2022 is already shaping up to be just as eventful as the year before and personal trainers need to be more flexible than ever with where and how they offer training. As you explore additional mediums for reaching clients, you should also pay close attention to what your personal trainer insurance does and does not cover. 

In today’s closeup, we’re zooming in on the best liability insurance for personal trainers given the new risks facing today’s fitness professionals. 

New Locations for Personal Training Classes

With a whole new year of the “new normal”, fitness professionals are literally braving whole new worlds as it comes to keeping up with their clients. Different locations have different mandates with individual establishments often setting their own rules. Some fitness professionals have found the need to travel outside of their geographic area to find locations more open to their style of fitness. So what happens when you move locations or even move clear across the country to offer new fitness services? 

The answer to this lies in an insurance provision known as portability. This concept is easy to pour over and completely miss as you’re comparing personal trainer insurance programs but it can be a huge lifesaver if you ever have to move locations. That’s because portability within your personal trainer liability insurance allows you to move to a different gym, a different physical location, even all the way across the country and your policy remains in effect throughout your term. 

While Insure Fitness includes this provision with our personal trainer insurance policies, a lot of programs out there don’t include portability which means you’ll be tied to a single location—not a great thought as we’re all facing having to be more flexible than ever with where and how we offer fitness instruction. 

A Different Way of Offering Personal Training

Along the lines of being flexible with where you offer services is actually how you offer services. 2020 and 2021 have shown businesses that they must have an online presence in order to survive. So how do personal trainers accomplish this? Well, savvy trainers are changing up their offerings to go with hybrid personal training or even entirely virtual. 

Hybrid personal training relies on a combination of virtual and in-person training to help a client reach their fitness goals while virtual training is entirely web-based. Either of these options is a great way to help clients stick to a regimen, even when you can’t have the same amount of face time you once did. The single most important thing when looking at these options is to make sure your personal trainer insurance includes virtual trainer insurance and/or hybrid training insurance. Unfortunately, a lot of personal trainer insurance companies have been slow in implementing policy changes that include this coverage; however, since our inception, IFG has been all about offering the greatest flexibility to our members with what kinds of services they can offer and still enjoy great coverage. 

In addition to online training coverage, a personal training insurance policy through Insure Fitness covers literally hundreds of different fitness routines. We do this because we know you may be teaching cross-training one day and Silver Sneakers® the next. If your personal training insurance program can’t keep up, why would you want to trust them with your career in fitness?

A Look At Personal Training Insurance Reviews

Next up as you’re looking for personal trainer insurance made for 2022 and beyond is to get a feel for what actual members say about a given program. But we all know in this day and age there’s a lot of questionable reviews out there. So how do you know you’re looking at a bonafide review from a fitness pro who actually used the service? Easy. Look to a third-party review platform. 

One of the most respected third-party review sites out there is TrustPilot. TrustPilot gathers real reviews from real users in an unbiased and pressure-free environment. This leads to some pretty honest answers from reviewers. We’re so excited to see so many members rate our personal training insurance program as “Excellent” on TrustPilot’s site. 

What Coverage is Included with Personal Trainer Insurance

So the brass tax of any insurance policy is what is actually included within the fine print. We know no one wants to read through all the pages of their policy but it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the core coverages to see if a policy marries up to your personal situation. 

The most important thing you should see in a personal trainer liability insurance policy is, drum roll, liability coverage. The three most common types of liability personal trainers should have coverage for fall under general liability, professional liability, and product liability. 

  • General liability: general liability is a liability you’ll face as soon as you open your doors and start training clients. This is for injuries and/or property damage that occurs to third parties (i.e. not you or the insurance company) at, or around, the place you offer training. General liability is broad because it can pertain to so many different kinds of mishaps but one of the most common you’ll hear are slip and fall injuries. A client walking into your gym slipping on a slippery floor and injuring themselves is a prime example. With IFG, you get all the way up to $3 million per year and $1 million per occurrence in general liability insurance coverage.
  • Professional liability: professional liability is the risk you face from an injury and/or property damage that comes as a result of the fitness instruction you provide. You’ll also hear this called “errors and omissions” or “malpractice” insurance. A client that says you didn’t spot them properly, or that your regimen ignored their past injury, or even just that you pushed them too hard and they were injured as a result could all be potential professional liability claims. Like general liability, IFG includes up to $3 million per year and $1 million for each occurrence in professional liability insurance coverage. 
  • Product liability: another area you might not think about but which has exploded in the last few years relates to product liability. When you provide training, you’re almost always using a variety of weights and machines in order to progress a client through a routine. If a piece of equipment you direct your client to use suddenly breaks and causes an injury, they may decide to include you in a product liability lawsuit. Since this is a common risk for personal trainers, we include up to $1 million in product liability insurance coverage with our personal trainer insurance policies.

Now, you may get through these and think you’re all set to lock the coverage down and get to training. Well, not so fast. There’s actually a lot of other risks out there that could really hamper your career without adequate protection in place. 

Knowing the risks trainers are facing in 2022, our policy includes additional protection in three key areas including rental damage insurance, stolen equipment insurance, and identity protection.

The Big “C”: How Much Does Personal Trainer Insurance Cost?

While we’re all used to doing a little internet research before we make a purchasing decision, the cost of an item usually plays a huge role in our decision-making process. Price alone should never be the sole reason you go with one company over another but let’s face it, it is very important now more than ever. 

As you compare your options for coverage in 2022, you’re going to come to a really cool conclusion when it comes to Insure Fitness. We’ll save you some time and skip to the punchline. Even with millions of dollars in liability coverage, an awesome suite of additional protections, a benefits program worth hundreds by itself, and some of the best ratings out there, our program remains one of the most affordable options available. 

For just $179 per year upfront or as low as $16.41 per month when you finance, you can get comprehensive personal trainer liability insurance. If you’re studying to become a certified personal trainer but still want to get covered for the different risks you face, you can get a students-only policy for only $59 per year. 

What Ratings Mean with Personal Trainer Insurance Companies

Another important stop on your journey of looking at different personal trainer insurance companies needs to be their ratings. Insurance companies are rated based on a financial analysis of their ability to be able to actually pay for the claims their members make. There’s a number of respected rating companies but one of the most well-known is A.M. Best. We’re very proud to have an underwriter who maintains an A+ Superior rating from A.M. Best.

Get Covered in Minutes

Signing up for our comprehensive insurance for personal trainers is easy and takes just a few minutes. Fill out a quick application, check out, and that’s it—you’ll enjoy full coverage and immediate access to all of your important documents.

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