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How to Choose the Best Personal Trainer Insurance

As a dedicated personal trainer, it’s likely that your career—and of course, the clients you help—mean the world to you. It probably goes without saying that you’d do whatever it takes to protect and safeguard that career to ensure that no matter what happens, at the end of the day, you’re able to continue helping […]

How Much Does Personal Trainer Insurance Cost?

Personal trainers today have a plethora of choices when it comes to insuring themselves and their practice. Just running a Google search for ‘best personal trainer insurance’ will instantly turn up thousands of results. With the landscape for training sessions changing with the recent health crisis, trainers today face more industry risks than ever. So how do personal trainers know they are getting the best insurance policy to meet the changing needs of the personal training business?

5 Reasons Professional Liability Insurance is Important for Personal Trainers

Top 5 reasons to have professional liability insurance

Why Personal Trainer Insurance is Beneficial For Professionals Like You As a personal trainer, it’s your job to team up with people who are looking to become healthier, stronger, fitter, and overall happier versions of themselves. Naturally, you become personally involved with your clients, totally invested in their well-being, and whole-heartedly committed to seeing them succeed […]

Online Personal Trainer Insurance: Do I Need It?

Personal Trainer Insurance

In recent years there has been a meteoric rise in personal training that is conducted with clients completely online. Since these sessions aren’t in person, many trainers may decide to forego purchasing personal trainer liability insurance. But just as with in-person sessions, there are many risks that can present themselves to even online personal trainers. Read […]

How Much to Charge for Personal Training Sessions

Because I have been in the fitness industry for nearly 30 years now, I tend to receive many questions about how one should go about setting up their own personal training business. One of the more common queries involves “how to go about determining what to charge per session.” This is certainly a valid concern, […]

5 Promotion Ideas to Attract New Personal Training Clients

Online personal training, aka virtual personal training, has become one of the most popular and rapidly growing facets of the fitness industry. If you simply scroll through Instagram or Facebook you are likely to find hundreds of trainers (although there are literally thousands) offering their services via email, whether it be for workout design, nutritional […]

The Incredible Pilates Reformer: What Every Instructor Should Know

Pilates is, without a doubt, perfect for just about every client you’re working with. Seriously, no matter their age, capability, or their goals, Pilates could be the perfect addition to any exercise routine. Is your client looking to tone their muscles and lose weight? Pilates does that. Are they hoping to tighten their core and improve […]

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Online Personal Trainer

The year was 1999, and at the time I owned a small, but elegant personal training studio in NY called “BodyFX.” From Monday to Friday I would arrive at 5 am to open up and meet my first client, often not leaving to head home till somewhere around 9 at night. While I occupied the […]

6 Reasons to Include Supersets in your Clients’ Workouts

As a trainer, one of your main responsibilities is to make sure to continuously provide for your clients a series of interesting, progressive and effective workouts that move them toward their goals. This means that you must utilize a myriad of exercises, programs and strategies that will challenge their muscles, so they are forced to […]

Client Care | 5 Simple Strategies for Safety

5 ways to take care of your fitness clients safety

When someone goes skydiving, horseback riding, or even surfing for the first time they need to be able to trust that their instructor will keep them safe while in the process of learning this new skill. As a personal trainer, you must also place the safety of your clients first on your list of responsibilities.

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