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 Personal Trainer Insurance

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Personal Trainer Liability Insurance

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Accidents are a fact of life. When they happen, you've got to make sure your business is protected. That's where Insure Fitness Group comes in. We offer a one-stop shop with the best policy to cover you across the board. Just $179 per year gets you the protection you need plus extra perks you'll love.

General Liability Insurance


$1 Million Per Occurrence

$3 Million Per Year



$1 Million Per Occurrence

$3 Million Per Year



$100K Per Year



$25,000 Per Year



$1,000 Per Year ($250 Deductible)



$1 Million Per Year

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Do I Need Personal Trainer Insurance?

Yes! There are thousands of fitness-related injuries that occur in gyms and health clubs every year. A recent study published by the National Institute of Health found that the vast majority are caused by overexertion. Injuries as a result of overexertion were found to occur most often during general free weight exercise and group fitness classes. According to the Mayo Clinic, overuse injuries are more likely in those who have certain medical conditions, such as muscle weakness in the knees or hip area. Overexertion means going too fast or too hard and using a poor form that overloads certain muscle groups. From slips and falls after an intense workout to muscle tears from overexertion, there is simply a high risk for injury in sports and fitness training.

Breaking down the statistics above, there are two really prevalent forms of liability for personal trainer insurance—general liability and professional liability insurance. Slips, trips, and falls would fall under general liability and a client overexerting themselves and being injured could constitute professional liability. Knowing the fitness industry and the associated risks for personal trainers, Insure Fitness Group tailored our liability insurance plan accordingly. Our all-inclusive policy provides the perfect blend of insurance coverage and additional protections so our members can train with absolute confidence. Read more about the reasons why you need to be insured.

What is Personal Trainer Insurance?

It's simple! It's liability coverage that protects against claims related to the day-to-day operations of your personal training business. For example, if a student sustains an injury in your session, insurance could protect you from the financial burden of a claim.

Insure Fitness Group offers the best coverage in the industry. We cover thousands of fitness professionals with A-rated insurance designed specifically for personal trainers just like you.

We cover personal trainers working in solo careers, small gym environments, or as employees of national gym chains. We created a personal trainer insurance guide for a complete breakdown of everything you need to know before purchasing a policy.

Each policy from Insure Fitness Group also provides professional, general, and product liability coverage, stolen equipment coverage, identity theft protection, and rental damage insurance. All of these coverages are available for $179/year, with no hidden fees. Let Insure Fitness Group protect your career and your future, with the best coverage in the industry- for less than your yearly gym membership. 

General Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers


$1 Million Per Occurrence

$3 Million Per Year

There are inherent risks, with all exercise classes and personal training sessions. Liability insurance protects you, the personal trainer, from claims and potential lawsuits for a multitude of accidents that could happen during class or a session. This protects you from accidents that may arise, through no fault of your own, as the personal trainer.

For example, if a student slips and falls on some split water during a training session and breaks their arm, you may be liable. If a student pushes themselves too far, into a move they cannot do, and injures them self, you may be liable.

While you may work hard to stay current with the health needs of each client, sometimes they are not as forthright with their conditions as you need them to be. For example, you may have a female client who has recently become pregnant, but has chosen not to share that information with you. You might also have a male client who has a heart condition, or other serious health condition that could put him at risk during some of the moves he will perform in class. Liability insurance would protect you from claims arising due to conditions like these. You can still see why it is critical for the health and longevity of your business that you make sure to have personal trainer insurance coverage.

Unlike other insurance companies, we will cover a claim that happens within the policy period even if it is filed years later. With this type of support, we know that you will be able to rest easy and focus your full attention on your personal training clients. Teach confidently with comprehensive coverage from Insure Fitness Group.

Product Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers 


$1 Million Per Year

Despite the fact that you worked hard to earn your personal trainer certification, teach clearly, and check your equipment on a regular basis, accidents can still happen. The fact is that there are inherent risks with exercise itself, and this risk only increases when various pieces of equipment are added to the mix. Product liability insurance can provide the peace of mind you need so that you can focus on training your clients instead of worrying about potential lawsuits. 

Product liability insurance is the type of insurance that offers a warranty or guarantee on a product. It is specifically created to cover you in the event that a product malfunctions and causes injury or damage to third parties. Depending on how the product was manufactured, designed, and assembled, you could be at risk of a lawsuit. Even if your client uses the equipment incorrectly, you could still be held liable for any damage that was caused or bodily harm.

While personal training doesn't always include equipment, when it does, your client's risk of injury also goes up.  All it takes is a loose spring, a moment of unfocused attention, or an improperly secured safety chain for an injury to occur. Product liability insurance helps to protect you in this type of situation, so that you do not bear the brunt of the financial expenses associated with a lawsuit.

Coverage Details

General Liability: Coverage for accidental injuries and/or damages to property. You get up to $1 million for each occurrence and $3 million in total per member, per year. 

Professional Liability: Coverage for injuries and/or damages to property arising specifically as a result of the fitness instruction services you provide. You get up to $1 million for each occurrence and $3 million in total per member, per year. 

Product Liability: Coverage if the equipment were to malfunction and cause an injury and/or property damage. This can also pertain to products you use on the equipment like cleaners that might induce a bad allergic reaction. For this important liability coverage, you get up to $1 million per year in total coverage.

Rental Damage Coverage: Covers the cost of repairs to facilities that are rented. You get up to $100,000.

Stolen Equipment Coverage: When important group fitness equipment is stolen by a robbery by force you are covered up to $1,000 less a $250 deductible.

Identity Protection Plan: Covers up to $25,000 in identity restoration services for our group fitness insurance members.

How Much Does Personal Trainer Insurance Cost?

For an entire year of coverage, Insure Fitness Group liability insurance for personal trainers is just $179. We also offer an incredible rate of only $59 per year for personal trainer students. Read more on how much personal trainer insurance costs hereCompare insurance plans and rates.

Online Personal Training Insurance from IFG

personal trainer insurance

A vital component of our trainer insurance program lies in the built-in portability provision. Portability is a term used in insurance which means that the policy is not tied to a single location or way of providing services. This means you can switch employers, go from renting space to offering in-home training sessions, or you can move clear across the country and your policy will follow you every step of your fitness journey. 

Membership Benefits You Can Use From Day One

We know the best personal trainer liability insurance needs to offer you a benefit above and beyond just great liability insurance. That’s why our program grants you access to hundreds of dollars worth of exclusive offers and discounts from the leading names in health and fitness. We’ve also developed libraries of content geared just towards setting up and maintaining a successful personal trainer business. Mastering topics like utilizing social media and building a personal trainer resume will help your services stand out from the crowd. Bonus alert, you also can use our workout playlists for getting your clients pumped. Resources like how to create a personal training liability waiver and release form can help protect your business. By having clients sign a waiver and release form, you are asking them to acknowledge and accept the potential risks associated with physical activity and release you from any liability that may arise from injuries or damages sustained during the training sessions. 

Best Personal Trainer Insurance Options & Coverage

Personal Trainer Insurance Comparison Guide

We've Done Your Homework for You!

Check out our complete guide to choosing the best policy for your needs here! 

Personal trainer insurance is a vital risk management tool and an important decision for you and your career. As with any important decision, it’s always a good idea to see how your different options compare to one another. Liability insurance for trainers should be no different. But clicking from one website to another and back again gets old fast. That’s why we’ve published all of the pertinent information from our liability policy and put it right alongside the offerings of the leading insurance competitors. We give you a side-by-side comparison because we are confident that our program comes with the best coverage options at the best rates available.

Personal Trainer Insurance Plan Comparison Chart

Insure Fitness Group stands higher than the competition. Compare IFG to the fitness industry's top competition.


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