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Your personal trainer insurance plan from Insure Fitness Group stands out from the competition. Get more for less.

Insure Fitness Group’s policy offers Occurrence Form Coverage instead of Claims-Made Coverage*. With IFG, you’re covered for any accidents that happen while you’re insured – even if you make a claim after your policy lapses.

Personal Trainer Insurance Comparison Chart

See How Insure Fitness Group Stacks Up to the Competition

We know when it comes to personal trainer insurance, professionals have many choices. However, not all fitness insurance programs are created equal. To help fitness pros have all the information they need in one quick and easy place, we’ve compiled a side-by-side comparison among leading fitness insurance providers. 

Here, you can see the key attributes fitness professionals should look for when shopping for personal trainer insurance programs. Once you see how we stack up, we’re sure you’ll join the ranks of hundreds of your fellow fitness pros who have become proud IFG members.

Complete Coverage.

Why Pay More For Less?

ONLY $189/YR!

Occurrence Form Coverage Included

There's No Guarantee Personal Trainer and Fitness Liability Insurance Will Come With Occurrence Form Coverage

Occurrence form coverage allows you to file a claim for an event that happens when your policy is active but after it has expired. For example, your policy expires on December 31st, but a client who attended a class several weeks before will wait until January 1st to file a claim. The claim occurred while your policy was active, but without occurrence form coverage, your insurance carrier will most likely not honor the claim. Insurance carriers that say you have to file a claim while the policy is active for it to be covered use what’s known as a claims-made policy. Be careful, 40% of the carriers in our comparison do not use occurrence form, even though this is the industry’s preferred coverage. 

Identity Protection Plan Included

Today’s business environment necessitates using technology but this opens you up to a cyber incident putting your identity at risk. We produce personal trainer insurance for the real world and provide a full $25,000 to use towards identity recovery services if your identity is ever stolen. K&K insurance is the only other provider to also include an identity protection plan.

Personal Trainer Student Insurance Available

Training to become a personal trainer can be intense. You will be required to learn various subjects in a relatively short time before jumping right in with clients. Knowing that students are the next generation of fitness leaders, we provide our full personal trainer insurance program to students at a discounted rate of only $65. Sports and Fitness also offers a student rate but tacks on additional fees.

Insurance Made for Just for Fitness Pros

Our personal trainer insurance program was designed for fitness professionals by fitness professionals. We know this industry, and with that expertise, we crafted a program that simply makes sense for our professional fitness members. We combine incredibly comprehensive coverage, great membership benefits, and affordability all in one well-crafted package. 

Providing Members With The Best Of the Best:

  • We provide the lowest annual rates.
  • General liability, professional liability, and product liability coverage all with intelligently-set limits that are perfectly suited for today’s fitness professionals.
  • Identity protection, included without additional fees!
  • Immediate coverage with proof of insurance. You can get coverage that follows you anywhere in the U.S. with a policy that is fully activated in only a few minutes.


Insure Fitness Group

Cost Per Year
  • Professional Liability Insurance Coverage
    $1M Per Occurence, $3M Aggregate
  • Occurence-Form Coverage
  • Product Liability
  • Immediate Coverage
  • Identity Protection Plan
  • Monthly Payment Option Available
  • Access to Affordable Health, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • Other Considerations
    Includes online training coverage and over 300 other practices; policy valid in all 50 states: no processing fee
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