Arkansas Personal Trainer Insurance

500+ Techniques Covered, Including Online Training. Affordable and Same-Day Coverage.


How much is Personal Trainer Insurance in Arkansas?

With Insure Fitness Group, personal trainers and fitness instructors in Arkansas can get comprehensive coverage for only $189 per year — a cost that breaks down to only $0.52 per day. Our policy saves professionals up to 40% and can be purchased simply online in less than three minutes.

We designed our policy specifically for the unique challenges personal trainers and other fitness professionals actually face, like a client breaking their foot by dropping a weight on themselves, hurting themselves when falling off a Pilates reformer, or tripping over equipment which led them to needing medical care, and other similar situations.

While we hope you’ll never need to make a claim, you can rest assured that we’ll be there to support you if you do.

Professional Rate
$ 189
  • Professional & General Liability ($1 million / $3 million)
  • Identity Theft Protection ($25,000)
  • Personal Injury & Advertising Injury ($1 million / $3 million)
  • Hundreds of Techniques Covered + Online Training
  • Member Benefits & CEU Discounts Included
  • Follows You In All 50 States

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Liability Insurance Policy Details

Insure Fitness Group stands out from other insurance providers because we offer not only one of the most affordable options, but because our policy has occurrence form coverage. This type of coverage ensures that any claims related to incidents that happened during your policy period are covered, no matter when the claim is actually filed. This ensures that you are still protected against claims even after your policy expires with Insure Fitness Group.

Wouldn’t knowing that you’re protected—even if you no longer have an active policy with us—provide you with the ultimate peace of mind?

General and professional liability coverage are some of the most essential coverages for any personal trainer insurance policy. A liability is a risk that a client may encounter while under your instruction or in your facility. General liability and professional liability coverage are both necessary for every fitness professional.

  • General liability: Commonly known as a "slip and fall" insurance policy, General Liability Insurance forms the bedrock of your protective measures. It addresses claims of bodily harm or property damage within your business setting. So, if a client trips over a dumbbell or their smartphone breaks during a session, this general liability coverage is your financial safeguard against these frequent operational hazards.

  • Professional liability: In the hands-on and personalized world of personal training, risks are part and parcel of the job. Professional Liability Insurance, often called malpractice insurance, is your safety net if a client alleges bodily injury from exercise equipment or harm due to your training services. This coverage is crucial for defending your practice against the economic fallout of such accusations.

These coverages protect teachers from liability for non-physical injuries or damages resulting from actions like defamation, false arrest, invasion of privacy, and copyright/trademark infringement in advertising and marketing.

Identity theft is an increasing threat. Including Identity Protection in your insurance portfolio adds a critical defense layer. It assists in covering the expenses related to recovering your identity should it be compromised, ensuring your personal and professional identities are secure.

*MM = Million

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Do I Need Personal Trainer Insurance?

Yes, personal trainers absolutely need to have their own insurance even if you work for a gym that provides you with coverage.

According to a 2023 study published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 27% of weightlifters in the last six months experienced an injury to their shoulders, knees, or wrists.

Your clients trust you as their personal trainer to ensure their safety during a session, but accidents can happen to even the most experienced professionals in the most controlled environment. Getting insured by Insure Fitness Group means you’re not just investing in a safety net; you’re enhancing your clients’ trust in your services. This level of trust helps build loyalty with your clients, establishes your rep as a responsible fitness pro, and can help you stand out from other personal trainers.

Personal Trainer Insurance Policy Benefits

Our Personal Trainer Insurance Coverage isn’t just another policy; it’s a cornerstone for your fitness career, crafted to navigate the complexities and challenges of the personal training industry. It ensures you’re fully equipped to focus on your clients’ transformation journeys while safeguarding your professional practice.

Educational Growth with CEUs & Discounts

We champion the ongoing education and upskilling of our clients. Our policy includes access to discounted Continuing Education Units (CEUs), keeping you at the forefront of fitness trends, techniques, and industry standards and propelling your professional development.

Nationwide Coverage Across All 50 States

Our comprehensive policy meets the insurance requirements of personal trainers across all 50 states, offering protection regardless of your location. This nationwide coverage ensures you comply with state-specific regulations as you expand your reach.

Covers Online Training Sessions

If you're an online or hybrid trainer, we're proud to cover fitness pros like you all across the U.S. Your policy safeguards all your online live training sessions at no extra cost. Any in-person sessions are also protected, so you can enjoy comprehensive peace of mind no matter how you teach.

What Does Our Personal Trainer Insurance cover?

Slips & Falls During Sessions

Slip and fall accidents are more common than you'd think in the fitness industry - whether it's a wet floor or just an accidental trip over equipment, clients can be hurt under your watch and you could be held liable.

Injuries During Training

Clients come to you to be pushed and motivated, but overdoing it can cause muscle strains or other injuries. Our insurance covers claims related to injuries caused during sessions, so let us take that burden so you can focus on helping your clients meet their goals.

Live & Pre-Recorded Online Training

Even if you're not physically with your client, you could still be held liable for accidents that happen from your online training sessions either live-streamed or pre-recorded.

Equipment-Related Mishaps

Exercise equipment can and will break down, posing an injury risk to your clients. Whether it's fault of the equipment or the client, a lawsuit could arise. With Insure Fitness Group, you'll always be financially protected.

Identity Theft Protection

Cyber crimes are real and they are on the rise. Protect yourself and your data with $25,000 of our ID Theft Protection that comes complimentary with every policy.

How to Become a Personal Trainer in Arkansas

The Natural State’s fitness industry is growing fast – perfect for personal trainers others looking to get into fitness as a career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Arkansas ranks among the top 10 states for employment of fitness trainers and instructors.

While the state does not mandate licensing requirements for personal trainers or fitness instructors, there are many reasons why you should still become certified: many employers prefer to hire certified professionals, clients prefer hiring professionals with proper certifications, and being certified helps you avoid liabilities because you are properly trained and prepared.

The Best Personal Trainer Certifications In Arkansas

Arkansas doesn't require a specific license to become a trainer, but earning your certification from a trusted provider demonstrates your knowledge to potential clients and employers.

Insure Fitness Group recommends top certifying bodies like ASFA (American Sports and Fitness Association, NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association), and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

Gain Real-Life Experience

While earning your certification is important, you can't beat real-world experience. Practical knowledge helps you stand out from the rest and bring in new clients. We recommend job shadowing, internships, or even starting out as a part-time instructor.

Local gyms are a great way to get your foot in the door, providing valuable experience to kickstart your fitness career.

Develop Your Fitness Business

Once you're off the ground with a certification and experience, you'll need to think about what's next.

First, you'll want to find your training niche. Arkansas is a large state with a diverse fitness-minded population. What's popular in your county? Do you prefer training one-on-one or group fitness?

From there, learn how to market yourself as a personal trainer. Even a basic website goes a long way to build your reputation. Social media is perfect for showing off your training services and client results.

How Much Do Personal Trainers Make in Arkansas?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Arkansas's exercise trainers and group fitness instructors earn an annual mean wage of $37,680.

There are a number of factors that affect your salary, including your experience, education level, or services offered. If you're an aspiring personal trainer in Arkansas, it's important to plan ahead and research your local fitness scene - that way, you can stand out with your own brand.

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