Best Personal Trainer Insurance Guide: 
All You Need to Know about Personal Training Liability Insurance

Personal trainers offer the kind of intense one-on-one instruction for clients that need to be motivated to reach their fitness goals. Clients trust their trainers to provide safe routines that are effective in helping them be healthier. During the session, personal trainers must be aware of many different variables and moving parts in order to provide a safe and beneficial workout. 

This guide provides a useful resource for personal trainers exploring covering themselves with the surety that personal trainer insurance provides. Read on as we deep dive into the important risk management practice for you and your business.

What is personal trainer insurance?

A slip and fall, allergic reaction, or a torn muscle are all-too-real possibilities of mishaps that commonly occur in gyms across the country and which can seriously put a trainer’s career and personal finances at risk. Even the most skilled personal trainers, with years of experience, employing the utmost in diligence and care will face many risks for liability throughout their careers. 

Personal trainer insurance provides you a safety net from having to pay the entirety of the expenses for a claim out of your own pocket. While everyone knows insurance is important for things like cars and your home, insuring yourself from liabilities where you perform personal training services may not be as readily apparent. Right up front personal trainer insurance from IFG provides great protection for two of the most common types of liability facing professionals today - professional and general liability. 

  • Professional liability covers claims directly related to the services you provide. For instance, this could be where a client asserts your program left them with some form of injury and they hold you liable for their medical bills. 
  • General liability is related to third party claims for injury or property damage. This insurance is often called “slip and fall” since many claims have arisen in this very fashion.

With $1 million per occurrence and $3 million per year in general and professional liability coverage, personal trainers can have peace of mind and focus on providing great sessions knowing they are adequately covered. Not stopping there, we also add product liability coverage, an identity protection plan, stolen equipment coverage, and even rental damage insurance all wrapped into our low-priced personal trainer insurance program.

Insure Fitness designed this insurance program just for personal trainers. We know the risks you will face throughout your career and so brought together a unique blend of stout coverage options and additional safeguards to produce the best all-around coverage available for personal trainers.

Choosing the best Personal Trainer Insurance For You

When considering your options for personal trainer insurance it's good practice to compare different programs available to you. Comparing elements like price, coverage options, services covered, additional protections, and benefits will help you make the best decision for you and your personal training career.

  • Price: price often drives purchasing decisions for many personal trainers seeking insurance. That’s why we designed our program to offer great coverage but still be extremely affordable. We also don’t include any additional fees like other providers. Our members enjoy one, low annual rate that ranks among the most affordable
  • Coverage Options: insurance coverage needs to offer comprehensive protection in order for it to be of any use. Our policies come with stout coverage limits for both general and professional liability, as well as product liability claims. 
  • Services Covered: putting together the perfect routine often involves utilizing multiple exercise programs. With many programs, you will be limited in the number of services you are able to provide and still be covered. When you want to add on to those, you may have to pay an additional fee. We wanted to keep things simple, so choose to provide coverage for literally hundreds of different exercise programs and health/wellness modalities. Many popular programs are covered including P90X, Zumba, HIIT, SilverSneakers, and even children’s fitness programs. If you don’t see yours listed, contact one of our licensed agents at 800-379-7799 about having your program added.
  • Additional Protections: any insurance worth its weight should provide coverage that protects you in the real world. To do this effectively means going beyond general, professional, and product liability coverage. Our program extends members’ sphere of protection with an identity protection plan, stolen equipment coverage, and rental damage coverage.
  • Benefits Coverage: perks can significantly add value to the investment you make in purchasing personal trainer liability insurance. We provide members the best value in the industry. A policy with IFG includes access to enroll in MetLife Vision and Dental coverage plus exclusive discounts with retailers like Lenovo, UPS, Hertz, Office Max and more. In addition to benefits designed to help your business, we’re constantly adding partner benefits that feature some of the best fitness-related discounts you can find. Check out Member Benefits.

How do I get personal trainer insurance?

Our personal trainer insurance program is designed to be incredibly accessible. Simply fill out an online application, check out, and within minutes you will have instant proof of insurance. Approval for coverage typically occurs in less than five minutes. 

Want to speak to a licensed agent first? Call: 800-379-7799, email:, or open a chat session to have all your questions answered and to walk through the process. We want you to be comfortable and confident in your decision to secure insurance through our program made just for personal trainers.

How much does personal trainer insurance cost?

Our personal trainer insurance combines maximum coverage, rich member benefits, and affordability all in one all-inclusive package. For personal trainer insurance, professionals are able to purchase a one-year policy outright or can opt to finance their purchase through our partnership with Paypal Credit Financing for easy, monthly payments.

We offer personal trainer insurance plans for both professionals and students at the following rates:

  • Insurance Plus Professional rate: $179 a year or as low as $17/month when financed
  • Insurance Plus Student rate: $59 a year

How to Get the Best Value for Personal Trainer Insurance

Personal trainers can earn a great salary providing professional fitness instruction to their clients. Some of the top personal trainers in the field earn well over $300 per hour instructing world-class athletes and movie stars. As good a field as personal training is, the most successful professionals still seek to get the best value for the investment they make in their business. Personal trainer insurance is a key investment in helping you to transfer risk from yourself onto your insurance carrier. Make sure you are getting the best value possible by selecting an insurance plan that provides great coverage while still being affordable.

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