In the hustle and bustle of today’s society, your time is more valuable than ever. Taking a chunk out of your day to handle getting insurance for personal trainers is not only inconvenient but could cost you money as it could be eating into time you could spend with a client. That’s why Insure Fitness Group makes it easy and convenient to get personal trainer insurance in just minutes. By getting insurance made just for personal trainers, you not only get complete coverage and protection but also gain the confidence to continue doing what you do best. 

Personal Trainer Insurance Instant Certificate

One of the many benefits of getting your personal trainer insurance from Insure Fitness Group is that you receive an instant certificate acknowledging that you are covered as a personal trainer. This means that you can begin training right away knowing that you are protected from an unfortunate incident. This instant certificate for personal trainer insurance allows you to provide proof of coverage within just a few minutes of applying. 

In as little as 5 minutes, you can have a certificate of coverage for personal trainer insurance and continue going about your day. With the peace of mind that comes with instant proof of coverage, you have the freedom to bring out the best in your clients with confidence and security. 

Immediate Personal Trainer Insurance for General and Professional Liability

Whether you are new to personal training or have an established career, gaining coverage for both general and professional liability is very important. Insure Fitness Group has built our personal trainer insurance from the ground up with a perfect blend of both general liability insurance and professional liability insurance so that you get instant coverage for both. This combined with the incredible benefits means that your personal trainer insurance from Insure Fitness Group is both instantaneous and incredible. 

Being covered for both general liability and professional liability for personal trainers means that you are covered for a whole host of accidents, unfortunate circumstances, and a plethora of incidents. The instat coverage you receive through personal trainer insurance from Insure Fitness Group will help keep you covered—protecting you and your assets. 

Personal Trainer Insurance On-The-Go

An important aspect of the insurance for personal trainers that you receive from Insure Fitness Group is the portability that it provides. Portability refers to the insurance coverage being untethered to a specific location or address. Having the freedom to get instant personal trainer insurance that is built for an on-the-go personal trainer provides the flexibility to meet clients where they are at while remaining secure and covered. With both flexibility and security, the instant coverage you get from personal trainer insurance from Insure Fitness Group is an essential safety net for yourself and your clients. 

The freedom of full portability with your personal trainer insurance means that you are not restricted to just one space. This opens up the door to opportunities like changing locations, renting or owning a personal training facility, at home personal training sessions, or remote personal training consultations. The world of differing location opportunities becomes available to you with the portable personal training insurance you receive from Insure Fitness Group. 

Instant Personal Trainer Insurance For Product Liability

A unique aspect of the insurance for personal trainers from Insure Fitness Groups is that it includes incidents involving your equipment, as well. While this is not always covered by other insurance providers, here at Insure Fitness Group, we understand that your personal training may utilize training equipment and how this can increase the risk of accident or injury. 

By providing product liability coverage, you can be covered for an unfortunate circumstance involving your equipment. It does not take too much imagination to come up with a scenario in which personal training equipment may cause injury or an accident. 

Here’s an example where product liability coverage might be necessary:

Let’s say you are in a personal training session with a client and you are currently working on a rowing machine that has a moving seat. Unbeknownst to you or your client, there is a loose screw in the moving seat that allows the seat to get off of its intended track and your client injures their shoulder while on the rowing machine. The resulting injury causes the client pain and they need to seek medical attention. The injured client files a claim against you for the cost of their medical bills. 

In this example, the injured party holds you responsible for this unfortunate incident and you may be liable to cover their medical expenses. However, the product liability coverage you receive from Insure Fitness Group when you have our personal trainer insurance protects you from paying these expenses out of your own pocket. 

With the instant personal trainer insurance, you can get from Insure Fitness Group, you do not have to sweat scenarios like the incident above. The peace of mind that you have from our all-inclusive coverage helps you focus on your clients and your business. 

Instant Coverage Means Instant Perks

Insure Fitness Group has created our personal trainer insurance around a deep personal knowledge of what personal trainers need and value most. Some of the awesome perks you have instant access to are:

  • Deep discounts: We partner with the top names in fitness and wellness equipment, gear manufacturers, and business services to bring you hundreds of dollars worth of discounts. 

  • Educational content: Whether you have been a personal trainer for a while, or you are just beginning your career, you can always learn more. One of the many perks we offer is a library of educational content to help expand your personal training and your business.
  • Our Pumped Up playlists: Just for fun, we give you access to our favorite workout playlists to help get your clients in the workout mindset.

Cost of Immediate Personal Trainer Insurance

For the cost of just $179 per year, you can have instant coverage for personal trainer insurance. This cost includes your professional liability insurance, general liability insurance, product liability, additional coverage areas, and the incredible benefits that come with your personal trainer insurance. 

With Insure Fitness Group, we make it a priority to be honest and upfront with your personal trainer insurance and do not have any hidden fees or tack on any bogus charges. You can either pay all at once or monthly for charges as low as $16.41. We make getting insurance for personal trainers affordable, expedient, and filled with benefits. 

Personal Training Insurance for Students in Less than 5 Minutes

If you are still learning how to bring out the best in your clients as a personal trainer student, you can still be covered with personal trainer insurance from Insure Fitness Group. We even offer a student rate to help you save as much as possible on your coverage. For just $59 per year, you can get personal trainer insurance to help you feel more confident as you hone your training skills. 

Whether you are a student in personal fitness, or you have been at it for a while, Insure Fitness Group has you covered for personal training insurance. With instant coverage, peace of mind, and incredible benefits, you can focus on your clients and your career as a personal trainer. 

A Closer Look at Personal Training Insurance Coverage 

With instant coverage of insurance for personal trainers, it is important to get a feel for the coverage that is included. With a myriad of group exercise programs covered like 20/20/20 Aerobics, HITT training, and hundreds more, we offer an incredible range of coverage. 

When you use Insure Fitness Group for your personal trainer insurance, you have general and professional liability coverage of $1 million per occurrence with an annual aggregate of $3 million, product liability of up to $1 million, rental damage coverage of up to $100,000, and stolen equipment coverage for up to $1,000. Additionally, you will receive an identity protection plan that covers $25,000 and access to affordable health, dental, and vision insurance.  

With a wide range of covered forms and exercise styles, incredible professional liability, general liability, and product liability coverage, and a whole host of exclusive benefits, Insure Fitness Group has you completely covered with personal trainer insurance. 

Get Personal Trainer Insurance in Less Than 5 Minutes

You can get instant personal training insurance from Insure Fitness Group in less than 5 minutes. Get insured today and let us protect you and your personal training career. 

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