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Professional Pilates Instructor Liability Insurance

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Professional Pilates Instructor Liability Insurance

Pilates may be a gentle way to enhance core strength and mental alertness, but injuries can and do happen, even with the most basic movements.

It’s critical to cover your bases with Pilates teacher insurance. Accidents are a matter of when, not if. Insure Fitness Group is here to protect you and your career with the most valuable Pilates instructor liability insurance in the industry at $189/year. We offer a comprehensive policy that protects your business from injuries, accidents, and legal fees. Without insurance, you’d be on the hook.

We’re a community of fitness professionals who like to keep things simple – no lengthy quote process and no compromises.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice coverage to get the rate you deserve. That’s why IFG is proud to offer a comprehensive policy that includes general and liability coverage plus additional protection for your products, identity theft coverage, and so much more – all at no extra cost.

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One Policy to Protect Your Business

Pilates Instructor Insurance Program Highlights

Pilates Instructor Liability Insurance

Why do you need Pilates instructor insurance?

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were almost 460,000 reported fitness injuries in 2012. 

Approximately 50,000 reported injuries were caused by low weight and equipment. Pilates instructor insurance can help protect your career from lawsuits related to fitness injuries.

Pilates workouts, through the use of special training equipment, can present risks for injury just like other popular workout programs. As a Pilates instructor, it’s important to carry liability insurance to protect yourself against lawsuits.

Insure Fitness Group offers the most comprehensive and affordable Pilates Instructor liability insurance package, with additional member benefits.


Pilates instructor insurance covers claims related to the day-to-day operations of your Pilates business. For example, if a student sustains an injury in your Pilates class or you damage a studio during a training session, Pilates instructor insurance could help you a lawsuit and the financial burden from a claim.

Pilates teacher insurance from Insure Fitness Group also provides professional, general, and product liability coverage plus identity theft protection. All of these coverages are available for $189/year.

There are inherent risks, with all exercise classes. Pilates liability insurance protects you, the Pilates instructor, from claims and potential lawsuits for a multitude of accidents that could happen during class. Pilates general liability insurance protects you from accidents that may arise, through no fault of your own, as the Pilates instructor. 

For example, if a student slips and falls on some split water during class and breaks their arm, you may be liable. If a student pushes themselves too far, into a move they cannot do, and injures them self, you may be liable.

While you may work hard to stay current with the health needs of each client, sometimes they are not as forthright with their conditions as you need them to be. For example, you may have a female client who has recently become pregnant, but has chosen not to share that information with you. You might also have a male client who has a heart condition, or other serious health condition that could put him at risk during some of the moves he will perform in class. Pilates instructor general liability insurance would protect you from claims arising due to conditions like these. You can still see why it is critical for the health and longevity of your business that you make sure to have Pilates instructor insurance coverage.

Insure Fitness Group offers the best Pilates instructor insurance available. Unlike other insurance companies, we will cover a claim that happens within the policy period even if it is filed years later. With this type of support, we know that you will be able to rest easy and focus your full attention on your Pilates classes. Teach confidently with Pilates insurance coverage from Insure Fitness Group.

Despite the fact that you worked hard to earn your Pilates instructor certification, teach clearly, and check your equipment on a regular basis, accidents can still happen. The fact is that there are inherent risks with exercise itself, and this risk only increases when various pieces of equipment are added to the mix. Product liability insurance can provide the peace of mind you need so that you can focus on teaching Pilates to your clients instead of worrying about potential lawsuits. 

Product liability insurance is the type of insurance that offers a warranty or guarantee on a product. It is specifically created to cover you in the event that a product malfunctions and causes injury or damage to third parties. Depending on how the product was manufactured, designed, and assembled, you could be at risk of a lawsuit. Even if your client uses the equipment incorrectly, you could still be held liable for any damage that was caused or bodily harm.

While Pilates can be performed without equipment, if you are working in a studio, then you are probably using a number of pieces of Pilates equipment including: a trapeze table, the Wunda Chair, and The Reformer. The use of this type of equipment means that your risks of client injury and lawsuits increase. All it takes is a loose spring, a moment of unfocused attention, or an improperly secured safety chain for an injury to occur. Pilates product liability insurance helps to protect you in this type of situation, so that you do not bear the brunt of the financial expenses associated with a lawsuit.

We know you want flexibility in your budget so we’ve partnered with PayPal Credit to offer a finance option that let’s you pay for your policy monthly.  When you choose to pay monthly, PayPal Credit takes the total cost of your policy plus a small service fee and breaks it up over your selected duration.  

Using PayPal Credit is subject to a credit check and there is no interest if you pay off your policy within the first 6 months.  After 6 months interest fees may apply. 

Pilates Instructor Insurance from Insure Fitness Group gives you peace of mind through complete professional liability insurance.
Are you covered in the event of an accident or injury?

Pilates Instructor Liability Insurance

What Else Is Covered?

Our Pilates instructor insurance program covers a multitude of exercise programs, workout routines, along with hundreds of other healing and fitness practices.  IFG covers fitness instructors working in solo careers, small gym environments, or as employees of national gym chains. In addition, we offer liability insurance for specialty training programs like Circuit Training, HIIT, Zumba, Dance, and Barre, along with hundreds of other training and healing practices.  

To find out if your practice or style is covered, call us at 866-858-6550!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pilates Instructor Insurance

Pilates Instructor Insurance FAQs

Even though a gym may have their own insurance, chances are good that even if they extend you some degree of coverage, the coverage provided will be a relatively small amount. This means that you alone bear the responsibility for paying any shortfalls there may be. If you are operating as an independent contractor, you may not have any coverage at all under the gym’s policy, making it vital for your own financial affairs and very well the fate of your career to have a solid professional liability insurance policy backed by an A-rated carrier.

Absolutely! We know as an instructor that being able to prioritize payments each month can make all the difference to your bottom line so offer the convenience of flexible payments. Through PayPal credit, members can pay monthly premium amounts instead of having to provide the full balance each term.

Purchasing a one-year Pilates liability insurance policy today and paying the full balance is $189. To opt for a monthly premium, we’ve partnered with PayPal credit where members can pay as low as $17 for our pilates insurance program with twelve months of coverage. We also have a student rate of $65 for a year for students in Pilates instruction. Call now to start the process of applying to participate in our PayPal credit program.

We have chosen to rely on TrustPilot in order to get real reviews from real members. We believe this transparency is crucial in order for professionals to have all the information they need in order to make an educated decision for them and their careers. We’re very proud to have a TrustScore of 4.6 out of 5 based on the reviews of professional fitness providers like Pilates instructors.

Emphatically, yes. Even if a case is entirely frivolous, legal defense without insurance can be financially devastating.

How long do you have? Truth is, we’ve seen so many different types of claims in this industry that hardly anything seems new anymore and yet we see new kinds of liabilities all the time. To give you a better picture of the bulk of our program, we’ll run through an example within each of the three core protections our Pilates insurance coverage affords:

  • General liability: a client slips on the welcome mat and shatters their hip on the hard concrete beneath. They are suing for their injuries, doctors bills, time spent out of work, and emotional distress. 
  • Professional liability: a client strains a muscle while trying to concentrate on their balance and core strength in a physically-demanding Pilates position. Since you were providing instruction, they assert you are liable for their injury and should pay for their doctor visits and physical therapy bills. 
  • Product liability: a client breaks out with an allergic reaction from the being on the Reformer you had them using during their session. They file a claim alleging the cleaner you use is what caused their reaction and they demand you pay for their medical treatment.

Of course. Our Pilates instructor insurance is good no matter how you wish to provide your instruction to clients. Whether that’s with a large group at a park, or in a one-on-one at the gym, our members enjoy the benefit of full insurance coverage through our Pilates instructor insurance program.

Our Pilates instructor insurance program provides coverage for more than 100 different popular workout routines. See our chart of automatically covered fitness programs. If you don’t see your particular style listed, talk to a knowledgeable agent who can see about having your specialty added to our growing list.

Pilates insurance, like any insurance policy, is a contract between the insurer and the policyholder that, if an event occurs that falls under the provisions of the policy, the insurer will provide the financial resources to cover the costs of the claim, up to whatever the policy’s limits are. Pilates insurance is used to cover the liabilities that are inherent in the industry of providing Pilates instruction. Putting clients through physically-challenging sessions, unfortunately, presents many opportunities for liabilities to occur. Not fully knowing where clients are coming from with physical ability, existing health conditions that can be exacerbated by exercise, and even completely random events which are hard to ever plan for all present opportunities for a liability claim to be filed against a professional. Insure Fitness Groups’ professional liability insurance provides security from these liabilities.

Most claims that befall a Pilates instructor fall within three areas of liability – general, professional, and product. Pilates insurance provides ample coverage for these three anchors, in addition to providing other protections for other events that can arise in the course of providing Pilates instruction. 

  • General liability is what’s known as “slip and fall” insurance because it provides coverage for injuries or damages that occur simply from being open for business. 
  • Professional liability gets a little more specific as it applies to the actual services you provide. Routinely called “malpractice” insurance, this important coverage provides Pilates instructors with assurance that alleged incidents of malpractice will be provided for, up to the policy limit.
  • Product liability provides a good amount of coverage for any claims that result from when a client has a detrimental reaction to a product that was used during the Pilates session.

Kicking it up a notch, our insurance program also provides coverage for many other types of loss events like identity theft and personal injury/advertising injury – all so our members have multiple layers of protection from the what-ifs surrounding a future claim. Learn more about Insure Fitness here.

Pilates insurance covers a wide range of claims for today’s Pilates instructors kicking butt in the field. General and professional liability claims are some of the most common types that a Pilates instructor might face in their career. Claims related to these provisions will be taken care of up to $1 million for each claim and $3 million in total for all claims in a year for each individual (referred to as an annual aggregate). Learn more here.

Our insurance program comes with some of the best benefits the industry has to offer. We have built relationships with the best names in fitness gear, accessories, service providers, and event builders to bring our members exclusive access to these and other great programs like our professionally-curated member content library.

Certainly! We help out our Pilates students that are just getting into the industry with a students-only rate of only $65 for a year of insurance coverage. A great strategy for students of Pilates instruction is to wait until they are nearing graduation to purchase their one-year student policy. That way, they will get professional liability insurance coverage for almost the entirety of their first year in the industry. On-the-job lessons are sometimes costly so having the backing of our solid insurance program for Pilates instructors is one of the best decisions a student can make for protecting their budding career.

Liability insurance provides a guarantee for the policyholder that a liability claim against them is covered per the provisions of the policy. Liability is simply something you have financial responsibility for. Instructors assume a certain amount of liability when they choose to provide services.

That’s affirmative. We chose to offer the convenience of full-portability with our Pilates instructor liability insurance policy. This means that no matter if you switch employers, choose to strike it out on your own as a sole proprietor, or even pick up and decide to offer services in a new state, your policy follows you. Do note that, we are only able to provide coverage for those services that you are legally experienced, and duly licensed for, in the state or locale in which you plan to operate. The best course when moving states is to look up your new state’s requirements for transferring a license or starting a new Pilates practice and get the necessary wheels in motion well in advance of your move.

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