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Comprehensive Insurance For Student Trainers

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Your IFG student policy includes professional and general liability coverage, plus freebies to protect your product, identity and a whole lot more.

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Student Trainer Liability Insurance

Just like full-time fitness professionals, students need insurance, too.

If you work directly with training clients, you could be vulnerable to claims. Even if you’re not found liable, you’d still have to pay attorney fees, court costs and other hidden expenses. Without insurance, that’d all come out of your pocket.

That’s why IFG is proud to offer a comprehensive insurance policy purpose-built to protect aspiring fitness pros. Whether you’re studying to become a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, teach Pilates, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Focus on earning your certification and starting your business – we’ll take care of the rest.

Most other insurers may advertise a low rate to get you in the door, but tack on extra fees just to cover the basics you need. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice coverage just to get a decent rate. One policy with IFG covers you across the board with general and professional liability coverage. Enjoy free product coverage, identity theft protection and more all at no extra cost.

What We Offer

Student Trainer Policy Highlights

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To create the best insurance program for student fitness trainers, we included the exact same protection we offer full-time pros, all at a student-friendly rate of $69 per year. You can find the highlights below:

  • General and Professional Liability Insurance: up to $1 million for each claim occurrence and $3 million in total for all claims throughout the year. 
  • Instant Insurance Coverage Online: fill out a quick member application, check out, and that’s it – you’re immediately covered and can pull up your proof of insurance in less than 5 minutes. 
  • Fully Portable Insurance: your insurance plan covers you for both pre-recorded and live-streamed classes within in the United States.
  • Additional Protections Included: smart protection like product liability, personal injury/advertising injury and an identity protection plan round out one of the most complete insurance programs available.
  • Member-Only Benefits: get instant access to the Insurance Plus marketplace where you can obtain Dental/Vision add-on insurance, ACA-qualified Health insurance and Telehealth plans starting at a $10 copay. Save big with members-only discounts at leading retailers and fitness partners.

Student fitness trainers are typically students who have undergone some level of training or certification in fitness and exercise instruction. Just like full-time professionals, they assist and guide clients in achieving their fitness goals through personalized exercise programs and advice.

This can include the following:

  1. Assessment: They assess clients’ fitness levels, health history, goals, and any limitations or medical conditions that may affect their exercise routines. This helps them create customized fitness plans that align with the clients’ specific needs.

  2. Create Exercise Programs: Based on the assessment, student fitness trainers design exercise programs tailored to their clients’ fitness goals. These programs may include cardiovascular exercises, strength training, flexibility exercises, and more.

  3. Instruction and Demonstration: Students help demonstrate proper exercise techniques and ensure that clients perform exercises correctly and safely to avoid injuries.

  4. Motivation and Support: Student fitness trainers motivate and encourage their clients throughout their fitness journey. They help clients stay focused on their goals and maintain consistency in their exercise routines.

  5. Monitoring Progress: They track and monitor clients’ progress regularly, making adjustments to the exercise programs as needed to ensure continued improvement.

  6. Safety Awareness: Student fitness trainers may educate clients about proper warm-up techniques, cooling down after exercise, and the importance of hydration during workouts.

  7. Communication: They maintain clear and open communication with clients to address any concerns, questions, or challenges they may encounter during their fitness journey.

  8. Continuous Learning: As students themselves, they may actively seek further education and training in the fitness field to enhance their knowledge and skills.

The answer is simple – it’s your safety net, your shield against unexpected setbacks that can occur during your journey to becoming a fully-fledged fitness professional.

By having insurance as a student fitness trainer, you convey professionalism and dedication to your clients. They will feel more secure and confident in working with you, knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to protect their interests and well-being.

During your training, you might participate in practical training, internships, or mentorship programs. Having insurance at this stage ensures you’re protected while honing your skills and gaining valuable hands-on experience.

We understand that as a student, your budget might be limited. That’s why our Student Trainer Insurance offers affordable options tailored to you, without breaking the bank.

Our insurance coverage covers a wide range of potential risks, including bodily injury, your products, and professional liability. Whether you’re training clients in a gym, studio, or outdoors, we’ve got your back.

Once you’re insured, you can focus on what truly matters – your growth as a fitness professional. Pursue your education, gain practical experience, and make a real impact in the lives of your clients, knowing you have a safety net to fall back on.


Receive instant coverage and proof of insurance certificate via email immediately upon checkout, which takes less than 5 minutes.


Professional + General Liability: $1 million per occurrence, $3 million per year. Product Liability: $1 million per occurrence


We've teamed up with PayPal credit to make it easy for you to pay for your policy the way you need.


You get identity protection and fitness-related product discounts.

What Else Is Covered?

From popular programs and routines like Bodybeast®, cross training, HIIT, and Silver Sneakers®, our student trainers have the greatest flexibility when it comes to choosing a program and knowing it’s covered. However, if you don’t see your preferred fitness program listed, you can talk to our licensed agents about seeing if it can be added to our growing list of covered services.

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Insure Fitness Provides A+ Rated Student Trainer Insurance

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Getting Student insurance through IFG only takes a few minutes. As soon as you check out, you’ll have access to your full member profile.

  • Encompassing Insurance Coverage:  we cover you with insurance made just for student fitness instructors. This means you get the coverage most appropriate for your industry which means being better protected.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: teaming up with PayPal Credit, you can now finance your annual membership into easier to manage monthly payment amounts. 
  • Members-Only Benefits Program: make the most of your membership with great discounts from the best names in health and fitness, in addition to access to the Insurance Plus marketplace where you can obtain Health, Vision and Dental coverage at group rates. We value our personal trainers and fitness instructors and are constantly adding new benefits to add value to your membership.
  • Fitness Routines and Programs Covered by Student Instructor Insurance: IFG offers some of the very best diversities of different health and fitness programs covered under our student fitness instructor insurance program. With great coverage choices, you have the freedom to choose the best combination of live, online sessions to meet your clients’ needs. 
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Just a few of our many covered fitness programs include:

  • One-on-one personal training sessions
  • Group fitness instruction 
  • Live aerobics, HIIT, spinning and more!
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