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Off Day Trainer is a comprehensive, intuitive program with a foundation built on text messaging and is exclusively designed for personal trainers. This program is a scalable texting solution software for coaches that automates about 80% of a fitness pro’s weekly communication with potential, current, and former clients.

Sounds pretty complex and detailed, right? Maybe now. But ODT, like many great ideas, had very humble beginnings.

What’s that? Do you smell an origin story? We sure do.

The founder, David Pitt was a successful personal trainer running a relatively typical personal trainer business in the 2010-era except for the one thing he was doing differently than other trainers —texting his clients.

Texting clients directly was Pitts’ form of one-on-one communication. And he was doing it all the time. This form of connection with his clients worked so well, it became easier than ever for him to deliver results to his clients. So much so that he was tagged the results guy.

This degree of personal attention was a breeze when he had 10-15 clients—but once his list of clients grew, spending that much time engaging that regularly became a challenge. Eventually, he was spending close to 4 hours a week just texting clients.

He needed a better way. So, he found one.

Enter Off Day Trainer.

How Does Off Day Trainer Work? 

ODT works by implementing software that links up with your SMS texting. But it does so much more than just send out an automated appointment reminder.

ODT offers leads, results, and engagement, all in one package. Trainers who use ODT have the ability to develop leads, convert them into paying customers, and maintain relationships with former customers in order to eventually regain their business or snag referrals.

Off Day Trainer will help you generate leads, get to know your prospects through automatic intake questionnaires, and allow your prospective clients to add themselves to your client. Plus, you get over 600 messages that are prepopulated into the system or you can tweak customized messages and send them to your current, prospective, or former clients—this way your communication always feels personal and is always genuine.

And it does all of this automatically. Meaning you won’t need to spend 10-12 hours every week doing all of this—your software does it for you.

How Much Does Off Day Trainer Cost?

Think about ODT as a subscription service—so, you’ll be billed monthly based on your signup date. Your first five clients on ODT are free, but once you exceed those five, you’ll be billed more. For example, if you have 6-20 clients, you’ll be billed $19 monthly. The more clients you have, the more you’ll end up paying, but there are no enrollment fees, cancellation fees, or hidden fees. So, you get what you expect to get.

Check out their payment options and the payment scale on their FAQ page right here. While you’re there, check out a few more of the frequently asked questions on their site.

Learn More About Off Day Trainer

In addition to having a badass product, Off Day Trainer has a badass website that’s filled with all the necessary information you need to learn more, get a free trial, or even start your ODT subscription ASAP.

Check out their website here for more info and to learn how Off Day Trainer Works! You might even want to check out their testimonials to get a real feel for what people think about ODT as a part of their fitness business!

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