Public Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers Guide

Public Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers Guide

protecting yourself from liability risks is essential. As a fitness professional, your work holds a higher risk of bodily harm or injury than some other professions. While under your care, your trainees look to you for guidance, instruction, and direction in their fitness goals. But if something goes wrong and a client is injured, it could result in a liability lawsuit. 


Personal trainer insurance helps protect you from the risks of lawsuits and similar claims. Here’s everything you need to know about public liability insurance for personal trainers and fitness instructors. 

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Public Liability Insurance

Personal trainer insurance is designed to cover legal costs, medical expenses, and compensation in the event of a liability lawsuit. Because of the nature of fitness training, there is an inherent risk of overexertion, physical injury, or bodily harm to your trainees. While you would never intentionally harm one of your clients, accidents, and errors can happen to anyone, especially when exercise is involved. 


Public liability insurance is created to cover the costs if a client, gym member, or another member of the public is harmed while in your facility or under your training. In short, if a client is injured, public liability insurance can pick up the tab for their compensation. 

What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

At IFG, we strive to include coverage from every angle for our members. Each policy includes a range of protective plans, generous coverage limits, and unparalleled member benefits. Our personal trainer insurance policy includes everything you need to feel confident in your coverage and protected from public liability lawsuits. 


Here’s what you can expect an IFG public liability insurance policy to cover.

  • General and professional liability protection: This coverage protects you from the risks associated with universal liabilities, like slips and falls or personal property damage. It also helps defend against lawsuits resulting from your professional errors or mistakes that cause someone harm.
  • Product liability: This coverage is designed specifically for liabilities related to product malfunctions, allergic reactions, or equipment failures that cause harm or injury.
  • Personal injury and advertising injury: This coverage protects fitness instructors from liability for non-physical injuries or damages resulting from actions including defamation, false arrest, invasion of privacy, and copyright/trademark infringement in advertising and marketing.
  • Identity theft protection: This coverage protects you from online predators accessing your financial info, business profiles, and personal data. 


Unlike other companies that charge way too much for way too little coverage, we want our members to know they are in the best hands for their public liability coverage. That’s why we include all this coverage and more in every policy we provide. 

Why Personal Trainers Need Public Liability Coverage

There are any number of reasons why personal trainers need public liability coverage. First of all, the nature of their profession involves extreme physical activity, close interaction with clients, and intense workout situations. Even personal trainers can make mistakes, cause an accident, or misread a situation. A client might trip or fall during a session, overexert themselves, or aggravate an unknown medical condition, resulting in harm or injury. Despite the physical fitness coach’s best efforts, these liabilities could lead to a lawsuit or claim against them. 


Second, trainees expect their teachers to guide them on their fitness journeys. Personal trainers without insurance could face unimaginable expenses should they fail to create a safe environment for their clients and trainees. This financial burden could not only jeopardize their personal assets but their livelihood as well. 


Third, personal trainers without sufficient public liability coverage would find it challenging to procure a position in a gym or studio. Many fitness facilities require their coaches and personal instructors to hold a public liability insurance policy before they will hire them. 


Having a public liability insurance policy as a personal trainer is prudent and could also be necessary to maintain a position in the fitness facility. 

Bonus Alert: Member Benefits Incoming

Beyond the sheer necessity, a public liability insurance policy from IFG comes with a fantastic array of perks and occupation-specific benefits. As a member, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts, memberships, business services, access to affordable healthcare plans, and so much more. Our personal trainers work hard and deserve every benefit we can throw their way. 

Make the Smart Choice with IFG

Public liability insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve streamlined the process to make it as easy and affordable as possible. If you’re ready to make the smart choice for your public liability insurance coverage, apply for personal trainer insurance today. We offer the total package for public liability insurance for personal trainers. You can have confidence knowing that we have your back when the chips are down.

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