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Personal Trainer Insurance

Even with proper training and education, personal trainers and fitness instructors are at risk of a potential lawsuit. Liability insurance from Insure Fitness Group can protect you!


Group Fitness Insurance

Accidents happen. People in your class can slip on the floor, misuse equipment or attempt a technique which is beyond their capabilities. Liability insurance can protect you from claims!


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Don't let your workout stop at the gym. Check out the blogs and articles below for career tips and advice to get your group fitness and personal training business firing on all cylinders.

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You pursued extensive training, education, and fitness experience to develop a career as a personal trainer or group fitness instructor. However, you are responsible for providing a safe and effective exercise program. Professional and General liability insurance help protect you from lawsuits in case something happens.

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Don't let your workout stop at the gym. Check out the blogs and articles below for career tips and advice to get your group fitness and personal training business firing on all cylinders.

Personal training insurance covers claims related to the day-to-day operations and practices of your personal training business. For example, if a student sustains an injury in your session either from the equipment, your direction, or a simple slip and fall personal training instructor insurance could protect you from a lawsuit and the financial burdens that arise from claims.

Personal training insurance from Insure Fitness Group also provides professional, general, and product liability coverage, stolen equipment coverage, identity theft protection, and rental damage insurance. All of these coverages are available for $169/year, with no hidden fees.
In addition to your coverage, Insure Fitness Group provides all of our members with FREE additional benefits such as product discounts, business resources, educational material, and more.

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There are inherent risks, with all exercise classes and personal training sessions. Personal training liability insurance protects you, the personal trainer, from claims and potential lawsuits for a multitude of accidents that could happen during class or training session. Personal training general liability insurance protects you from accidents that may arise, through no fault or error of your own, as the personal trainer.

For example, if a student slips and falls on some split water during a training session and breaks their leg, you may be liable. If a student pushes themselves too far, into a move they cannot do or overexerts themselves and gets injured or has a medical complication, you may be liable.

While you may work hard to stay current with the health situations of each client, sometimes they are not as forthright with their conditions as you need them to be. For example, you may have a female client who has recently become pregnant, but has chosen not to share that information with you. You might also have a male client who has a heart condition, or other serious health condition that could put him at risk during some of the higher intensity moves he will perform in class. Personal training instructor general liability insurance would protect you from claims arising due to conditions like these. You can see why it is critical for the protection and longevity of your personal training business that you make sure to have personal training insurance coverage.

Insure Fitness Group offers the most affordable and most comprehensive personal training instructor insurance available. Unlike other insurance companies, we will cover a claim that happens within the policy period- even if it is filed 2 years later. With this type of support and coverage, we know that you will be able to rest easy and focus your full attention on your personal training clients. Teach confidently and have peace of mind with personal training insurance coverage from Insure Fitness Group.

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Despite the fact that you worked hard to earn your personal training certification, teach clearly, and check your equipment on a regular basis, accidents can still happen. The fact is that there are inherent risks with exercise itself, and this risk only increases when various pieces of equipment are added to the mix. Product liability insurance can provide the peace of mind you need so that you can focus on training your clients instead of worrying about potential lawsuits.

Product liability insurance is the type of insurance coverage that offers a warranty or guarantee on a product. It is specifically created to cover you in the event that a product malfunctions and causes injury or damage to third parties. Depending on how the product was manufactured, designed, and assembled, you could be at risk of a lawsuit.

While personal training doesn’t always include equipment, when it does, your client’s risk of injury also goes up.  All it takes is a loose spring, a moment of unfocused attention, or an improperly secured safety chain for an injury to occur. Personal training product liability insurance helps to protect you in this type of situation, so that you do not bear the brunt of the financial expenses associated with a lawsuit.

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Yes. Personal training insurance is an important component of your business and is designed to protect your financial assets and your future career if you were to be sued as a result of your training and business practices. You could be held liable for claims that include injuries, illnesses, or damages arising from your personal training or fitness services. The legal costs alone from claims like these can be financially devastating. With personal training insurance, you’ll have the protection you need to train, teach, and excel in your career with the peace of mind that your future is secure.

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  • In addition to having a certification, having liability insurance highlights you as a serious and qualified personal trainer.
  • Clients, gym owners, and other fitness employers may require you to show proof of insurance before you’re hired.
  • Personal training liability insurance gives you a layer of defense against claims such as bodily injury, slip and falls, and property damage.
  • You can enjoy financial and legal peace of mind.
  • If you use your own equipment or transport equipment to multiple locations, you will want to protect it against theft, Insure Fitness Group also offers stolen equipment coverage at no extra cost or fee.
  • Gym or studio owners may require you to add them as an additional insured if you are conducting your personal training sessions at their gym or workplace, Insure Fitness Group offer additional insured options, as well.

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