaching, and training while you can grow your brand both locally and around the world.

How does it work?

BurnAlong pays trainers for video views, so how much you make is up to you. You don’t need any fancy camera equipment. In fact, more than 60% of trainers stream their classes using a smartphone and a $10 microphone! Setup takes less than ten minutes, and you’ll be ready to stream. 

PLUS, IFG members get access to a complimentary 1-on-1 session with BurnAlong's team so you can learn how to best utilize their platform. Log into your member portal to learn more.

Is it really free?

BurnAlong is completely free for fitness trainers. They charge students a small monthly fee of $14.99 to access videos on the platform, but as a partner, they set you up with a 40% discount for your existing members. Plus, you’ll get paid when members take your classes!

How much can trainers make?

As previously stated, BurnAlong pays fitness partners for video views, so how much you make is up to you. They provide marketing support and promotional materials, and do their best to help you turn BurnAlong into a valuable new revenue stream for your business!

Now's the time to online train

As the pandemic continues to keep people at home, BurnAlong helps trainers maintain their income with online classes and helps members stay healthy and engaged, 

“We are in a time of crisis that’s affecting all businesses. It’s hitting fitness and wellness professionals especially hard as people cannot go in person,” Daniel Freedman, co-CEO of BurnAlong said. “By partnering with BurnAlong, gyms, studios, and instructors are able to stay connected with their members and help keep gym memberships active by live streaming classes and assigning ‘homework’ using a custom-built digital platform.”

From the BurnAlong Partner App, available on Web, iOS and Android devices, instructors and trainers can live-stream and record classes for members to watch on-demand. It takes just minutes to sign up and go live on BurnAlong. 

“Having the app was crucial. I had all this content; I was able to give my clients homework for while I couldn’t be training. So, the retention that I was able to get because I had that content ready and on BurnAlong was invaluable," Joanie, owner of JoanieFit, said.

BurnAlong includes a social group class feature unique in the market: Members can invite up to 3 friends, family members, or co-workers to take group classes together in real time where they can see and hear each other. This brings the group experience online that is so effective in in-person group classes.

"The modern consumer expects streaming group classes from anywhere in the world. We believe clubs need to identify that fact and provide their members with access to their classes—before they access somebody else’s. BurnAlong is the only solution on the market that empowers health clubs to deliver the necessary solution," said Brett Maloley, CEO of Argo Collective.

At a time when people are feeling isolated from their friends, family, co-workers, and favorite instructors, BurnAlong bridges that gap by helping them stay healthy and connected.

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