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How Identity Theft Protection for Personal Trainer Insurance Works

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Identity theft protection is a important part of personal trainer insurance because trainers often use digital tools to run their businesses. This coverage provides up to $25,000 in identity restoration services. If a trainer’s personal information gets stolen, a specialist will help fix their identity. This helps solve any financial issues caused by the theft and stops further misuse of their information.

Having this protection is necessary for keeping a trainer’s professional reputation safe, especially since they handle sensitive client information. It not only protects the trainer and their clients against identity theft but also lets trainers focus on helping their clients reach their fitness goals without worrying about potential security risks. Such  protection makes the insurance plan stronger and more suited to the needs of fitness professionals who work both online and in-person.

Here, we’ll highlight how identity theft protection in personal trainer insurance works and why you need it.

What Does Identity Theft Protection for Personal Trainer Insurance Do?

Identity theft protection is another tool in the Insure Fitness Group tool belt to provide the best protection possible for the modern personal trainer. We absolutely understand that personal trainers today spend a lot of time online (reading this article is proof!). From banking and accounting to marketing, and even offering online personal training classes, the landscape has certainly changed for personal trainers in the last few years. Now, pretty much everyone is using some form of online tool or service to conduct business.

The big risk here is a data breach and these incidents are unfortunately more and more commonplace. The logical step for personal trainer insurance is to include identity theft protection for the best all-around safeguards but you don’t find this vital protection in too many plans. We decided our members needed this important coverage and it shouldn’t jack up our rates just to include it which is why a full $25,000 in identity restoration services is available to our members if they ever have their identity compromised.

This $25,000 worth of protection means that each member has a dedicated restoration specialist working on putting the pieces back together after a breach. They’ll work to make sure your identity is restored and protected so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Risks of an Online Data Breach

Risks for an online data breach of your personal data are everywhere and cyber criminals can use a variety of methods to steal your identity.

Identity theft takes many forms nowadays, from high-tech hacking to low-tech dumpster dives, cyber thieves can get access to personal data.

  • Phishing attacks – pretending to be a legitimate company like your bank or a government office, cyber thieves can get unwitting individuals to divulge personal data.
  • Hacking – gaining access to your email or online accounts, a cyber criminal can wreak havoc.
  • Dumpster diving – this is about as rudimentary as it gets but identity thieves can get a lot of personal data just from going through your business trash cans. Unshredded bank statements, bills, and other info can all be used to steal someone’s identity.

With so many people and services online, there are simply more and more ways for creative cyber criminals to gain access to your data. Even with a great identity protection plan in place, you need to remain extra vigilant to make sure your data is secure.

Tips for Deterring the Risk of Identity Theft

According to a recently published guide from the credit reporting agency, Equifax, there are many steps you can take to help thwart identity theft in the first place including:

  1. Shred financial documents. This simple act can make sure that vital personal information is properly disposed of and can’t be easily dug out of the trash. This is also especially important for your customers’ data as you’ll be taking responsibility for their personal information as well.
  1. Don’t give out personal information. Be smart when it comes to giving out your personal data online, filling out questionnaires, etc. If you’ve ever looked at personal trainer insurance somewhere other than IFG, then you know a long questionnaire with a lot of personal data goes into just getting a price for insurance. Imagine what happens to that data long term. Bottom line, if something seems questionable, think twice before giving out personal data. (Bonus alert: our plan never requires a long questionnaire, just a quick application with pricing and plan information always presented up front and center).
  1. Make strong passwords. This goes without saying today that all the different sites you visit should employ a strong password. Make sure you keep your password list secure as well. Different search engines can provide secure password storage or there are also services you can pay for to protect these, as well. In any case, make sure to use strong passwords and change them up to thwart cyber criminals.
  1. Monitor your credit report and bank statements carefully. If you get a statement you don’t recognize or you see charges on your statement that aren’t familiar, you need to take action. However, noticing possible signs of identity theft takes being vigilant with your statements and keeping good records for all the things you buy and sell in order to spot discrepancies.

Additional Protections Make Stronger Insurance Plans

When you combine stout protection like general and professional liability coverage, product liability coverage, and a full suite of additional safeguards, you’re left with a personal trainer insurance policy that really can pull its weight. Our plans are specifically tailored for the health and fitness industry to give fitness professionals the very best protection possible for the types of risk they face today. Identity theft protection is but one additional element in the career armor this policy provides our members.

Even beyond this, our plans also provide additional protection elements like stolen/damaged equipment coverage and a rental damage protection plan. Layer by layer, these additional safeguards are bonded with our liability insurance for personal trainers to create an impenetrable wall of protection designed to follow trainers every step of their career.

Benefits of Having an Identity Theft Protection Plan for Personal Trainers

Having identity theft protection in place as soon as possible provides a better chance of absolute protection should a cyber incident occur. Since these incidents are so common, this vital protection can easily apply “when” not “if” you have a cyber theft that steals your identity during your policy term. There are many benefits to be gained from having this important protection including:

  • $25,000 in identity restoration services: it might seem like that’s a lot of money but cyber thefts can hit so many different aspects of your business and personal finances. Cyber thieves can open credit cards, mortgages, steal benefits, and more all pretending to be you with the personal data they choose. This can lead to hours of your time and lots of money required to help set things right again. That’s why we include all the way up to $25,000 in identity restoration services from some of the best in the business today so you can quickly recover after a data breach compromises your identity.
  • Peace of mind being online: let’s face it, as personal trainers, you use the internet for just about everything you do. Since you rely on being connected to provide a great, memorable session for clients, it’s better to go in with eyes wide open, know the risks, and ensure you’re protected from the get go. That’s why we include this stout identity protection plan with our all-inclusive personal trainer insurance to provide the best support possible for trainers to thrive.
  • Dedicated restoration specialists: if you do become a victim of identity theft during your policy term, you don’t have to fret. Sure it can be a stressful time, but you will never be alone with a team of dedicated identity restoration specialists with you every step of the way to putting all of the pieces back in place.

With so many great benefits all associated with identity theft protection, it’s definitely easy to spot the added value this protection brings to your personal trainer insurance plan. As important as identity theft protection is nowadays, if you don’t see this vital protection included, it’s time to start looking for a new plan.

Securing Personal Trainer Insurance with Identity Protection in Minutes

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an Insure Fitness Group personal trainer insurance plan lies in the fact that you can get every aspect of the plan—coverage, additional protection, benefits, support, and access to your documents—all instantly. As soon as you fill out our super quick and streamlined online application and check out, you’ll have complete protection and immediate access to everything the plan provides. We know personal trainer insurance may be the last thing on a long list of to-dos you have for the day so make sure that our program is easy to spot what you get, how much insurance costs, and complete the entire process in just a few minutes’ time.

Check out our personal trainer insurance plan to learn more about everything that’s included and what we bring to the table. We even include a handy personal trainer insurance guide so you can see how our plan stacks up against the competition. We do this because we’re that confident we provide the best blend of coverage and affordability out there.

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