The best part of the week has finally arrived fitness pros. No, we’re not talking about the weekend— get outta here with that attitude! We’re talking about the weekly feature we all look forward to reading (and hey, we look forward to writing it, too)—Insure Fitness Group’s Favorite Things.

If you’re new to the IFG Favorite Things Feature, first of all, welcome to the party. The Favorite Things Feature is a fairly new corner of our blog where we discuss the must-know products, new businesses, premium organizations, and generally all-around awesome new stuff happening in the fitness world.

As fitness professionals, we think it’s crucial to not only ensure you know what’s going down in the fitness industry, but also be a constant resource to help you stay up to speed on what’s new and exciting. In our Favorite Things Feature, we often try to highlight products (new and old) that we think are beneficial for you to know about, shine a light on businesses that we believe deserve the spotlight, and even showcase organizations that are currently doing a lot of good.

That’s our spiel—if you made it through that intro, you’re just about to get to the good part. Our weekly dish on our favorite thing, and we can bet you’re really, really going to like what we’ve brought to the table this week.

This Week’s Favorite Thing: NutraMoon Organic Muscle & Joint Cream 

As personal trainers, we’ve all got one thing in common—we’re sore or achy pretty much all the time. And honestly, if we’re doing our job right, our clients should feel sore and achy pretty often, too. Right?

While these feelings are often good feelings, they can get in the way of progress. So, what do we do when we want to keep pushing forward toward our goals but don’t know how to relieve our sore muscles and joints?

We’ve got two words for you, fitness professionals—hemp cream.

Okay, maybe we have more than just two words for you—hemp cream from NutraMoon.

If that doesn’t get you excited, you’ve probably never heard about the benefits of hemp cream. And you’ve also maybe never heard about the stellar company NutraMoon, either.

Allow us to do our job and introduce you.

Meet the product we’re featuring this week, Organic Hemp Muscle & Joint Cream. This organic cream is meant to be applied topically to provide fitness pros, clients, and others with safe, pure, and natural active relief.

This muscle and joint cream is all about fusing natural ingredients with active recovery, providing a long list of functional benefits that essentially make your muscles and joints feel better throughout your fitness journey.

Hemp cream is said to provide relief for areas like knees, hips, backs, sciatic nerves, necks, ankles, achy muscles, joints, and more. But this hemp cream isn’t just any old hemp cream you can find on the shelf.

This organic hemp cream from NutraMoon is comprised of tons of all-natural ingredients that are set to help you deal with pain and get active relief. Some of the best ingredients in this hemp oil are:

  • Organic Hemp Extract—one of nature’s most nutrient-packed plants
  • MCT Oil—one of the fastest sources of clean fuel for the body and brain
  • Organic Arnica Montana—widely used as a homeopathic remedy
  • Organize Aloe Vera—a common topical remedy for inflammation
  • MSM—repairs inflammation, skin, and softens joint tissue
  • Organic Coconut Oil—helps reduce inflammation, moisturize skin, and heal wounds

The coolest part about the NutraMoon Organic Hemp Oil? It’s made in the good old U.S.A. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use.

How do you use it exactly? Simple. First, apply it liberally (and we mean liberally) to tight or sore muscles—but, you know, don’t put it in your eyes or anything like that. Rub it in and that’s it! Wash your hands afterward and be done with it or take some time to really massage it in, the choice is yours!

Who is NutraMoon, Exactly?

Feeling sold on the product but not quite sure about the company selling it? Don’t sweat it—doing your research is key to purchasing quality products from excellent sources.

NutraMoon is a company that focuses on growing high-quality hemp oils that are both grown and harvested in the U.S. Overall, their primary goal is to bring products to people in order to help promote a healthy body and mind so that more people can learn to live happier, healthier lives.

Learn More About NutraMoon & Their Organic Hemp Oil

We don’t expect you to just take our word for it (even though we’re pretty good at providing you with some stellar Favorite Things—just saying). We highly encourage you to check out NutraMoon’s website right here to get to know them better, what they’re about, and take a good, long look at the list of American-made products they offer.

Looking to learn more about the Organic Hemp Oil we mentioned? Check out the product page right here for a better idea of the ingredients, benefits, and must-know details.

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