Marketing 101 for Fitness Professionals

This probably comes as no surprise to you, but to be a successful physical fitness expert, personal trainer, or fitness pro, you’re going to have hone more than just your exercise and physical fitness skills.

Sure, going through extensive training, maintaining a habit of consistently learning and studying new things, and always striving to be your best is going to make a difference in the quality of your personal training — but if no one knows about it, then what difference does it make?

That’s exactly where great marketing skills comes in.

You know what you have to offer prospective clients, they just need to know about it, too.

We know what you’re thinking, but we promise, you don’t have to have a marketing degree to know how to do this — you just need patience, willingness to learn, creativity, and the ability to learn from mistakes.

Luckily, we got the hard part taken care of for you, and we’ve come up with a marketing 101 tips for fitness pros to get your feet wet in marketing and help you boost your business by the power of advertising and promotion.

First and Foremost Know Your Target Audience

This is a vital first step for anyone who’s trying to boost their marketing gains — and this applies to more than just fitness pros. Anyone who’s looking to reach an audience needs to first understand who that audience is.

Do you know your target audience? Do you know who’s watching your marketing or how you can attract your target audience?

If not, that’s where you need to start.

There are a ton of complicated, but thorough, ways to do this, but the very inexpensive, very first way to do this is to literally sit down and ask yourself this question – who am I trying to help?  Seriously, it’s that easy.

Ask yourself more questions along those lines.

Brainstorm. Write it all down. Try to be specific and try to answer the question why am I trying to help this target audience?

If you already have a specific niche, this answer shouldn’t be terribly difficult. If you’re working more from an “I want to help everyone” mindset, it’s time to really challenge yourself and understand what exactly your goals, who you want to help, and how you want to help them.

Then, take it a step further and try to consider how your marketing and your target audience coincide.

Do Not Neglect Social Media Platforms

Social media pretty much rules the roost when it comes to fitness marketing.

Seriously, if you haven’t been on Instagram in a while, it’s pretty much become Fitsagram. This is both positive and negative, but that’s a conversation for a different time. What you need to focus on is this reality: if you’re trying to succeed in the personal trainer industry, you need to be active on social media. People are consistently exploring social media platforms (especially Instagram) for fitness tips, exercise ideas, and personal trainers.

There are nearly 400 million active users on Instagram daily. That’s an enormous market that you could be reaching — if you’re neglecting social media, you’re neglecting to reach out to a hugely diverse, enormous audience that could benefit from working with you.

Above all, use social media wisely. Plan your content well. Make sure you’re speaking to your brand, you’re accessible, and you’re ready to interact with your followers.

Quality content is really going to set you apart from the millions of other fitspiration phonies out there. 

Social media is the perfect way to reach customers, dole out valuable information, engage with people, and help you create your brand. All of these aspects are going to do huge things for your marketing efforts.

Email Marketing + Email Newsletters are a Huge YES

Email marketing might sound archaic, but it’s just as effective as ever. Coming up with an effective email marketing campaign is helpful for marketing because it’s highly affordable, is super easy, is incredibly trackable (we’ll get to that part in a minute), provides great ROI, and is really effective, too.  

And it’s not as hard as you might think to come up with a great email marketing campaign. It can be as simple as coming up with a weekly newsletter you send out to your clients, prospective clients, and more. It could be a campaign that includes discounts, special offers, etc. There are unlimited creative options for your email marketing campaigns

Another crazy thing? Email marketing provides about 3800 percent ROI — so, yeah, we’d say when done right, email marketing can be really rewarding for your personal training business.

E-books Are Going to Change Your Business

Even though the idea of coming up with a social E-book (or a digital e-book) might sound daunting, it’s an exceptional marketing technique that you should consider for your personal training business. E-books are wonderful additions to your marketing repertoire because they do a few different things all at once:

  • Set you up as the expert in a particular niche
  • Offer free, quality advice to prospective clients, giving them a preview of what it’s like to work with you
  • Act as a lead magnet — you draw them in with a few great, quick tips for improving their physical health, and         then bam they’re hooked, they’ll want to work with you to know even more

Adding e-books to your marketing technique will help you draw in new clients, provide a way for you to boost your brand, and above all provide helpful, quality information (that’s a great way to market in itself).

Link Back to Your Resume

This might sound painfully obvious, but we think it’s vital that no matter what type of marketing tactic you’re utilizing, you’re always linking back to your resume. With the sheer number of personal trainers, fitspo models, and more on social media these days, it’s vital that you’re reminding people that you are a certified fitness professional.

Your experience, your know-how, your training — those are the things you need to market. Make sure your clients, and your prospective clients, are aware of your certification and the efforts you consistently exert to maintain your personal training knowledge.

Always Plan, Always Track, & Always Optimize

This is a huge part of marketing 101 that a lot of people tend to slip up on.

Make sure you’re always planning your marketing strategies, always tracking, and always optimizing by learning from what you’ve analyzed.

Marketing might seem overwhelming, and if it’s new to you, that’s to be expected. But, making sure you’re always planning your strategy in advance can help to ease some of that burden and eliminate some of your stress. If it helps, try spending an hour or two with a marketing consultant to help get your marketing thinking cap on. Even if you don’t want to work with a marketing specialist all the time, a few hours of training can get you on the right track to doing it yourself.

Next, always make sure you’re tracking your marketing efforts. 

A lot of your marketing will be done digitally, making it easier to track. Invest in a few email marketing and social media platform analyzation apps to make tracking easier and stress-free. Then, make sure you’re routinely analyzing what these apps have to say about your marketing progress.

Learn what works and what doesn’t, grow from your mistakes, and optimize your marketing techniques until they’re helping you better build your business.