Top Fitness Trade Shows to Attend in 2019

The Top fitness Shows in 2019 you Need to Know About & Why They Should Be a Part of Your year.

So, you’re thinking about 2019 trade shows, huh?

Let us be the first to congratulate you on this helpful decision. At IFG, we believe that trade shows are beneficial in so many different ways – the opportunities you grant yourself, the people you meet, the new products you learn about, and the hands-on training you gain are all pretty stellar.

The secret to the trade show world, though?

They’re not all created equal.

You heard us right – not every trade show is the trade show you should attend.

Some are bigger. Some are better. Some are way more beneficial for you to invest your time and money in.

That being said, there are hundreds of trade shows and expos every year – how do you know which is worth your time?

You’re in luck. We did the hard work for you and listed out some of the top trade shows you should totally mark down on your calendar for this year!

Why Should I Attend a Fitness Trade show?

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness pro or you’ve just begun your exciting (albeit challenging) journey into the physical fitness realm, you can absolutely reap the benefits of attending a reputable, educational, and insanely fun fitness trade show.

Sneak Peeks & Product Reveals

Go ahead – act like you don’t care about sneak peeks at new and exciting products. Anyone who is even remotely involved in the fitness world or profession is entirely stoked when a new product comes out, right? When you choose to attend trade shows and expos, you’re getting a total sneak peek at some of the newest products on the market. That’s right, you’re seeing something before everyone else is seeing it (including your competitors). You’ll likely even be granted the opportunity to give it a try at the expo and be sent home with samples!

Discounts Galore

Like we said before, fitness folks love their exercise products and supplements, but you likely know better than anyone how pricey having these kinds of products in your inventory can be. Trade shows and expos often offer bulk products at a significant discount (sure, you have to pay your way in, but the savings on the products likely will add up to make it worth it!)

Live Demos & Hands-On Experience

This is where the real value of a trade show starts to come into play. Sure, the product reveals and discounts are beneficial, but the hands-on experience, the live demos, and the keynote speakers that grace all the quality expos are what really make attending a trade show worth it. Trade shows teach you new strategies, open your mind, and further your education (think of them as continuing education classes without having to enroll through a semester’s worth of credit hours). The other draw of a trade show? The large, credible ones typically attract quality speakers, influencers, and professionals from the industry.

Networking & Connections

This is an invaluable trade show perk, too! Undoubtedly, just by attending a trade show you’ll make new connections and network with powerful professionals in your industry. As a fitness pro, you already know the power networking has on your business – attending a networking opportunity of this magnitude is always a good idea.

The Top Trade shows You Have to Add to Your 2019 List


MANIA's are a group of 9 regional shows across the country, tailored to fitness professionals and catering to continuing education. MANIA'S are back and bigger than ever with over 250 sessions, 70 keynote presenters, 18 pre-convention certifications, 17 workshops every single hour, and three full days of expo mania- at each event! All new at this year's New York MANIA, will be a Club Industry Summit for all our business minded friends looking to take the industry more seriously!

When: Dates Vary

Where: Locations Vary

Tickets: The prices may change closer to the event, but current ticket prices are listed at $259.00

Website: MANIA

Idea FIT World Convention

This annual event attracts over 14,000 professionals, studio owners, and fitness fanatics for a four-day fantasia of all things physical fitness. Often known as the Super Bowl of Fitness events, this expo has a non-stop, jam-packed schedule with over 330 in-depth workshops and lectures, over 225 industry-leading experts, and over 23 certifications available!

When: June 26-30, 2019

Where: Anaheim, California

Tickets: Ticket prices vary on how many days you want to participate in! Check out ticket prices here.

Website: Idea Fit World

The Fit Expo

The greatest thing about the Fit Expo? There are so many opportunities for you to attend! This expo doesn’t just give you one date option and wish you the best – you’ll have four opportunities to get tickets and attend in four different cities. With tons of professionals, keynote speakers, hands-on demos, expo certifications, and exciting competitions, the Fit Expo isn’t a conference you can afford to miss out on!

When: January 26-27, 2019; June 1-2, 2019; July 27-28, 2019; October 12-13, 2019

Where:  Los Angeles; Anaheim; San Jose; San Diego

Tickets: Check out ticket prices here!

Website: The Fit Expo

Mr. Olympia

Anyone who’s even dabbled in the fitness industry knows about the Mr. Olympia expo – and anyone who wants to succeed in the fitness industry knows that attending the Mr. Olympia expo is can work wonders. Check out the amateur expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center and then the fitness and performance weekend in Orleans Arena. With tons of contests, awesome demos, certifications, and famous fitness professionals, this is a must-attend event!

When: September 10-12, 2019; September 12-15, 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Tickets: Ticket prices are not yet available.

Website: Mr. Olympia

Arnold Sports Festival

You know all about this festival – it’s famous amongst fitness expos! Though there are several expos available to attend throughout the world, the United States Expo is a huge event! Located in Columbus, Ohio, this festival will feature over 1,000 booths filled with the latest sports equipment, apparel, nutritional info, and more!  This event has been a staple in the fitness community since 1989 and features over 18,000 athletes!

When: February 28-March 3, 2019

Where: Columbus, OH

Tickets: Tickets range from $30 - $600. Check out ticket prices here.

Website: Arnold Sports Festival

zincon 2019

Zumba teacher extraordinaire, group fitness instructor wanting to know what the hype is all about, or personal trainer looking to jump head first into the most explosive group fitness convention of the year? Well the 2019 Zumba Convention, ZIN, is where you need to be! This convention is a high-energy, jam-packed, 3 days with classes and routines taught by the top educators, Zumba swag galore, and filled with so many opportunities to expand your fitness and zumba career.

When: July 25-28, 2019

Where: Orlando, FL

Tickets: Ticket prices are not yet available.

Website: ZIN

LFTL 2019


BASI LFTL is open to everyone in the Pilates community and  not only features top industry presenters, hands-on education, interactive workshops, and exciting social events, it also acts as a hub for Pilates professionals and enthusiasts to come together in celebration of this thriving community. Hurry and attend this show, because for the next two years it's going international to Germany and Korea!

When: May 18-19, 2019

Where: Newport Beach, CA

Tickets: $675, group discounts are available.

Website: BASI LFTL


The Yoga Expo is packed with EPIC local and national teachers and the marketplace is filled with yoga apparel & accessories, vegan food & beverages, and other brands and organizations that will help you stay happy and healthy. Came for the good vibes? Visit our sound healing stage or check the schedule for some power vinyasa and inversion classes. Elevate your passion for yoga and teaching career to the next level with

When: March 8th & 9th, 2019

Where: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Tickets: $35 one day, $55 two day tickets

Website: Yoga Expo

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