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Online Trainer Liability Insurance

Get covered with comprehensive liability insurance made just for today’s digital fitness pros offering live training sessions to online clientele.

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One Policy to Protect Your Business

Online Personal Trainer Liability Insurance

Insure Fitness Group knows that today’s fitness environment requires personal trainers to be both flexible and also accessible to clients. We’ve developed an online fitness instructor insurance program that provides the coverage you need to confidently offer training sessions online.

Whether your virtual personal training career is performed as an employee within a national chain gym, as a sole proprietor, or as a freelance personal trainer working as needed, this coverage will follow you through every exercise, every session, and every client dream realized.

New to fitness insurance? Check out the personal trainer insurance liability guide we developed for help understanding what to look for in a quality insurance program.

Virtual Personal Trainer Policy Highlights

One Policy to Protect Your Business

A-rated coverage with no hassle! Pay monthly or annually and get signed up in minutes.

To create the best insurance program for online personal trainers, we included generous coverage limits and made sure the plan stayed affordable. Highlights of our tailored virtual fitness instructor insurance plan includes: 

  • Professional & General Liability Insurance: up to $1 million for each claim occurrence and $3 million in total for all claims throughout the year. 
  • Instant Insurance Coverage Online: fill out a quick member application, check out, and that’s it – you’re immediately covered and can pull up your proof of insurance in less than 5 minutes. 
  • Fully Portable Insurance: your insurance plan covers you for both pre-recorded and live-streamed classes within in the United States.
  • Additional Protections Included: smart protection like personal injury and advertising injury coverage along with an identity protection plan round out one of the most complete insurance programs available.
  • Member-Only Benefits: get instant access to the Insurance Plus marketplace where you can obtain Dental/Vision add-on insurance, ACA-qualified Health insurance and Telehealth plans starting at a $10 copay. 

With the rise in popularity of online personal training sessions, so too increases the risk of an unfortunate event resulting in a claim being brought against the online trainer. Encompassing online personal trainer insurance acts as a safety net for your finances and your career, letting the trainer focus on providing great online fitness rather than what might happen if an accident were to result in a claim..

Being able to offer personal training sessions online has never been more crucial. Whether this is a side hustle for a personal trainer or you make your living as an online fitness professional, online sessions offer trainers and clients greater flexibility than ever before. 

As an online personal trainer, you should still employ the same routine as a regular in-person session. This starts with the very first client conversations where you help clients get honest with their health histories, expound on illnesses or injuries, and set realistic goals based on their baseline data. Online sessions should never skip this important step and require trainers to be all the more vigilant during the session to keep a watchful eye over their client. 

With a solid program and steady participation, you can achieve great fitness results for clients and never even have a face to face interaction. This drastically improves your ability to target specific segments – wherever they may be across the nation or even around the world. For example, you may cater to student-athletes or perhaps you prefer geriatric fitness, but in any case, you can tailor your services and your marketing to match these demographics.

There are hundreds of thousands of accidents that occur each year that are fitness related but for the most part statistics on accidents with personal trainers usually focus on traditional, in-person training sessions. However, even as an online personal trainer, you will still face many of the same liabilities as your in-person counterparts.

Insurance is your protection against liabilities and other forms of loss that can befall you at some point during a career. The areas with the highest risk are given the highest limits. For online personal trainer insurance, this pertains to general and professional liability. These two forms of insurance cover claims related to the services you provide, as well as the general act of you conducting business.

Let’s look over why our virtual trainer liability insurance coverages offer the greatest level of protection for professionals offering live online personal training: 

  • General liability insurance: coverage for third party claims for injuries or damage to property that occurred simply from you offering services. As the “slip and fall” insurance this typically relates to a physical space but consider this example – a client with a health condition that didn’t come up in their pre-session questionnaire suddenly passes out during your session and hits their head on the floor. Since they were in your online session at the time, they decide to file a lawsuit for all of their doctors bills.
  • Professional liability insurance: coverage for injuries or property damage that come as a result of you specifically providing your service. Often called ‘malpractice insurance’ which literally means bad practice. These claims are related to a client that alleges your online fitness instruction hurt them or damaged their property in some way. A client may say that your fitness program left them with a hurt back which has required rehab. They may then make a demand that you pay for their bills and other costs like lost wages. When the client decides to file suit, now legal defense fees are necessary. Without professional liability insurance, all of these costs could be coming directly from your pocket.
  • Product liability insurance: in fitness, gear and accessories are often vital components of the routine. If an accident occurs on a piece of equipment you instructed a client to use or with a product you recommended, you could face a claim related to product liability. That’s why our program provides all the way up to $1 million in total for these types of claims.
  • Personal Injury and Advertising Injury: This coverage protects you from liability for non-physical injuries or damages resulting from actions including defamation, false arrest, invasion of privacy, and copyright/trademark infringement in advertising and marketing.
  • Identity Theft Protection: We’ll cover up to $25,000 in identity restoration services for all IFG policyholders.

If you are considering getting your online personal training services covered by insurance, chances are good you are probably shopping around a little to see what your options are. Well, we hope we’ve saved you a little legwork by putting up a comparison of all our program has to offer right alongside the other leading names in online fitness insurance. Check out this side-by-side comparison and see how IFG stacks the weights when it comes to online personal trainer insurance.


Receive instant coverage and proof of insurance certificate via email immediately upon checkout, which takes less than 5 minutes.


Professional + General Liability: $1 million per occurrence, $3 million per year


We've teamed up with PayPal Credit to make it easy for you to pay for your policy the way you need.


You get free identity protection and fitness-related product discounts.

What Else Is Covered?

From popular programs and routines like Bodybeast®, cross training, HIIT, and Silver Sneakers®, our online personal trainers have the greatest flexibility when it comes to choosing a program and knowing it’s covered. However, if you don’t see your preferred online fitness program listed, you can talk to our licensed agents about seeing if it can be added to our growing list of covered services.

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Insure Fitness Provides A+ Rated Personal Trainer Insurance

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Getting online coaching insurance through IFG only takes a few minutes. As soon as you check out, you’ll have access to your full member profile.

  • Encompassing Insurance Coverage:  we cover you with insurance made just for online personal trainers. This means you get the coverage most appropriate for your industry which means being better protected.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: teaming up with PayPal Credit, you can now finance your annual membership into easier to manage monthly payment amounts. Depending on your credit, you can pay as little as $17 a month.
  • Members-Only Benefits Program: make the most of your membership with great discounts from the best names in health and fitness, in addition to access to the Insurance Plus marketplace where you can obtain Health, Vision and Dental coverage at group rates. We value our personal trainers and fitness instructors, and are constantly adding new benefits to add value to your membership.
  • Fitness Routines and Programs Covered by Online Fitness Instructor Insurance: IFG offers some of the very best diversities of different health and fitness programs covered under our online fitness instructor insurance program. With great coverage choices, you have the freedom to choose the best combination of live, online sessions to meet your clients’ needs. 
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Just a few of our many covered fitness programs include:

  • One-on-one personal training sessions
  • Group fitness instruction 
  • Live aerobics, HIIT, spinning and more!
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