Personal Trainer Insurance

Insure Fitness Group offers personal trainers access to affordable, all-inclusive liability insurance. 

Insure Fitness Group offers the most comprehensive personal trainer instructor insurance in the industry. We cover thousands of fitness professionals with A-rated insurance designed specifically for personal trainers and fitness instructors, just like you. 

We cover personal trainers instructors working in solo careers, small gym environments, or as employees of national gym chains. We created a personal trainer insurance guide for a full break down of everything you need to know before purchasing a policy.

Let Insure Fitness Group protect your career and your future, with the best coverage in the industry- for less than your yearly gym membership. Check out our policy highlights below.

Complete Coverage.
Instant Certification.
No Hidden Fees.

$179 / YEAR

PERsonal trainer Insurance highlights

  • Instant Coverage.
  • Immediate Certificate. 
  • Professional liability coverage.
  • Coverage for 100+ work-out routines, group fitness programs, and more.
  • Approval for coverage in less than 5 minutes.
  • Mobile coverage, following you in the gym, on-site, wherever you teach.
  • General liability coverage.
  • Stolen equipment coverage.
  • Identity theft protection.


According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are approximately 460,000 reported fitness injuries a year. 

Approximately 50,000 reported injuries were caused by low weight and equipment. personal trainer insurance can help protect your career from lawsuits related to fitness injuries. 

As personal trainers and fitness instructors, you make every effort to insure your clients are executing exercises properly, but accidents can still happen.





You'll receive instant coverage and a proof of insurance certificate via email immediately upon checkout.


Professional + General Liability: $1 million per occurrence, $3 million per year Product Liability: $1 million per occurrence

Flexible Payments 

We've teamed up with PayPal credit to make it easy for you to pay for your policy the way you need.  


You get identity protection, $1,000 of stolen equipment coverage, and fitness-related product discounts.

Membership Benefits You Can Use From Day One

We know the best personal trainer insurance needs to offer you a benefit above and beyond just great liability insurance. That’s why our program grants you access to hundreds of dollars worth of exclusive offers and discounts from the leading names in health and fitness. We’ve also developed libraries of content geared just towards setting up and maintaining a successful personal trainer business. Mastering topics like utilizing social media and building a personal trainer resume will help your services stand out from the crowd. Bonus alert, you also can use our workout playlists for getting your clients pumped. You’re welcome.

What else is Covered:


Our personal training and group fitness insurance program covers a multitude of exercise programs, along with hundreds of other healing practices. Check out our chart to the right for a sample of some of the fitness programs your policy automatically includes coverage for.

And if you don’t find your style or technique listed here, call us at 800-379-7799 and we’ll let you know if we can cover you!


What it Takes to Protect Today’s Personal Trainers

At Insure Fitness Group, we offer really stout insurance programs made just for personal trainers, at affordable rates, and with expert service before, during, and even after a policy has expired. We truly want to be the best personal trainer insurance available. With that personal best in mind, our plan is designed to be 100% accessible online so that you can do everything you need to do with your trainer insurance policy from anywhere in the world where you have internet connection. But if you ever need help, we have fully licensed agents ready to do everything they can to solve your issue quickly and professionally. Contact the personal trainer liability insurance team now.

Full Portability with Personal Trainer Insurance from IFG

A vital component of our trainer insurance program lies in the built-in portability provision. Portability is a term used in insurance which means that the policy is not tied to a single location or way of providing services. This means you can switch employers, go from renting space to offering in-home training sessions, or you can move clear across the country and your policy will follow you every step of your fitness journey.

need to weigh your options?

We've already done your homework for you! 
check out our complete guide to choosing the best policy for you needs here!

Personal trainer insurance is a vital risk management tool and an important decision for you and your career. As with any important decision, it’s always a good idea to see how your different options compare to one another. Personal trainer insurance should be no different. But clicking from one website to another and back again gets old fast. That’s why we’ve published all of the pertinent information from our personal trainer liability policy and put it right alongside the offerings of the leading trainer insurance competitors. We give you a side by side comparison because we are confident that our program comes with the best coverage options at the best rates available for personal trainer liability insurance.

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