How Much Does Personal Trainer Insurance Cost?

All You Need To Know About Personal Training Liability Insurance Cost & Options

Personal trainers today have a plethora of choices when it comes to ensuring themselves and their practice. Just running a Google search for ‘personal trainer insurance’ will instantly turn up thousands of results. With the landscape for training sessions changing with the recent health crisis, trainers today face more industry risks than ever. So how do personal trainers know they are getting the best insurance policy to meet the changing needs of the personal training business?

In today’s spotlight series, we’ll highlight all the information personal trainers need to know about insurance costs and pricing and also what to look for when comparing leading personal trainer insurance programs.

Is Cheap Personal Trainer Insurance Worth It?

For many professionals out there, especially when you are new and still trying to acquire new clients, you may have narrowed down your decision making process to simply trying to find the cheapest personal trainer insurance available. But is cheap really the best option when it comes to something that needs to protect your ability to earn a living as a personal trainer? The answer is..*drum roll*.. it can be! Combining great rates with great coverage isn’t easy and takes an insurance company that eats, lives, and breathes the fitness industry. 

Our staff make up a community of fitness industry professionals that not only provide great insurance for personal trainers, but take a keen interest in supporting clients throughout their careers. This depth of experience means we can set smarter limits that help protect trainers appropriately but never more than what’s needed so rates can stay low. 

At $179 per year if paid in full and just under $15 per month when financed through PayPal Credit Financing, Insure Fitness also has some of the best rates available today. Additionally, we protect personal trainers to-be with a student-only plan priced at only $59 for a full year of coverage. While cheap isn’t always a good thing, offering an affordable insurance plan for personal trainers that also offers great liability coverage is what we do. While you help clients work towards beating personal bests, we’ll have your back with insurance tailored just for personal trainers. 

Looking at Personal Trainer Liability Insurance Costs

Breaking down the cost of your insurance program is crucial to understanding the total impact of the expense on your bottom line. Many personal trainer insurance programs available today will charge an up front fee and then tack on additional fees for things like adding a new fitness activity to your policy or when you move your practice to a new state. 

With Insure Fitness, our personal trainer liability insurance cost is pretty easy to understand because it’s a flat rate. For just $179, you get comprehensive liability coverage, a whole suite of additional protections like rental damage coverage and identity protection, access to great benefits, and coverage for many different popular fitness programs. Added bonus – our insurance for personal trainers has built-in portability. This means no matter where your career takes you; from a gym employee, to an in-home consultant, across state lines, or anywhere in between, your coverage follows you at no extra cost. Bonus – a policy with Insure Fitness covers Virtual Training, so you can keep clients in shape from the comfort of their home. 

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Running a Personal Trainer Insurance Cost Comparison

When it comes to your business, watching your costs carefully can help maximize your profitability. We want our professional members to understand how our program stacks up so they can have the best information available to make the decision that’s right for them. 

Remember, when it comes to looking at the cost of personal trainer insurance, you always need to make sure you know the bottom line numbers for the particular program you’re looking at. Oftentimes, the advertised price for a given insurance policy will be the tip of the iceberg and that attractive promo price will quickly add up with all of the additional fees you’ll need for it to be of any actual use to you. 

Below, you’ll see how each of the leading providers of personal trainer insurance stack up with regards to the amount of coverage they offer, the different attributes of the policy members should look for, and the overall price of the program.

Personal Trainer Insurance Cost Breakdown

Sports Fitness



Insure Fitness

Professional & General Liability

$1 million per occurrence, $3 million individual annual aggregate

$1 million per occurrence, $3 million individual annual aggregate

$1 million per occurrence, $3 million individual annual aggregate

$1 million per occurrence, $3 million individual annual aggregate

Product Liability


$1 million per occurrence, $3 million individual annual aggregate

$1 million per occurrence, $3 million individual annual aggregate

$1 million per occurrence, $3 million individual annual aggregate

Immediate Coverage





Occurrence Form





Stolen Equipment Coverage




$1,000 with $250 ded.

Rental Damage Coverage





Identity Protection Plan





Additional Fees

Processing Fees

Annual Membership Fee

Coverage cost varies by state



$200+ per year 

$289 per year 

$172 per year

$179 per year

Just by the numbers, Insure Fitness comes out on top both for the level of coverage received and the price it is offered at. We don’t want to add any confusion to our rates, so keep them nice and simple. When our rates say $169 per year, that’s all any of our members, anywhere in the U.S. will pay.

A Note on Occurrence Form Coverage

In the comparison above, we looked at the different insurance companies out there and only found one other program to use occurrence form coverage with their personal trainer insurance policies. Establishing whether your policy is an occurrence form or claims made is pretty crucial for one distinct reason. Claims made policies do not let you file a claim after the policy expires while occurrence form coverage let’s you file a claim for an event that occurred during your policy term, even if you file that claim after the policy has expired. With claims made, you will be left without any coverage if a client happened to wait a few weeks before reporting their injury or filing suit against you and in the meantime your claims made policy expired. In this case, you would be faced with paying the costs of the claim out of your own pocket. 

What is the Average Cost of Personal Trainer Insurance?

Based on the cost analysis of the leading personal trainer insurance companies, the average price currently available for a policy runs $207.50. This average can go up depending on some companies charging more for living and working in different states or for adding additional covered services. At $169 per year, personal trainer liability insurance through Insure Fitness is nearly 20% cheaper than the average cost of personal trainer insurance.

Understanding Costs vs Benefits in Personal Trainer Insurance

When you’re looking for a good deal on personal trainer insurance, an important consideration should be the member benefits program. Insurance is both vital and necessary but many may only need to use it a handful of times throughout a career. Now, all it takes is one claim against you to spell incredible personal financial hardship and so insurance remains pivotal to long-term business success but still, there should be some intrinsic benefits in the program besides financial protection when an unfortunate event crops up. Knowing our members deserve the best value for their investment in our personal trainer insurance program, we have spent years developing key relationships with the leading names in health and fitness. Our relationships with these iconic brands gets members early access deals, exclusive promotions, and even free promotional giveaways. 

Not stopping there, as soon as you sign up you’ll also get a free professional website to help promote your services online. With most of today’s consumers checking you out online before they ever commit to buy, you need a strong digital presence in order to reign these types of searchers in. You can add tips, promote classes, and write about what you love all to help market your unique brand of services. Best of all, is the website is completely free with your membership.

Getting Informed & Staying Protected

Hopefully, you’re beginning to see that a personal trainer insurance cost comparison has many different areas that will need to be scrutinized. 

From our comparison, there’s three key takeaways:

  1. First, we examined how cost alone should never be the chief driver of any major purchase but fortunately, our program ranks as the lowest priced personal trainer insurance of the leading insurance providers we looked at. 
  2. Going from there, we looked at how Insure Fitness’s low rates stood strong with the best combination of coverage and additional protections and also with important policy attributes like occurrence form and immediate coverage availability. 
  3. Lastly, we covered considering the program’s benefits package in the whole picture of deciding which insurance program was the best value for your investment. With all of these factors in mind, our comparison showed that Insure Fitness has the most affordable plan, with the greatest amount of protection, and with the best benefits package available!

Talking Things Over with a Knowledgeable Agent

Our team really takes pride in supporting fitness professionals throughout the twists and turns of rich and varied careers. We have developed our program to be accessible and easy to use, so that you know when you really need help, we’ll be right alongside you. The resources contained on our website and made available to our members is content that is curated by fitness pros that have experienced adversity in the personal training industry and have excelled nonetheless. 

Go over all of your options with a knowledgeable and fully-licensed agent now. Our team will take the time to answer all your questions so you feel confident in making the best decision that’s right for you and your personal training business.

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