What Does Personal Trainer Insurance Cover?

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Personal trainer insurance is important for protecting trainers from financial losses due to accidents or injuries that can happen during sessions, like a client slipping or equipment breaking. This insurance includes several types of coverage: general liability for incidents not directly related to exercises, professional liability for injuries from the training itself, and product liability for equipment issues.

It also covers property damage, stolen equipment, and identity theft—important as more trainers work online. Insurance Fitness Group (IFG) offers comprehensive coverage that addresses all these areas, helping trainers focus on their clients without worrying about financial risks from unexpected events.

Just the Warm Up: What is Insurance for Personal Trainers?

Before we get too pumped up with the particulars of what personal trainer insurance covers, let us take a brief look at what personal trainer insurance is. Personal trainer insurance, or liability insurance for personal trainers, helps protect you financially in the case of a lawsuit or liability claim against you from a client. These liabilities could include accidents, injuries, or damage to property or equipment.

As a personal trainer, there is a natural risk to your clients of injury from the exercises. Additionally, there is also the risk of accidents like a slip or fall. Personal trainer insurance would help cover the cost of these types of liabilities. The coverage for personal training provides financial security in the event of an unfortunate incident.

Types of Liabilities Personal Trainer Insurance Covers

Just as each client is unique, there are different types of liabilities that personal training insurance would cover. Insurance Fitness Group offers three main types of liability coverage for personal trainers. Added bonus, IFG combines coverage for all three into one policy. We provide personal trainer liability insurance for professional liability, general liability, and product liability.

We will explore the particulars of each type of liability covered by our personal trainer insurance policy.

General Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

Let’s begin with some of the most common liability claims, general liability claims. General liability insurance covers incidents that are not explicitly related to your profession as a personal trainer. Often referred to as “slip and fall” insurance, general liabilities are accidents that occur during a training session or class.

For example, a client is coming in for a workout and trips on a weight that was not put away after the previous client. Your client takes a hard fall and breaks their wrist when they try to catch themselves. This injury requires immediate medical attention and causes them to miss work for a couple of weeks to recover. Your client decides to contact a lawyer and holds you responsible for the medical expenses, lawyer fees, and the loss of income during their recovery.

In the above situation, general liability would help protect you from having to pay for their expenses out of your personal resources.

Professional Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

Professional liability insurance helps protect against claims that are directly related to personal training. This coverage would include injuries due to an exercise or activity in training. As you work with your clients to achieve their fitness goals, there is always the risk of injury during a training session or fitness class. Professional liability insurance for personal trainers would help protect you financially from a devastating cost of a lawsuit or claim against you.

For example, you are working with a client on weight training, and they attempt to squat a heavier weight than they are used to. They end up dropping the weight on their foot. This injury requires them to go to the emergency room, and they are put in a cast for several weeks to heal their foot. They file a claim against you for their medical bills, their attorney fees, and income loss during the recovery period.

In the unfortunate circumstance above, you could be held responsible for covering the cost associated with your client’s injuries. Having professional liability coverage through personal trainer insurance would protect you from having to pay these fees out of your personal pocket. The cost of a lawsuit or claim against you could be devastating to your finances and your career as a personal trainer. Keep yourself protected with personal trainer insurance from Insurance Fitness Group.

Product Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

Rounding off the trifecta of insurance coverage is product liability insurance. While helping your clients work towards their desired health outcomes, there are certain risks involved with fitness. Those risks increase as you utilize equipment and machinery during training sessions. Product liability insurance helps protect you from the cost of a claim due to a product malfunction that results in an injury or property damage. Even if a client is using a machine improperly, you could still be held liable for an injury that may occur.

For example, your client is using a leg press machine to work their quads and glutes. The pin holding the weight falls out, and the machine snaps into an extended position. This rapid change in weight and the sudden movement causes your client’s leg to over-extend, and they rupture a tendon. Their injury is painful, and they need to seek medical attention right away. Once they are seen by a doctor, they hire a lawyer and sue you for their pain and suffering, medical bills, and their lawyer fees.

In this situation, product liability insurance would help cover the cost of these expenses. Personal trainer insurance would protect your assets from a situation like this. While personal training does not always use equipment or machinery, when it does, it adds to the risks associated with helping your clients reach their fitness goals. Personal trainer product liability insurance is a crucial component of the coverage provided by IFG.

Additional Coverage

While the three primary coverages offer protection from claims related to your clients, the additional coverage helps with other claims. Certain situations that do not involve an injury, like property damage or stolen equipment, are also covered with personal trainer insurance from IFG.

Additional insurance coverage includes:

  • Identity theft protection: As the world grows more online than ever, personal trainers have had to adjust to having an online presence. While promoting your services online can provide an excellent opportunity to spread the word about your personal training, it also makes you more vulnerable to malicious online attacks. That’s why we offer identity theft protection for our personal trainer insurance policyholders. We help protect you from potential losses online due to identity theft.
  • Online training: Speaking of the online world, a lot of personal trainers have moved towards teaching remotely due to the effects of the recent pandemic. With so many personal trainers offering their services online, we include internet-based personal training insurance in our coverage. As the world changes, we know you have had to adapt your training styles. That’s why we are changing right along with it and offering coverage for online personal trainers.

Workouts Covered Under Personal Trainer Insurance

When working with your clients on their fitness goals, you likely utilize several exercises during a training session. While you may specialize in an area like aerobics or CrossFit training, it is important to have coverage for your specific area of fitness. Our personal trainer insurance covers more than 100 forms of personal training workouts and fitness modalities. Whether you primarily teach classes online, in-person, with groups, or one-on-one, our total coverage offers protection for the most popular exercises.

We offer coverage from the most popular training avenues like Barre and Zumba to more niche workouts like Orange Theory and Tabatas. Check out the complete list of activities we cover through our personal trainer insurance policy. With the specific coverage of professional liability insurance for personal trainers, IFG provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are financially covered if the worst happens.


Offering coverage for over 100 workouts, IFG protects you financially in the event of a lawsuit or claim against you. Our instant quote will have your coverage start the moment you sign up. Whether you are personal training over the internet, in-person, or still honing your personal training skills, having the protection of personal trainer insurance is a must. Get insured today.

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