Strong by Zumba: Everything You Need to Know

We’ve all heard of Zumba—the fitness dance sensation that rules the nation. And we’re not exaggerating—everyone knows about Zumba, even if they’ve never even tried it. You could overhear someone at the gym talking to their best friend about the insane Zumba class she took the other day, and even if you’d never seen a Zumba class, you can totally picture what they’re talking about.

But Zumba isn’t just fiery dance moves and high-tempos anymore. In fact, Zumba (the brand) has put out an entirely new fitness craze. And it’s actually pretty dang different than what you probably consider Zumba to be.

We’ve done the hard work for you and collected all the need-to-know deets about what Strong by Zumba is all about, what you can expect, and even how you can get certified as a Strong by Zumba trainer (if you’re into that, of course).

Ready to dive in? Let’s do this.

Strong by Zumba What the Heck Is It?

Of course, when you think Zumba, you think dance fitness. And for good reason—the brand built itself up on that marketing, that type of fitness, and that recognition. In essence, they did a fantastic job. But Strong by Zumba is not a dance fitness class.

Instead, Strong by Zumba is a high-intensity interval training workout (HIIT) that’s all about boot camp and less about booty-shakin’.

Don’t let us mislead you—Strong by Zumba is still about moving with high-tempo beats, but instead of sashaying your way into fitness, you’re focusing on HIIT movements and timing them with a rhythmic beat.

Strong by Zumba is typically a 45-minute workout that’s divided into four quadrants (their word, not ours, but we definitely like it. Think of them as little sections). Here’s a little breakdown of what those four quadrants look like:

  • Quad 1: Ignite. It’s a warm-up, ya’ll, and it’s built to get you ready for the HIIT workout that’s ahead of you.
  • Quad 2: Fire Up. This is where you start those HIIT exercises. You’ll tone muscles, you’ll burn calories, you’ll use bodyweight (and resistance in some cases) to get your hurts pumping and your muscles going.
  • Quad 3: Push Your Limits. It’s combo time, guys. Supersets. Burpees. Fireups. You name it, you’re doing it, and you’re going hard.
  • Quad 4: Floorplay. You didn’t think we were forgetting core, did you? We’d never. Floorplay is all about floor-based exercises to target your core muscles.

The cool thing about this type of fitness? It doesn’t require all that much equipment. Literally, all you need is a good pair of cross-trainers, a study floor mat, a towel, tons of water, and a severe will to get this workout accomplished.

What Clientele would Strong by Zumba Appeal to?

One of the most interesting parts about this fitness class is that it’s got a very Zumba vibe without going full-Zumba. So, there are tons of different types of clientele this could appeal to. Further, it’s a very little-equipment-required exercise—it really broadens the horizons for a lot of different target markets.

Here are a few types of clients we think Strong by Zumba might appeal to:

The Tone + Cardio Group

This is a great choice for clients that are looking to tone up and burn calories but are not interested in building up bulky muscle. This is a wonderful choice for those clients who definitely want to look lean and cut but aren’t interested in stepping into the weight-lifting section of the gym or the clients who can’t get enough of the treadmill.

The Non-Weight-Lifting Group

Again, if you have clients who are desperately wanting to build muscle but have absolutely no interest in stepping inside the weight-lifting portion of the gym, Strong by Zumba is the ultimate solution. They’ll burn calories, build up solid muscle, and feel good about themselves all without having to brave the intimidating parts of the gym (which, is often enough to keep someone away from fitness entirely).

The Little-to-No-Equipment Group

This is a great workout for folks who don’t want to invest time in the actual gym OR who don’t want to mess around with equipment. This exercise makes it easy to workout anywhere—they just need a trainer to show them the ropes (hey, that’s you), a mat, and a good pair of shoes.

The Ashamed-to-do-Zumba Group

Then, there’s the group who really, really wants to dance, feel the music, and get pumped up during their workout but for the life of them just can’t go to a Zumba class. They exist, and we all know someone like that. This is like Zumba lite—not in the way that it’s a dancing class, but in that it’s a kick-ass exercise while listening to exciting, heart-pumping music.

How You Can Get Certified to be a Strong by Zumba Instructor

Sounds pretty dang appealing, right? We happen to agree.

If you’re interested in becoming a Strong by Zumba instructor, it’s truly not an entirely difficult process.

There are no mandatory prerequisites, but it’s strongly advised that you’re a licensed personal trainer before you become a Strong instructor. Further, it helps to have a quality Zumba insurance company on your side whenever you’re planning to add on personal training services. Insure fitness group offers a comprehensive Zumba teacher insurance program that comes out to less than $0.50 cents a day!

Zumba offers online classes to train you that focus on the foundational moves and the science behind the main focus of their workouts—high-intensity interval training. You can even attend trainings in person—Strong by Zumba has a link to help you find the trainings nearby that you can attend! 

These trainings and e-learning opportunities can even qualify your for additional credits with ACE, AFAA, Can Fit Pro, REPS, and more!

Meet The Author:

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Parker, IFG’s Brand Manager since 2022, began his wellness journey in 2020, leading to a significant personal transformation. He holds a journalism degree from Murray State University and started his career as an award-winning journalist in western Kentucky before transitioning into marketing and PR.

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