Having Online Insurance Coverage as a Fitness Instructor Matters

Occurrence form coverage is something we’ve touched on a lot in our ongoing blog series but if you’re new to Insure Fitness (welcome!) or just exploring your personal trainer insurance options, you may have never come across this term. So why is occurrence form so vital for today’s trainers? We’ll deep dive into this crucial policy provision that can mean the difference between full and complete coverage versus zero coverage for the exact same claim event.

Your Go-To Guide for Online Training

online trainer tips

One of the greatest things about being a fitness instructor is that you’re able to create a career that you’re passionate about while making a huge, impactful difference in someone’s life.

Online Personal Trainer Insurance: Do I Need It?

Personal Trainer Insurance

In recent years there has been a meteoric rise in personal training that is conducted with clients completely online. Since these sessions aren’t in person, many trainers may decide to forego purchasing personal trainer liability insurance.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Online Personal Trainer

The year was 1999, and at the time I owned a small, but elegant personal training studio in NY called “BodyFX.” From Monday to Friday I would arrive at 5 am to open up and meet my first client, often not leaving to head home till somewhere around 9 at night.

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