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Why Do Fitness Professionals Need Liability Insurance?

Fitness professionals know that the industry is anything but sedentary. Because the job comes with so much hands-on physical training compared to other careers, it’s vital that fit pros have the liability coverage that can keep up with the needs of the industry.

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Why Should I Choose Insure Fitness Group?

  • Insure Fitness Group was created to meet the specific needs of those in the fitness industry. Our sign-up process is quick and easy, letting you get back to doing what you love knowing that you’re protected with a policy that covers over 350 types of fitness practices, including live-streaming and online practices.
  • With $3 million in annual Professional & General Liability coverage ($1 million per occurrence), our policy offers complete protection that you just can’t get from the competition without breaking the bank. Get premium coverage at a flat rate - no sneaky fees, no gimmicks.
  • Plus, members receive $1 million in Product Coverage, $100,000 in Rental Damage insurance and $1,000 in Stolen Equipment insurance! All included with your membership! 
  • We also provide our members with access to tools and benefits to advance their career like discounts on continuing education courses and on products from major retailers!
  • Our organizations history in the health and wellness industry began in the 1980’s given us the experience and knowledge in the space and we’re backed by some of the biggest names in the industry and are trusted by thousands of fitness professionals.

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Savings Comparison Graph
Savings Comparison Graph

In a perfect world, there would be no need for fitness insurance, but the fact is—injuries and accidents happen.

In 2015, Planet Fitness agreed to pay Susan Butler $750,000 to settle a personal injury lawsuit in which she broke her hip and wrist while working with a personal trainer at Planet Fitness.

According to Smiley & Smiley, LLP, one of their clients sued a personal trainer for negligently recommending an unsafe exercise. The parties eventually settled for $300,000.

A comprehensive and affordable policy from Insure Fitness Group can keep you protected so you can focus on your clients and your career worry free. For only $169 a year we provide top rated coverage that follows you from the gym or studio to your client's house and online, we’re ready to keep you covered! 

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