IFG Favorite Things: SandBell by Hyperwear

An iron dumbbell certainly works the muscles, but it might also break the toes or cause damage to the floor.

In comes the SandBell free weight from Hyperwear, a neoprene-filled disk that reinvents free weight exercise by combining the best features of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls and sand bag training into one powerful weight training tool.

What makes SandBells different?

SandBells are an investment every trainer should make due to their safety and versatility - they come in an array of weights so all ages and levels can use them, can be used indoors or outdoors, can be tossed, caught, lifted, slammed and more making them ideal for everything from group fitness classes to boot camps or sports conditioning.

"They inspire creativity, which sounds clichéd, but you can do anything with them. You can drop them, and I'm not going to hurt myself. They're not as intimidating as regular iron dumbbells," says Hyperwear marketing manager, Jordan Pratt.

The SandBell hits not only the targeted muscles groups but also challenges grip strength by engaging the hand, wrist, and forearm with every move. The dynamic shift and instability of the moving sand inside the SandBell also provides a unique training effect that engages your core and stabilizer muscles.

Who is Hyperwear?

Hyperwear is an American-based company that manufactures innovative and unconventional training tools for athletes who take their training seriously by using first-class materials and research-driven design.

They offer an array of products that you can check out here.

Images are owned by Hyperwear

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