Present Yourself Like a Pro: How to Sell Yourself at a Fitness Expo

why events matter 

Over the last twenty years, the fitness industry has grown by leaps and bounds. The opportunities that are out there for those who wish to teach/help others how to enhance their health, transform their physiques, and overcome/prevent injuries are almost endless in this day and age. However, along with the growing opportunities comes tens of thousands of more people fighting to find their place and make a name for themselves in this incredibly competitive field.

And while social media has provided an overwhelmingly effective platform for trainers, coaches, teachers and therapists to advertise their services and convince consumers why they are the one’s that people should choose to work with, I believe that the most successful professionals are the ones who also get out there in person at local, national and even global events, such as expos, competitions, and conferences.

in person makes a difference 

In fact, some of the biggest opportunities that have come my way in my 30 years as a fitness pro have manifested from presenting myself “in the flesh” to the owners of supplement, equipment, clothing and other fitness-related companies at all kinds of industry events. Yes, IG, Facebook and You Tube are all great, but nothing has more of a memorable impact than shaking someone’s hand, looking them in the eyes, and telling them why THEY need YOU.

Recently I attended the OLYMPIA FITNESS & PERFORMANCE WEEKEND in Las Vegas, which is not only the biggest competitive event in the bodybuilding/physique sports, but also home to one of the largest and most highly attended industry expos in the world. Not only do hundreds of global companies fill the Las Vegas Convention Center with booths of every size, but also just about every kind of sport is represented by athletes coming from all over the world to either compete or represent themselves or the company they are associated with.

While there, I made sure (as I always do) to check in with old friends and associates, meet and greet some of the new companies, talk to fans/followers, take photos to use for social media, and strike up new and positive relationships with as many people as possible so as to continue to expand my network. However, I never go to these events unprepared. If you want to be seen as someone of importance, you must present yourself in as professional a manner as possible. Below is a checklist of things to think about when attending events such as the OLYMPIA with the purpose of growing more dominant in the industry you love.

The checklist:

  • Get yourself into tip top shape: You must look the part.
  • Dress properly: This does not mean you need to wear a suit and tie or skirt and heels, but simply that your appearance is neat, clean and flatters your physique without going overboard.
  • Be well groomed: Be the individual that you are but look how you might if heading to an important job interview.
  • Have copies of your updated resume: Always make sure to have your resume handy, which makes you look professional and prepared.
  • Carry professional photos: This is especially important if you are looking for booth or modeling type work.
  • Greet everyone with a strong handshake: This goes for women as well as men. A firm handshake expresses power and confidence.
  • Be aggressive: There is a difference between being aggressive and obnoxious. Do not be afraid to ask to see the owner, CEO or manager. Regular booth workers have nothing to do with hiring new talent.
  • Be friendly: Always put on a smile and be polite at all times. Say thank you and let people know how much you appreciate their time.
  • Be confident and not cocky: There are 1000’s of great physiques out there. There are tons of guys and gals who have won competitions and are the kings and queens of their gyms back home. In the scheme of things, you are still a little fish in a big pond. Be humble while still showing that you are confident in yourself and your abilities.

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