Summer Side Hustles for Fitness Professionals

Being a personal trainer or a fitness pro is a demanding job, but let’s be honest, it’s also a job that allows you really flex your creative muscles (which is usually a huge benefit). That benefit absolutely applies to adding on some side hustle gigs to boost your income, support your travel fund, and allow you the flexibility you’ve always cravedsomething that you probably can’t get enough of in the summer time.

There are so many opportunities out there for fitness pros looking to amp up their side hustle game—the more creative you are, the more options will reveal themselves to you. The more open-minded you are, flexible, and eager to help people (and make cash while doing it), the more likely you are to find a side hustle that truly fits your wants and needs.

That being said, we’re not here to just brag about the side hustle abilities of your profession and then leave you in the dust to think of your options all on your own. Heck no! We’re here to help, advise, and provide some inspo for your summer side hustle.

Check out a few of our ideas here!

Summer Challenges on Your Social Media

If you’ve been in the fitness industry for a while (or if you just started but have a knack for it), odds are you’re pretty aware of how powerful social media is for your brand. Which means, you probably already have some fitness accounts set up for your fitness business.

Now is the time to really, really utilize the power of social to boost your side hustle game!

Create fun, summer challenges that you broadcast via your social media—set up private groups for paying customers where they can watch your tips, exercise along with you, and encourage each other during their 8-week challenge. Try theme-ing these challenges out, offering a variety of options, and pricing them fairly for what you’re willing to give. This type of side hustle is extra beneficial because it can be done from anywhere, meaning it’s super conducive if you have summer travel plans!

Get that YouTube Channel Going

This definitely goes hand-in-hand with the social media thing we mentioned above, but YouTube is its own beast, and for that, we think it deserves a section of its own. If you don’t already have a YouTube channel, maybe this summer is the perfect time to really crack down and set something up.

Why? Because YouTube, like social media channels (we’re looking at you, Instagram), allow you the chance to help people, create income, and make a difference all without ever having to be in a specific place at a specific time.

YouTube can be really lucrative, too, especially for fitness pros. There are branding opportunities, there’s ad revenue to be made, and there are member-only options you can tack on, too.

Do a little research and you might find that YouTube is the perfect summer gig for you!

Fun, Outdoor Classes for Anyone

This is a hugely popular option for summer side hustles. Maybe you work in a gym, a studio, or your own personal workspace—often, that doesn’t mean you’re working with clients outside. Now is the time to do it—the sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, and being outside makes working out even more fun. Try setting up an outside-only-curriculum for special group classes—whether it’s circuit training in the park, beach sprinting, hiking and adventuring. Get creative, be knowledgeable, and if you need to, get certified (now’s the time to mention that you should look into your own professional liability insurance for all these summer side hustles).

Open this up to anyone and everyone, market it through your social channels, and watch your classes grow in size every week.

Tack on Nutrition Services

If you’re certified to advise on nutrition (and you love it), adding on a side service for select clients to help them with nutrition could be a great way to make a little extra cash for very little effort.

Plus, advising on nutrition isn’t something you need to discuss with clients in-person—you can always travel, explore, and vacation this summer while still helping them master their nutrition goals.

Offer Traveling Services

Don’t be afraid to get really creative and offer traveling services to individuals. If you plan to explore a bit this summer, look for social media groups, fitness blogs, and area-community-forums where you can post your services!

Always make sure you’re linking all your credible documentation (your current job, your certification, etc.) so people know you’re not trying to scam them! You’d be surprised how many people would be interested in trial-training with you while you’re on the go!

look for Guest Spots in Other Gyms

Looking to travel around this summer? Good! You Should! That doesn’t mean you have to give up on personal training while you do it.

Contact a few gyms, studios, or businesses ahead of time where you plan to travel and see if they’d welcome guest spots. You’d be surprised how many establishments would welcome you for a few weeks to guest train—especially if you’re relatively popular on social media and have built your brand up.

Meet The Author:

Parker Franklin

Parker, IFG’s Brand Manager since 2022, began his wellness journey in 2020, leading to a significant personal transformation. He holds a journalism degree from Murray State University and started his career as an award-winning journalist in western Kentucky before transitioning into marketing and PR.

At IFG, Parker is responsible for writing content, managing The Fit newsletter, and overseeing promotions and collaborations with affiliate fitness organizations.

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