The Top Health Benefits of Including Pilates Into Your Clients’ Daily Exercise Routine

Sure, Pilates is a healthy addition to most exercise routines—as a personal trainer, fitness coach, or overall physical health instructor, you’re never going to deny that Pilates is a solid concept for staying in shape.

But, do you truly know just how beneficial Pilates is?

If you’re not already aboard the Pilates trainer (which, spoiler alert, we’re most definitely here for it), prepare to get super jazzed in a short amount of time about the exercise we all recognize but don’t know nearly enough about—Pilates.

Pilates has an insanely long list of health benefits—for everyone. From young athletes to older citizens, from cardio queens to heavy lifters, from dancers to basketball players—there’s no person out there who won’t benefit from Pilates.

And once we dive into the details with you, we’re willing to bet that you’re going to be chomping at the bit to get your clients on board, too.

Just a Little Pilates Intro

Before we get really into the good stuff about Pilates, we’re going to poll the room.

Do you know what Pilates really is? Where it got started? How about you? No hands raised on Pilates history?

Hey—it’s cool if you don’t know a lick about Pilates. We’re not here to judge. But, we definitely think you’d benefit from reading a few of our quick Pilates articles first to help you better understand exactly what Pilates is, where it came from, and how it all got started before you dive into the Pilates benefits portion of this blog.

Take a second, read a bit—then come right back here (that’s right, this very spot) and get ready to be so obsessed with Pilates that you’ll 100 percent want to add it to every single client’s workout regimen.

Seriously, you’ve been warned—Pilates rules.

Let’s Talk Pilates Benefits: What is Pilates Good For?

Before we really answer the question “what’s Pilates good for, anyway?” we’re just going to come right out and say it—there’s no way we’re going to list all the benefits. And that’s not because we’re lazy—there are just too dang many benefits to list on one page (and hey, if this list isn’t going to convince you, then nothing will).

But we’re done eating up your attention span with our goofy words, let’s get to the good stuff—the Pilates benefits you’ve been dying to read about.

Whole Body Fitness

You know how some forms of exercise are targeted specifically to certain muscle groups? Pilates is not that. We’re not saying that’s bad, but if you’re looking for a total body workout that will evenly tone and strengthen your entire body, then you’re about to love Pilates. Because Pilates focuses on core strength, the entire body is integrated as a whole—it even includes factors like breath, concentration, and mindfulness, so, you could say it’s truly a whole body & mind workout.

Improved Flexibility

Pilates is all about safely increasing and stretching muscles, so range of motion is a huge factor. No, it’s not going to be as bendy and twisty as yoga can be, but it will help your less-than-flexible clients become a touch more limber, and at the end of the day, that has huge health benefits.

Muscular Strength and Tone

With Pilates, it’s all about long, lean muscle—that means that there’s an emphasis on both strength building and muscle toning. Pilates takes advantage of a type of muscular contraction known as eccentric concertation, which helps to create those long, lean, and strong Pilates muscles we all know and love.

Adaptable and Modifiable

The best benefit of Pilates (we think, anyway), is that you can adapt it as needed. Whether you’re training an experienced and in-shape athlete or a senior citizen who just started exercising, there’s a challenging but appropriate Pilates exercise routine out there for them. There are thousands of ways to adapt all the exercises that go hand-in-hand with Pilates and there are innumerable ways to maximize and further the challenge of your classes, too. Pilates works both ways and is, truly, for everyone.

Spine Stabilization & Posture Adjustment

Pilates has huge benefits when it comes to posture because it literally can help you align your spine. This exercise is all about core and alignment, and as you probably know, good alignment and good core strength can do wonders for a person’s posture.

Better Mind & Body Awareness

Pilates has great physical benefits, but it also has significant mental and emotional health benefits, too. Pilates is all about the “complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit” according to founder Joseph Pilates. With each Pilates movement, you practice total attention and honest intention, allowing you to concentrate, align your focus, and unite your mind and body in the best possible way.

You’re probably buying a reformer as we speak, right? Hey, we told you that you’d be obsessed in flash. (PRO TIP: if you really are browsing the internet for your own Pilates reformer right now, check out our latest article about the top 5 reformers you should look into for 2020—you can thank us later).

If you’re loving the process of learning about Pilates, are interested in figuring out how you can add it to your fitness repertoire ASAP, or are simply looking for some helpful tips and tricks to keep your personal training business booming, then you’re in the right place. Subscribe and keep up with our regularly updated IFG blog for the best must-have industry knowledge, insight, and advice in the fitness industry.


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