IFG Favorite Things: Pilates Method Alliance

At Insure Fitness Group, we prioritize helping you ensure you’re covered with the best career-specific insurance out there. But we couldn’t possibly know what makes the most sense for you as a personal trainer, fitness pro, Pilates instructor, etc. (there are so many fitness niches out there), without whole-heartedly diving into the fitness world right along with you.

That’s why our team is stocked with people who are nuts about quality insurance and all things fitness—and a piece of that puzzle is exactly what you’re reading right now.

Fit fam, welcome to IFG’s weekly feature that our readers (and TBH, us too) can’t get enough of.

Our IFG Favorite Things feature is a regular, must-read look at the fitness trends, products, techniques, services, and stuff that we think you, the savvy fitness pro, needs in their life.

So, each week the team sits down and sifts through all the fitness things to find an absolute fave that we know would change your life for the better. Then, we lay it all out on the line right here for you—and this week, we’re bringing you something extra special.

Ladies and gents, allow us to introduce you to the Pilates Method Alliance. The PMA is something we think all fitness instructors, coaches, and pros should know about—not just those already into the Pilates niche.

Why? We’ll dive into that right this second! Keep reading to learn more about the Pilates Method Alliance as well as why we’ve picked them as one of our all-time fave things in the fitness world!

What exactly is Pilates Method Alliance?

OK, OK, so Pilates Method Alliance isn’t exactly a fitness thing (no tasty fitness snacks or innovative products offered at the moment), but we think they’re one of our fave mentions ever. PMA is one of those groups that you never knew you needed until you found them—then you wonder how you lived without them.

PMA is a not-for-profit professional association that’s wholly dedicated to the Pilates field. So, if you’re in the field or looking to get into the field, you’re going to want to pay attention.

PMA is exactly as it sounds—an alliance. It’s a platform and forum that’s dedicated to community and membership, becoming a better Pilates student, and excelling as a Pilates teacher. PMA offers member benefits (with multiple member tiers) to help you get the most out of their platform. The idea behind PMA is that, as a member, you’ll sharpen your practice (with access to a huge library of toolkits to build your career), save money on product discounts, and maintain connections with PMA members in the Pilates community. Of course, they also feature their own autonomous certification program called The National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP)—it is the only third-party certification in the Pilates field.

A bonus of PMA? It goes far beyond just support, knowledge, and access to expertise—you also get crazy great member discounts and deals on products and services from Pilates brands you already love. PMA is basically all about making sure that you’re on-track to boost your career, become a better instructor, and have access to all things that can elevate you as a teacher and student.

What do we love most about PMA? Their commitment to community. At IFG, community is huge for us, so we absolutely can’t get enough of PMA’s emphasis on standing together as Pilates instructors and students.

Getting to Know Pilates Method Alliance

This not-for-profit association has been around since 2001—ever since its inception, its seen gradual, and exciting growth! The alliance is (mostly) comprised of paying members, most of whom are Pilates school owners and faculty, Pilates teachers, studio owners, and more.

Ultimately, the mission of PMA is to advance Pilates as a profession, to promote the teaching of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates, and to act as reliable, resilient advocates for pros in the Pilates industries.

The PMA—though based in Miami, Florida—has members all over the globe. They produce tons of live events (like their Annual Meeting and Pilates Educators Summit), coordinate global Pilates-awareness events (known as Pilates Day), and support other profile-raising initiatives (such as Heroes in Motion, Pilates is Health, and Pilates 4 Youth).

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