Stolen Equipment Insurance for Personal Trainers

stolen equipment guide for personal trainers

From boxing pads and gloves to kettlebells and Therabands®, the equipment you use as a personal trainer is an essential part of your profession. Each day you use any number of weights, resistance bands, or other gear to help your clients meet their fitness goals. As such an important element of your training, your equipment […]

How to Protect Yourself as a Personal Trainer

protect yourself as a personal trainer

In today’s world of personal training, you get the privilege of helping multiple clients reach their personal fitness goals. Through hard work and training, your clients can see their desired results and become better versions of themselves. This all sounds great, but what happens when something goes wrong? What happens when a client gets hurt […]

Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers: What You Need to Know

Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

You work hard as a personal trainer to help your clients achieve their fitness goals. You need a personal trainer liability insurance policy that works as hard as you do every day. Just like you are there for your clients, Insure Fitness Group is here for you with affordable and comprehensive coverage. Liability insurance for personal […]

What Does Personal Trainer Insurance Cover?

what does personal trainer insurance cover

As a promoter of health and fitness, the protection of personal trainer insurance is an absolute must. Working with clients to achieve their fitness goals can be an extremely rewarding line of work. Every day, you push your clients to be the best they can be. However, personal training does come with inherent risks like […]

The Best Personal Trainer Certifications for Aspiring Trainers

Now, more than ever before, the country needs personal trainers.Dedicated professionals committed to helping people stay fit, lose weight and live their healthiest lives are an absolute necessity for the health of our nation. The evidence of this? The obesity rate–which can contribute to conditions like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of […]

Personal Trainer Insurance Coverage in Minutes

Personal Trainer Insurance Coverage in Minutes

In the hustle and bustle of today’s society, your time is more valuable than ever. Taking a chunk out of your day to handle getting insurance for personal trainers is not only inconvenient but could cost you money as it could be eating into time you could spend with a client. That’s why Insure Fitness […]

How Identity Theft Protection for Personal Trainer Insurance Works

Identity Theft Protection for Personal Trainers

In this day and age, personal trainers rely on being connected online more than ever before. Online videos and instruction, paying bills, running a website, banking—so much of what professional trainers do these days relies on the internet. Unfortunately, this simply opens up more possibilities for a breach to occur. This huge risk is why […]

All About Public Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

public liability insurance for personal trainers

Public liability insurance, general liability insurance, slip and fall insurance—these are all referring to one of the most vital insurance coverages for personal trainers there is. Public liability insurance is a bit of an outdated term but its name fits perfectly. That’s because public liability/general liability these are dealing with costs associated with claims made […]

The Personal Trainer’s Ultimate General Liability Coverage Guide

general liability insurance for personal trainers

Ah, general liability. A term that can cause many trainers to instantly gloss over and desire to be anywhere else but inside an in-depth insurance guide. The big however is that general liability coverage can literally make or break your career in fitness in an instant in two ways. Number one, an accident can happen […]

The A to Z Guide to ISSA Personal Trainer Certification

ISSA Personal Trainer Certification

Personal trainers are in incredibly high demand as the fitness industry has exploded in recent years. For anyone who loves the gym, making the leap to personal training as a career can be an easy and rewarding decision. ISSA personal trainer certification is one of the most widely recognized certs in the fitness biz so […]

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