What is Occurrence-Form Coverage and is it Really Necessary for Personal Trainers?

occurrence form coverage

Occurrence form coverage is something we’ve touched on a lot in our ongoing blog series but if you’re new to Insure Fitness (welcome!) or just exploring your personal trainer insurance options, you may have never come across this term. So why is occurrence form so vital for today’s trainers? We’ll deep dive into this crucial policy provision that can mean the difference between full and complete coverage versus zero coverage for the exact same claim event.

How Much Should You Charge for Online Sessions?

virtual personal trainer sessions

Being an online trainer is flexible, rewarding, and combines what you’re passionate about with one of the greatest gifts of all—the option to work from home as so many need to during these times.

Personal Trainer Questions: Common Questions From Clients & How To Answer Them

As a professional personal trainer, especially when starting out, you will most often find yourself approached by potential clients that have never embarked on any kind of serious fitness journey. Many will have never touched a barbell, dumbbell or resistance machine, nor have the slightest clue where to begin.

Online Personal Trainer Insurance: Do I Need It?

Personal Trainer Insurance

In recent years there has been a meteoric rise in personal training that is conducted with clients completely online. Since these sessions aren’t in person, many trainers may decide to forego purchasing personal trainer liability insurance.

How Much to Charge for Personal Training Sessions

Because I have been in the fitness industry for nearly 30 years now, I tend to receive many questions about how one should go about setting up their own personal training business. One of the more common queries involves “how to go about determining what to charge per session.”

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