IFG Favorite Things: Paradise Snax

If you’ve read enough of our weekly features, you know that we like to write about services, training opportunities, people, and more—but we also like (read: love) to talk about food just like most fitness pros. As a result, we chase any opportunity to jabber away about a company that meshes food and fitness together in a positive, exciting way, you can bet we’re going to get down with that.

This week we’re taking a dip into paradise with a truly stellar company that we just can’t get enough of: Paradise Snax

Typically, when it comes to fitness goals (both your own and your clients’), we try to stay away from foods that are indulgent, sweet, and let’s just say it: delicious. Why? Because typically, they’re loaded with unhealthy nonsense that is bound to set us even further back from the goals we are striving to reach.

Paradise Snax has decided to change that.

They’ve built an entire snack line based on the concept of indulging your sweet tooth while still packing in the nutrients. They’re all about implementing plant-based, protein-heavy ingredients that taste sweet and delicious while effectively nourishing your body and ensuring you stay on track with your fitness and health goals.

A Sweet Treat to Feel Good About

Paradise Snax are the sweet treats you don't have to feel guilty about later because their products are completely plant-based, organic, and packed with protein. Their products range from individual to four-pack "Snax Pax" and 8oz jars of sweet icing dips if you just can't get enough.

Get To Know The Company

Paradise Snax is a savvy, plant-based, protein-focused business that acts as a sort of branch off of its parent company, Emily’s Foods, owned and operated by former social worker, Emily D. Edwards, and marketing maven, David C. Glenn.

Edwards first had the idea for the company when, during her own weight loss journey, she struggled to find guilt-free snacks that could keep up with her busy lifestyle. She began making plant based icings/dips with pea protein powder at home and quickly realized that this was the alternative snack that's been missing from the market.

Glenn's passion for healthy foods and vast experience in business are his driving motivation to continuously work to help make Paradise Snax a household name. If you'd like to learn more, you can check out their website here.

Images owned by Paradise Snax.

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