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Fit Fam, welcome back to IFG Favorite Things: a weekly feature for fitness pros no matter the niche or level of experience. Each week, the dedicated team at Insure Fitness Group sits down, sorts out, and sifts through some of the most amazing trends, fads, products, services, and fitness things on the market—then, we pick a few faves that we absolutely, whole-heartedly, 100% believe you should know about.

We prioritize picking things that we believe are going to elevate your career, boost your performance as a fitness pro, and change your life for the better—it’s a high-pressure gig, but we’re up to the challenge every single week.

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Fit pros, meet FiTOUR—the focus of this weeks feature.
We’ll take a serious look into what FiTOUR does, what the company is all about, and why you should care, but to give you a quick idea, we’ll just drop this phrase to get your brain moving—affordable, quality, nationally-recognized fitness certifications.

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What exactly is FiTOUR?

FiTOUR is known for affordable, comprehensive, and cutting-edge certifications that are grounded in exercise science as well as guidelines for safe and efficient health and fitness practice.

Essentially, FiTOUR’s goal is to make it both convenient and affordable for fitness pros to get more certifications the right way with nationally recognized certs and CECs. They offer tons of programs for fitness pros in a bunch of unique niches, and they offer next-level pricing, complementary online study materials, online exams, quick online renewals for courses, training resources, and more.

The coolest part about FiTOUR? There’s really no limit to what you can acquire certs and CECs in. From personal training to advanced yoga to indoor cycling to group barbell certs, the sky is truly the limit. Want to see for yourself? Check out their list of available programs right here—we can bet you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Get To Know The Company

Obviously, from what we’ve already told you about the company, FiTOUR is all about helping fitness pros level up their careers, in fact, they’ve helped over 200,000 fit pros (part-time and full-time) enter the industry and stay in the industry.

But that’s not the beginning and end of their mission statement. FiTOUR says that they’re all about providing the world with something it desperately needs—educated, qualified, and amazing fitness teachers, instructors, and coaches. They’re vying to be a resource for professionals just like you who are hoping to meet the demand and need for health and fitness educators, all with the goal of combating unhealthy habits, inactivity, and long-term health problems.

Ready to learn more about FiTOUR? We absolutely encourage you to check out their website right here! Whether you’re interested in signing up for one of their certification or CEC workshops, want to update your in-home certs, or you’re wanting to speak to someone directly to see how FiTOUR can bring your career to the next level, reach out to them stat!

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