Personal Training and Fitness Tips for the Summer

It’s hot out, it’s bright and shiny, and it’s beach season—that can only mean one thing. It’s summer.

As much as you love the warm temps and opportunities to dip into the ocean with your best pals, summertime isn’t all fruity cocktails and beachy selfies in the sun—it’s also an important time to ensure that you’re keeping up with your fitness and personal training career.

The problem? Staying motivated (and motivating your clients, too) can be an uphill battle during the summer months. Not only are the temperatures (typically) blazing hot (making it tough to do any kind of workout without sweating through your leggings), but it’s also a time for travel! Staying committed to a workout during the summer isn’t always easy!

The good thing? It’s not impossible.

This summer, you can stay motivated and on-schedule while keeping your clients motivated and on-schedule by following a few of these tried and true tips and tricks from IFG!

Check them out!

Hydration is Everything—Seriously

Okay, we know you know this, but we’re never going to not repeat it—stay freakin’ hydrated, guys.

Not only is it necessary for like, you know, normal life functions, but you’ll be absolutely amazed at how much better you’ll function in the summer heat when you’re probably hydrated. You’ll also be amazed at how much energy you have and how much more motivated you are. That’s why this tip is first and the most important.

You want to stay motivated? You want to motivate your clients? Drink ALL the water, and make sure your clients are doing this, too.

Be Flexible with Your Workout + Offer Your Clients Flexibility, Too

Here’s the thing. Exercise, fitness, and wellness aren’t about adhering to an insanely rigorous schedule that’s impossible to stick to—there are very few situations in life where that could work out.

Instead, overall wellness and health are about finding a good balance between enjoying your life and monitoring your fitness. That’s why it’s so vital to be flexible with your own workouts during the summer months—and that’s why it’s super valuable for you, as a pro personal trainer, to preach this to your clients, too.

Going on vacation? Good! You deserve it! Want to work out while you’re on vacation? Good! Do it! But if you want to take a day or two off, that’s okay, too. Balance and flexibility are key when it comes to avoiding burnout, especially in the summer when you have all the time in the world to do the fun things you want to.

As a trainer, make sure you’re advising this to your clients, too, but also be a valuable resource for flexible workouts they can accomplish while on vacation. Just because your client isn’t coming into the gym for two weeks doesn’t mean that you can’t provide them with great at-home workouts they can do anywhere! Prepare flexible summer plans for clients who are planning to travel but don’t want to stop with fitness!

Going Outside to Exercise? Don’t Skimp on Sunscreen

This one might seem like a no-brainer, too, but if you’re planning to enjoy the summer sun and heat, it’s so, so crucial that you’re protecting your skin. Obviously, you want to keep yourself safe from dangerous sun cancer, burns, blisters, and more, but also, one sunburn can ruin your week—and your workout routine.

Never skimp on sunscreen (no matter who you are or how well your skin handles the sunshine!)

Don’t Hate Yourself for Taking a Few Days Off

This one goes right back to being flexible with yourself and your clients. It’s summer, people, and while we never advise giving up on fitness and wellness, it’s OK to take a little time off to recoup and enjoy. Your summer should be fun and exciting, don’t make yourself miserable with guilt for missing a workout or two.

Host a Summer Fitness Challenge

This one is a super great way to keep your clients motivated (and attract new clients, too!) during the summer months. Because you probably already have an Instagram account or YouTube channel, you’re totally ready to take this one on immediately (if you don’t have those, we recommend setting that up—for lots of marketing and brand-related reasons!)

Setting up a summer fitness challenge via your social media platforms guarantees that all of your current client, as well as future ones, can participate in your challenges no matter where they are! Try setting up a 4-6-week fitness challenge with specific goals and checkpoints. Pick a fun prize for the winner—maybe some free personal training classes with you?

Offer Summer Savings + Specials

Because summer can be a tough time to draw in new clients, it’s the perfect opportunity to offer discounted rates, specials, and trial periods for newbies. The dip in price will attract the new folks and help you build up your clientele, which, might be necessary if your regulars are away for the summer!

And since injures can be rampant during the summer due to the extreme heat and sweat- make sure you're personal training career is protected against all liability.

Insure Fitness Group offers the most affordable, comprehensive professional liability insurance for personal trainers and fitness professionals available.

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