Member Benefits and Discounts

Because we're more than just insurance.

When you become a member of Insure Fitness Group, you gain access to a whole wide world of exclusive benefits and perks. IFG loves to show how we care for our members and have built a portfolio of benefits that are centered specifically around the needs of personal trainers. These incredible benefits are designed to further your fitness education and enrich your life as a personal trainer. As a member, you have access to loads of educational resources, deep discounts on the best fitness brands, and much more.

If you are already a member of IFG, be sure to take advantage of your remarkable benefits by logging into the Member Portal.

Don't need liability insurance but want to access our exclusive discounts and benefits? We offer a benefits-only membership for only $39! Plus, when you're ready to get insured, you can upgrade to include a full year of insurance minus the cost you paid today. Call 800-379-7799 for more details.

Advance Your Career with Educational Resources

As you grow your career as a personal trainer, it is important to keep up with the latest in fitness news and techniques. That is one reason why IFG includes access to hundreds of hours of educational resources, certification programs, and libraries of fitness continent. With access to the wide range of resources made available to you, you can continually grow yourself and advance your career. 

IFG partners with some of the best fitness resources in the industry to bring you exclusive deals on educational opportunities. 

Some of the remarkable educational benefits you have access to or discounts on are:

  • BurnAlong: An incredible resource that includes a private session on building your online training business. Helping you grow your personal training career online, BurnAlong can greatly improve the traffic your website receives and bring more clients to you for personal training. 
  • Personal Fitness Professional Magazine: As an IFG member, you will receive a free subscription to Personal Fitness Professional Magazine. This gives you exclusive content created just for personal fitness trainers just like yourself. 
  • Power Pilates: You can save $50 on Power Pilates Mat Academy e-learning program which helps you continue your fitness educational endeavors. Power Pilates is a spectacular resource of continuing education for fitness professionals. 
  • Web Exercises: IFG members receive a 20% discount on Web Exercises online continuous educational material. 
  • WARRIOR: Receive a whopping 50% discount on WARRIOR Rhythm and WARRIOR Strength instructor training. Giving you some of the best education on how to help others achieve their fitness goals. 
  • Athletics and Fitness Association of America: IFG members receive a 20% discount on the associate membership to AFAA, one of the leaders in fitness educational resources in the world. Having provided fitness education for over 350,000 fitness professionals, AFAA has cutting-edge educational opportunities. 


Les Mills

Get unlimited access to Les Mills On Demand for only $9.99/mo and save 20% on the certification program.

Receive a 10% discount on ASFA's virtual certification programs that include certification courses in online personal training, group fitness, Pilates, sports nutrition & more.

Receive a 30% discount to the online studio management platform, Sindro.

Get 10% off select certifications and CEUs at Fitness Mentors.

Fitour - Affordable Quality Certifications

Save $10 on all ACE, AFAA & NASM CECs at FiTOUR®.


Receive a private coaching session on how to build and optimize your online training business when you sign up with BurnAlong.

IAFS - International Association of Fitness Sciences

Save 20% on the Associate Membership at International Association of Fitness Sciences.

Off Day Trainer - Raising the Bar

Receive a private consultation on Off Day Trainers automated text messaging software and get the first month free.

PFP - Personal Fitness Professional

Receive a FREE subscription to Personal Fitness Professional magazine.

Power Pilates

Save $50 on Power Pilates Mat Academy e-learning program. 


Save 30% on your purchase.

Insure Fitness Group members receive a discount to onPodio's professional subscription.


Receive 25% off your entire purchase at SPRI.

Receive 20% off continuing education courses. 

Receive 20% off all purchases. 

Create your own custom website for free with

BiOptimizers logo

Save up to 30% on magnesium supplements.

Members receive a 50% discount on WARRIOR Rhythm & WARRIOR Strength Instructor Trainings.

Members receive a 10% discount on K-Pow Nutrition.


Bonus Drive - Drive Away Happy

Get up to $500 cash back from BonusDrive when you buy or lease a qualified new vehicle from a participating manufacturer. 


Save 30% on the everyday public web price of Lenovo's entire line of PC products. Plus receive free ground shipping on all web orders and monthly limited-time special offers. 

Office Depot - Office Max - Taking Care of Business

Get 75% off Office Depot and Office Max preferred products. 

UPS - United Parcel Service

Get 50% off Air, 30% off Ground, and continued FREE UPS Smart Pickup® Service.

Create your own custom face masks and save 5% on every purchase.

Save up to 60%  on publicly available rates on over 200,000 hotels worldwide.

Save 40% as well as waived account set-up fees.


Save 15% on Smart UV Disinfection lamps.

Additional Insurance Coverage

ACA-qualified health insurance, short-term health insurance, telehealth plans, and much more!

Shop & compare rates of highly rated companies at your leisure with plans for every budget and lifestyle.

Members have access to affordable dental and vision coverage underwritten by MetLife.  

Gain Further Notability with Certification Programs

Paired perfectly with continuing your personal trainer education is receiving certificates that make your services more credible to your clients. With access to and discounts on several different certification programs, you build up your repertoire of personal training certifications. A key IFG member benefit is access to hundreds of different certificate programs through trusted industry leaders in fitness education. 

As you continue to better yourself and your clients, increasing your personal trainer certifications will only benefit you in the long run. Adding credibility and recognition to your personal trainer services will make you more marketable to your clients as well as help you improve your training methods and skills. 

Some of the discounts and certificate programs you have access to are: 

  • American Sports and Fitness Association: ASFA seeks to provide affordably fitness certifications to help enrich the abilities of personal trainers. With hundreds of courses and certificates, ASFA has designed its programs to be top-notch education for fitness professionals. With courses designed to grow and push your fitness education, ASFA is an effective resource for becoming the best personal trainer you can be. IFG members receive a 10% discount on the plethora of certificate courses on ASFA’s site that covers a wide range of disciplines and modalities. 
  • LesMills: As a leader in fitness content, LesMills offers both fitness courses for students and a wide range of educational certificate courses for trainers. Combining the best of educational opportunities and fitness content for dozens of disciplines, LesMills is a unique resource for fitness professionals. IFG members have the dual benefit of a set rate of $9.99 a month for the fitness content and a discount of 20% on LesMills’ certificate programs. 
  • Fitness Mentors: As experts in educating personal trainers and fitness professionals, Fitness Mentors help develop your training skills. Teaching you practical methods of impacting your clients, Fitness Mentors offers certificate programs that have been developed by college professors. Fitness Mentors help you bring out the best in your clients through personal training education. As an IFG member benefit, you receive a 10% discount on select certification and continuing education units.

IFG Members Save on Fitness Products

One way that IFG takes care of its members is to provide deep discounts on the equipment and materials personal trainers use every day. By partnering with some of the top names in fitness equipment, IFG members benefit from a myriad of discounts on the items they purchase. IFG provides its members with discounts to places like Bioptimizers for a 30% discount on magnesium supplements, FitPros Connect for 30% off all purchases, and K-Pow Supplements for a 10% discount on their purchases. 

With the benefits that IFG provides for its members, you can save on the products and equipment that you need to successfully manage your personal training. IFG has a goal of enabling its members to be the best they can be for themselves and their clients. 

Additional IFG Member Discounts 

Being a fitness professional involves more than just physical wellness training. With the complexities of the modern world of personal training, you need to wear a lot of hats in order to succeed in your career. That is one reason why IFG offers discounts on some of the things you need every day. These everyday discounts help you with some of the peripheral expenses that are sometimes needed for being a great personal trainer. 

As an IFG member, you receive discounts on:

  • Office Depot and OfficeMax: With every profession, you need some sort of office supplies. Whether you need paper, pens, or planners, IFC members get 75% off Office Depot and OfficeMax preferred products. 
  • Lenovo: IFG members benefit from a massive 30% on the everyday public web price of  Lenovo’s line of PC products. In addition, you will receive free ground shipping on all online orders and receive special offers. 
  • UPS: As a special perk, IFG members get 50% off UPS Air shipping, 30% off UPS Ground shipping, and Free UPS Smart Pickup® Service. 
  • Other discounts: As an IFG member, you receive additional incentives on automobile purchases through BonusDrive, discounts on over 200,000 hotels through Hotel Engine, discounts on custom masks from Mask Market, and much more! 

Take Care of Yourself with Access to Affordable Insurance

As a leading provider of personal trainer insurance, IFG understands that one of the best ways to invest in your clients is to invest in yourself. As a fitness professional, you have a lot on your plate and shouldn’t have to worry about health insurance when you need some attention. We provide access to affordable health, short-term, and life insurance to help keep yourself in the best shape and be prepared for the future. 

Sometimes, the best way to take care of your clients is to make sure that you are in good health. With access to health, dental, and vision insurance through MetLife and Insurance PLUS, IFG members can closely monitor their health and take care of themselves. 

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